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Artrix InfoBank – Your Gateway to Data-Driven Cannabis Market Insights

Artrix InfoBank stands as the first data analysis platform exclusively tailored for the cannabis vaporization market. Encompassing key cannabis vape markets across the United States, our platform is designed to empower users with a wealth of data, facilitating a swift and comprehensive understanding of market dynamics across different regions, brands, and vaporization product categories.

“What sets InfoBank apart is it harnesses the advantage of an integrated supply chain, going beyond conventional data offerings. We provide users with reference data on product devices, guiding brands to better understand cannabis vape market trends and consumer preferences.”


Chief Strategy Officer

Navigate Market Changes
with Analytic Precision
Covering 20 legal markets, InfoBank offers a visual insight into mainstream cannabis vape products, capacities, and flavors. Navigate market changes intuitively and stay ahead with its concise yet comprehensive approach.

Mastering Product Trends on
the Reliable Data
Description: Uncover which products suit specific markets best through industry data. InfoBank aids users in analyzing product preferences, appearance trends, and crafting techniques across different states, launching cannabis vape products that align seamlessly with target markets and current demands.

Tracking Competitor Trends
in Real-Time
InfoBank specializes in tracking the dynamic movements of mainstream cannabis vape brands, ensuring users receive real-time updates on key competitors, providing a strategic advantage in staying informed and agile in the ever-changing landscape.

Info Bank Features

Vape Market Analysis

Dive into comprehensive cannabis vape data from 21 states, gaining profound insights into the diverse vape preferences across regions.

Vape Category Analysis

Explore the performance of various cannabis vape categories in different local markets, including the analysis of top brands, and the research on packaging and capacity.

Vape Brand Analysis

Navigate through detailed analyses of cannabis vape brands, covering sales territories, flavor profiles, pricing strategies, and product positioning.

Unleash the Potential of Big
Data in Cannabis Vape

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