Eco Bar
Eco disposable vape Artrix bar

Eco Bar

A Sustainable Proof of Concept (PoC) Product for Artrix Green Vape Program.

Vape Responsibly
Live Sustainably
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Explore More Possibilities in Artrix Green Vape Program. It starts the way that
we are looking to reduce our impact on the earth in everything we do and everything we create.
Environmental friendly cannabis vape

Mouthpiece Material:

Liquid Silicone Rubber

Tank Material:

Food Grade PCTG


Tank Volume


eco cannabis vape

Battery Capacity


eco disposable cannabis vape Eco bar artrix

Device Body:

The exterior is enveloped in eco-friendly paper tubing, designed with a EcoTear strip for user-friendly disassembly. The top-down battery structure allows for safe and efficient removal. The internal biodegradable PLA coated is sourced from natural materials.

Tear to Open - An Echo to the Eco

Eco Bar pioneered the EcoTear paper outer shell - a swift pull-to-open design - as part of Artrix founding core values. This environmental innovation allows consumers to minimize recycling costs and enhance using experience with three easy motions - tearing it, dropping it into the recycle bin, and then hearing the echo to the eco.

Branding Beyond, Breathing Green

Opt for the Eco Bar that actively propels your cannabis brand into the big move of sustainability. We are unwaveringly committed to the rigorous environmental and quality control standards. Let your users witness your brand's environmental pledge, a credit etched in every puff.


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Marketing Alchemy, Keep the Green Fun

There is a trove of tailored marketing support, diverse eco-incentives await, paired with an array of surprise notes concealed within a tearable paper tube. This fosters authentic consumer engagement, making sustainability an exhilarating journey.

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