Artrix Green Vape Program (AGVP)
Cannabis Vape ODM Solution for Industry Sustainability

Leading the Way in Eco-Friendly Cannabis Vape

AGVP, an industry-leading eco-friendly ODM solution tailored for the creation of fully recyclable cannabis vapes hardware. This initiative aims to transform the cannabis vape landscape by prioritizing environmental sustainability. In an era where eco-consciousness is paramount, Artrix stands at the forefront, offering a collaborative platform to cannabis brands committed to making a positive impact on the environment through sustainable cannabis vape hardware manufacturing.

  • What Does Artrix Green Vape Program Offer?

    Currently, AGVP introduced the first sustainable PoC (Proof of Concept) product, Eco Bar disposable vape. It is manufactured with EcoTear design and recyclable materials to reduce waste output and energy reliance. The PoC product is Artrix's significant practice to reduce our impact on the environment in disposable vape production.


    Not only this product project, AGVP continually provides a trailblazing partnership opportunity for cannabis brands with a vision for eco-friendly cannabis vape products. Whether your focus is on developing 510 threaded cartridges, batteries, pod systems, disposable vapes, or other innovations you desire, Artrix's dedicated product development team collaborates with you to design a green innovation.

  • Why Should You Join Artrix Green Vape Program?

    Our mission is crystal clear: to work closely with you in designing and manufacturing cannabis vape devices that achieve 100% recyclability. Embracing Artrix Green Vape Program equips you with a comprehensive ODM solution to craft an exclusive eco-friendly cannabis vape hardware.


    Artrix's team of experts will be your guiding force, from the initial concept stage to the successful market launch, addressing every challenge along the way. Our commitment includes:

    • Material Innovation
    • Design Excellence
    • 100% Recyclability
    • Oil Filling and Packaging Solutions
    • Data-Driven Strategy
    • Customized Marketing Support

Custom Your Exclusive Green Vape!

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