Next-Gen Mini Disposable Cannabis Vape


& Powerful

Lilmon is portable yet powerful in vapor generation, ensuring you always stay ready for miracle moments.


1ml/2mL: 39.3*13.5*60.4(mm)
3mL: 39.3*13.5*67.0(mm)

Tank Volume


Product Weight

1mL/2mL: 26.5g
3mL: 35.6g

Output Power


Battery Housing

Aluminum Alloy



Tank Material

Food Grade PCTG

Mouthpiece Material


Tip Type


Battery Capacity

1mL/2mL: 210mAh
3mL: 300mAh

Compatible with


Ready for Ultra-Strong Vapors Within Seconds

Lilmon delivers you next-level vaping experience and stunning smooth draw at all times. It integrates revolutionary mesh ceramic heating technology, a straight 316L stainless steel central post, and dual air pathway design, bringing you enhanced flavors and the thrill of throat hits within seconds.

Bottom Filling Design + Exclusive Capping Machine =
Manufacturing Efficiency Revolution

Lilmon brings you an innovative bottom-filling design combined with a dedicated capping machine, optimizing both the filling and capping processes. Experience a remarkable 2X increase in bulk injection efficiency while significantly reducing the risk of leaks in filling. Plus, for orders exceeding 30,000 units, we're offering a complimentary capping machine valued at $500.
Transition from chaos to efficiency with Lilmon today!

Lil or Big
All Up to You

Lilmon is the creative companion for any occasion. This stunning mini device offers multiple capacity customization possibilities. The volume range covers 1ml, 2ml, and 3ml, making it the perfect on-the-go companion for anyone who is seeking for a hassle-free vaping experience.

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