• Drillor

    Drill Through The Wall Of 510 Cartridge Stereotype

  • Drillor
    Drill Through The Wall Of 510 Cartridge Stereotype
  • Drillor
    Drill Through The Wall Of 510 Cartridge Stereotype
With Drillor, you'll experience a paradigm shift in design and affordability. It drills through the wall of conventions and breaks free from the mold of classic 510 cartridges.
Drillor 510
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The Mouthpiece Has Been Completely Reimagined

Drillor is built with a unique mouthpiece designed for comfortable with higher fault tolerance. Crafted by the double injection molding, it guarantees peace of mind with our oil-leaking proof design. In Artrix innovation, which supplants traditional rubber rings, saving labor costs and ensuring 510 vape cartridge installation made easy.

Meanwhile, this chewable mouthpiece offers a tender touch,wrapped in medical-grade silicone, and easily gripped in your mouth. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and comfortability with Drillor's advanced mouthpiece in your first bite.

Precision and Confidence in Every Fill

Discover the meticulous craftsmanship of Drillor 510 oil cartridge, featuring a groundbreaking addition scale mark. Drillor helps check the oil level at a glance, seamlessly blending operation convenience with the oil-filling accuracy. Bid farewell to overfill and uncertainty.

Seamless Fill, Smooth Glide

Say goodbye to frustrating 1mL cannabis oil filling process with Drillor's special center post, which features a silky-smooth edge, allowing your grease needle to calmly glide in without any snag.The oil-filling of 1ml 510 carts is now simpler and more efficient than ever before.

Artistry in Texture, Effortless Twist

Enjoy effortless 510 carts removal, equipped with the plated brass anti-slip texture at the bottom, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free twisting process with an ergonomic grip.

It Means Affordable Excellence and Uncompromising Safety, Always.

From selected raw material stricter quality assurance testing, Drillor is designed for an uncompromising product quality that creates the the best experience for many different cannabis extracts - fully immersing you in every puff.




Tank Material

High Borosilicate Glass

Tank Volume


Product weight


Mouthpiece Material

Liquid Silicone Rubber

Central Post Material




Tip Type


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Unveil Drillor's 9 Distinct Design Schemes

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