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Zero-Cost Access to Unique Cannabis Vape Hardware Design

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How to Obtain an Original Cannabis Vape Hardware with Minimal Investment




As a cannabis entrepreneur, achieving product success begins with understanding what consumers want and how you can ultimately provide them with the products through various resource integrations. In essence, successful product development depends on the fusion of two types of information: demand and solutions.


You can gather insights into consumer demand from companies or individuals who have a clear understanding of what the cannabis vaporization market lacks, such as consumers, professional consulting firms, or authoritative market data organizations. Simultaneously, you can collaborate with companies or individuals who know how to digest user demand information and put it into practice to develop your product solution, such as seasoned product developers, equipment agents, or established cannabis vaporizer hardware brands.


But how can you obtain a cannabis vaporizer hardware device that meets user needs and is unique with minimal investment? Before providing the final answer, we need to understand the ways to obtain an original product solution.




Contact Local Cannabis Vape Hardware Distributors


For most cannabis entrepreneurs, finding reliable local cannabis hardware equipment distributors in their local cannabis market may be the fastest and most convenient option. You can seek out reliable cannabis hardware equipment distributors to understand the supply of vaporization hardware devices in the local market. Agrowth in the Canadian region and Full Scale in the US cannabis market are both good choices for providing cannabis vape hardware devices.


Although it is easy to obtain reliable cannabis vape hardware through local distributors, it is challenging to meet the customized needs of cannabis entrepreneurs through this method. Moreover, the cost of product customization through distributors is relatively higher.




Explore Professional Cannabis Vape Hardware Suppliers




A more cost-effective option is to select a professional and reliable cannabis vaporizer hardware supplier. In fact, over 90% of cannabis vaporizer hardware devices worldwide are produced in China. Therefore, you need to identify a reliable cannabis vaporizer hardware supplier to provide you with product customization services. Currently, there are two main product customization solutions in the cannabis vaporizer hardware supply chain market: ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing). [Read more about How Do You Create Your Own Unique Cannabis Vape?]


If you have sufficient budget and time to create a cannabis vape device with significant differentiation value, ODM is undoubtedly your ideal choice. Hardware equipment suppliers will innovate from functional, structural, appearance, and even technical dimensions to realize your product concept and requirements as much as possible.


But if you have relatively limited funds and time, OEM may be a more suitable choice for you. In cannabis vape hardware supply chain, most OEM services refer to suppliers providing customized services for their own products. For example, if you are interested in a certain cannabis vape device, you can find the original supplier of this device to make adjustments and optimizations to create a completely new and unique product that meets your needs.


OEM product services typically include modifications to product appearance, components, oil windows, capacity, and other aspects. The specific costs and timeframes are generally determined based on the difficulty of customization.




Zero-Cost Access to Unique Cannabis Vape Hardware Design




This is not a marketing ploy. Of course, I know that many cannabis vaporizer hardware suppliers will tell you that they offer free customization services. But when you inquire carefully, you will find that the customization space is very limited. And you can only involve minor changes like color and logo swapping on their existing product forms.


Artrix’s product marketing team has considered this aspect from the beginning. Therefore they launched the 1+9 Exclusive Product Service for cannabis brands. During the product development stage, they designed 9 completely different product forms for all products. The design service covers multiple dimensions such as color, mouthpiece, oil window shape, finishing, etc. If you have a strong interest in Artrix’s products and are eager to have a unique hardware design, you can visit every product’s 1+9 service page, where you will find significant differences between each product design.




dab and go cannabis vape design




You can choose one product design that suits your brand tone and user needs from 9 distinctive designs. As long as the initial product order quantity reaches 50,000 units or more, Artrix offers free product customization and makes you exclusive in specific territories with 0 cost. Contact Artrix sales team now to obtain a truly zero-cost and unique cannabis vape hardware tailored exclusively for you.

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