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Improve product quality and identity with Artrix Product Quality Standard System that maximizes manufacturing precision and structural stability.

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“In the still-developing cannabis hardware manufacturing industry, there is a lack of a widely recognized quality standard system to regulate the entire manufacturing and production process of cannabis vape. Artrix, however, is changing the game. ”

“At Artrix, the philosophy of product manufacturing is precision and safety. We strive for excellence in product quality through optimized manufacturing processes and meticulous attention to detail.


We establish a series of scientific, standardized, and comprehensive Product Quality Standard System from 4 aspects of product manufacturing to ensure extraordinary quality and performance in the final products.”


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  • For Artrix, food-grade ingredients are the benchmark for quality and safety.

    High Borosilicate Glass
    Commonly used in the manufacturing of baby bottles

    High temperature resistance

    Corrosion resistance

    Non-toxic and odorless

  • For Artrix, food-grade ingredients are the benchmark for quality and safety.

    Food-Grade PCTG
    Compliant with NSF/ANSI Standard 61

    Transparency & glossiness similar to glass

    High strength & drop resistance

    High temperature resistance

    Corrosion resistance

  • For Artrix, food-grade ingredients are the benchmark for quality and safety.

    316L stainless steel
    Food-grade & pharmaceutical-grade machinery

    Excellent malleability

    Ultra-low carbon, environmentally friendly

    High temperature stability

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  • Ceramic Oil Absorption Speed: 2.0mg/s

    For Artrix, the ceramic maintains an oil absorption speed of 2mg per second, effectively preventing dry hit sand burnt tastes, while also preventing oil leakage caused by excessive oil intake.

  • Ceramic Sintering Temperature: ≥800 degrees

    For Artrix, a sintering temperature of 800 degrees is the key to make a high quality ceramic conductor, ensuring the purity of the ceramic components by eliminating impurities within the ceramic materials.

  • Maximum Heating Temperature of Nickel-Chromium Heating Wire: 1250 degrees

    For Artrix, the exceptional heat conductivity of the heating wire is a fundamental guarantee for consistent vapor production and flavor experience.

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  • International Standard for PCBA: Lead-Free Solder with ≤0.5% Tin-Lead Content (Eco-Friendly Process)

    For Artrix, adhering to international PCBA testing standards is a key element in controlling productivity quality and safety of our circuit boards.

  • Mouthpiece Extraction Force: A Force ≥10kg to Detach the Mouthpiece

    For Artrix, ensuring the tightness of every mouthpiece is essential to prevent cannabis oil leaking or oxidation.

  • Inhalation Sound: ≤10db

    For Artrix, achieving a slight sound variation of ≤10db is vital to creating a seamless and enjoyable cannabis vaping experience for our customers.

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  • 100,000-Level GMP Workshop

    For Artrix, ensuring an absolutely clean and safe production environment is essential for product quality assurance.

  • 99.8% Precision

    For Artrix, the relentless pursuit of precision is the only answer to achieving a near-perfect yield rate of close to 100%.

  • Automation Line Boosts Efficiency by 50%

    For Artrix, leveraging automated production technology and modern management systems is the key to enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

  • International Factory Production System Standards

    For Artrix, the assurance of cannabis vape hardware quality stems from an internationally recognized production system that meets accredited standards.

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