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The Cannabis Hardware
Original Design Manufacturing Solution

Artrix is revolutionizing the cannabis hardware business landscape. With the unique and integrated 3 in 1 ODM solution, we help you to achieve new levels of product identity, quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

Cannabis Hardware Trend Analysis and Insights
Cannabis Hardware Design and Manufacturing
Cannabis Hardware Promotion Supports
"What sets Artrix apart from others is that we don’t solely concentrate on constructing your product, but we also strive for its success from the moment of ideation through each subsequent step."

CEO of Artrix

We found that of cannabis hardware manufacturers only provide product design and manufacturing services in their ODM solutions.


But, we truly believe you require more than just the conventional offerings.

Don't just be different,
stand out with ARTRIX

Why choose ARTRIX?

Rely on profession, analytical precision, innovation, flexibility of Artrix ODM Solutions that help run your most critical cannabis vape hardware development.


Artrix works with you to co-create a roadmap to product custom solution with more comprehensive and integrated services focused on leveraging market data and information, cost effective automated manufacturing lines, diverse digital marketing tools and using people that know best, we help you to:
  • Align with Market Trends

    Artrix develops your full-customized cannabis vape products through the analysis of referencing cannabis vape market big data and information, customer demands, and up-to-date market trends.
  • Improve Cost-Effectiveness

    Achieve cost-effectiveness through innovative experienced product development team and automatic manufacturing facilities.
  • Achieve Product Success

    Use digital marketing tools and materials to better promote your products in cannabis vape markets, reach more customers, and unleash maximum product marketing value.

from day one
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Step 1

Product Analysis
& Insights

  • Product Strategy Consultation
  • Consumer Market Analysis
Step 2

Product Design
& Manufacturing

  • Design Optimization
  • Manufacturing Automatation
  • Quality Standermization
  • International Qualification
  • Oil-Filling Instruction
  • Package Schemes
Step 3

Product Promotion

  • Product Marketing Solution
  • Product Marketing Material

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