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In September 2023, Artrix launched an initiative in the cannabis vape industry: '510 Carts Support Activity.' Over four months, we dedicated ourselves to providing 100,000 high-quality 510 cartridges to Social Equity (SE) Business Owners. Now, fueled by our initial success, we extend our call to action to more entities and communities that share our vision of supporting cannabis businesses. It's not just about products; it's about empowerment. Join Artrix in championing fairness and opportunity within the cannabis landscape.

Threefold Commitment to Social Change

At Least 5k
Per Customer

Free Product Supports

Tailored Business

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Expanding User Reach

Artrix X 40 Tons: Strive for Opportunities
and Equity in Cannabis Vape

5000 units of 510 cartridges designed for 40 Tons.
3 busy days in Las Vegas.
1 meaningful collaboration story.
On November 29, 2023, at the MJBizCon, 40Tons showcased the Artrix-customized 510 Cartridge Drillor. The event not only marked a significant product unveiling but also saw Artrix and 40Tons joining forces to amplify the voices of marginalized communities in the cannabis industry.For our team, this was an exhilarating endeavor, reinforcing 40 Tons as our ideal partner in the journey towards a more equitable cannabis society.    The partnership with 40 Tons, a brand that embodies resilience and advocates for the rights of those affected by the War on Drugs, aligns seamlessly with Artrix's dedication to diversity and inclusivity. ASEP aims to empower the immense potential of SE brands represented by 40 Tons, in advancing its cannabis vaporization product business. Artrix provides free custom-designed Drillor 510 threaded cartridges to 40 Tons, serving as a testament to this commitment.

What Artrix Social Equity Program Partner Say

"I'm truly thankful for our partnership with the ASEP. It shows how much we can accomplish when we work with others who share our goals and beliefs. 40 Tons started with a strong commitment to support and stand up for people who have been affected by the War on Drugs. With ASEP, we've found a strong supporter in this mission." Loriel Alegrete, CEO of 40 Tons  

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Who is eligible ?

We’re looking to partner with organizations dedicated to social equity, such as industry associations, non-profits and governmental equity offices.

How to Apply?


Recommend Social Equity business
owners in the cannabis sector by
submitting an application.


Our team reviews each application
for alignment with Artrix's social
equity goals.


Successful partnerships, once
established, lead to sponsorship

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