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Green Vape in Cannabis: 100% Recycled Eco Bar

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As Earth Day arrives, remember that it’s not just a day but a milestone in environmental awareness that has been acknowledged since 1970. With the green wave, the cannabis industry is increasingly focused on green vape product solutions.


In response, Artrix launches the Artrix Green Vape Program (AGVP) and its 100% recycled disposable vape – Eco Bar. This initiative serves as a one-stop ODM platform for the cannabis vaping industry. It supports companies committed to sustainable practices. Whether you’re an experienced decision-maker in the cannabis vaping industry or a cannabis professional eager to contribute to a greener planet, this is your chance to be part of the change.




Artrix Green Vape Program: What Cannabis Brands Can Expect



Eco Bar – Sustainable Disposable Vape Solution




If you seek a sustainable disposable product solution and have an interest in improving equipment recycling efficiency while reducing disposable waste, Eco Bar vape solution is perfect for you!



Artrix invites you to explore our innovative Eco Bar proof of concept product. It’s a 100% recyclable disposable product with our latest patent technology, the Eco Tear paper outer shell, a swift pull-to-open design. With Eco Bar vape, users can independently engage in an indoor recycling process, effortlessly disassembling all components with a simple tear and pull for recycling. This empowers consumers to participate in a truly meaning transparent recycling experience.





eco bar vape - disposable product solution





One-Stop ODM Service in Cannabis Vape



Artrix introduces an eco-friendly ODM service – AGVP. Leveraging new 100% recyclable materials and the tear-and-pull patent specifically for product recycling, AGVP provides one-stop ODM for cannabis businesses to customize exclusive green vape products.


Based on it, cannabis brands can develop tailor-made sustainable product strategies for target markets and audiences. Additionally, we provide free marketing plans and material supports for cannabis brands. It aims to reduce product sales cycles, enhance brand value, and promote business growth.





The Role of Cannabis Brands in the Green Vape Future




Brand decision-makers play a crucial role in developing product solutions that not only drive innovation but also cultivate environmental responsibility. With more and more users embracing eco-friendly lifestyles, Artrix emphasizes the sustainability of cannabis vapes and recyclable operations.


On the occasion of Earth Day, we launch green vape ODM service and Eco Bar vape solution to accelerate the development of green vape.


By integrating our green vape products, cannabis brands can increase the recycling rate of their vape equipment and reduce resource waste. This initiative not only cuts down the recycling investment for cannabis brands but also reduces recycling costs for consumers. Ultimately, it benefits both the environment and end-users.




Calling for Eco-Friendly Vape Consumption




Learn more about Artrix Green Vape Program and Eco Bar vape solution. Develope sustainable economy by launching cost-effective and eco-friendly cannabis vape products.


This initiative extends beyond a mere series of green vape product solutions. It empowers you to make a huge impact on our planet through sustainable product decisions. Join us this important effort to ensure a green vape future.

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