The First-Ever Disposable Dab Pen

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Ultimate Portable


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The First-Ever
Disposable Dab Pen

DabGo™️ is Artrix's pioneering 2-in-1 value that integrates both disposables and dab devices. It doesn't require any cleaning, filling, and adjustments. Press it, dab it, and enjoy it, that's all you need to do.


Made for
Ultimate Portable



Battery Capacity


Tank Volume

Flat Mesh
Ceramic Bowl



Window Cover



Output Power


Product Weight

Lead-Free Glass

Mouthpiece Material

Dab and Go

DabGo™️ is easy to take wherever you go - home, outdoor, hiking, and places you travel. You don't have to think about where you'll put it when you're on the go. DabGo™️ fits easily in your pocket without weighing you down and any leaking risk.

Less Hassle,
More Ease

From filling the sticky cannabis concentrates to installing the window cover, DabGo™️, employing the expanded oil filling space, the snap-in type, and the button-activated design, means friendly operation all around.


Every Day

With the SegmHeat™ Ceramic Vaporizing Tech designed for DabGo™️, preheating and vaporization of solid cannabis concentrates are targeted in stages through an ingenious ceramic bowl design and progressive heat control. This innovative tech features a ceramic bowl and progressive heating control that are carefully crafted to evenly, fully distribute heat, giving you a more consistent and flavorful experience.

Amplify Every Detail,
Magnify Every Joy

DabGo™️ boldly reimagines the tank window with a convex lens design, empowering thrill-seekers to fully observe the sticky granular texture of the cannabis concentrate and savor it all.
Trouble Less, Enjoy BetterTrouble Less, Enjoy Better
Trouble Less, Enjoy BetterTrouble Less, Enjoy Better

Trouble Less,
Enjoy Better

Leave cumbersome concerns behind and experience vaping at its finest with DabGo™️! With no extra costs and burdens, DabGo™️ means all you need to do is ripping a dab.

Go Anywhere
in Style

Wherever you're headed, go in style. With the customizable design DabGo™️ is a perfect everyday dabbing style, built for everyone, ready anytime and anywhere.

Operation &
Usage Production Path


Match Your

With DabGo™️, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of concentrates. No matter the type, DabGo is ready to complement your choices perfectly.


Fill Your Concentrates

When it comes to the filling process, both automatic oil injection equipment and manual filling options are available. Simply place your concentrates in the spacious ceramic bowl, snap in the window lid, and done, what an efficient process.


Sell Your DabGo™️

Your DabGo™️ will be loaded onto transport trucks, packed with your precious concentrates, and shipped to stores and warehouses. The large window displays the allure of the dabbing, just like an enticing honeycomb effect, drawing consumers to your DabGo products.


Enjoy Anywhere,

Consumers carry your DabGo™️ with eager anticipation, ready to enjoy the satisfying hit and rich flavor at the press of the button, whether at home, in the car, on the bed, or on the couch. No more cleaning, no more maintenance.

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