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How Do You Create Your Own Unique Cannabis Vape?

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Why Should You Create Your Own Unique Cannabis Vape?




If you want to build a standout cannabis vape brand that attracts more and more customers, you should design cannabis vape products that meet customer needs in ways not currently adopted by the market. Whether it’s in product design, technology, or concept, sticking to innovation can help you gain higher brand recognition and loyalty in the cannabis consumption market. [Read more about How Important Is Originality to Your Cannabis Vape Business?]



What Opportunities Can You Seize by Developing Your Own Cannabis Vape Products?



1.Unique cannabis products enjoy higher profits. When you produce THC vapes that solve customer problems and create exclusive values, they’re willing to pay a premium because the product meets their requirements. Since no one else sells the product except you, you’ll achieve higher profit margins.


2.Your brand gains greater visibility. Original concept helps to improve your brand identity and create customer loyalty.


3.No more limits. When you successfully develop and launch your own cannabis vape, you establish a strong advantage through its differentiated value. As the sole manufacturer of the product, you can flexibly sell to anyone without worrying about overcrowded competition environments.


4.You have more control in product design and manufacturing. When you can control your own products, you can make any necessary changes flexibly to improve customer satisfaction.



How to Shape an Original Cannabis Vape Product Concept?




To begin with, understanding successful product development relies on the integration of two types of information: demands and solutions.



Demands of Cannabis Vape Consumers



Demands are determined by companies or individuals who have a clear understanding of what the cannabis vaporization consumer market lacks. They may not know how to develop or build the missing parts, but they know what they are. The best way to collect demand information is to start with information analysis from both micro and macro perspectives. On one hand, cannabis entrepreneurs should understand industry market data, consumer trends, product hardware manufacturing levels, etc. On the other hand, they need to interact with cannabis consumer customers and listen to their feedback.



Cannabis Vape Product Solutions



Solutions come from companies or individuals who know how to digest the required information and put it into practice. They are usually market analysis experts, marketing experts, engineers, designers, developers, or contract manufacturers who have the ability to understand cannabis product concepts and requirements and turn them into a specific cannabis vaporizer product solution.


As a leader of a cannabis vaporization company, your job is to clearly describe your vision to the team so that it can be turned into reality. Remember, they won’t fully understand your cannabis vaporizer product concept and solution, so your product concept description and reasoning must be detailed and reasonable.


There is a misconception that the product development process of cannabis vaporizer is long and arduous and may bankrupt you. However, if you follow the correct steps and maintain transparency between the demand and solution sides, the process will be smoother. When you enter the solution step, you may not be the leader, but you should understand the process.




Feasibility Assessment of Your Cannabis Vape Product Strategies



Is your original cannabis vape concept really achievable? The feasibility of innovative product solutions needs to consider three aspects first.


Firstly, is the cannabis vaporizer product concept really innovative? Has what you thought of been thought of by others and put into action? The ultimate goal of product innovation is to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Therefore, companies must always consider the movements of competitors and incorporate them into innovative policies and strategies.


Innovation is not free. Companies must allocate resources such as funds, manpower, and time to create new products, services, and processes. Therefore, how to achieve product landing within controllable costs is a question that every cannabis entrepreneur must consider.


Lastly, is your vaporizer product concept achievable by the current cannabis industry supply chain? If your concept is too advanced, the current technology and level of craftsmanship are far from reaching its level. Then combine with reality to rebuild a more feasible product plan.




How to Find the Right Cannabis Vape Hardware Supplier




As a cannabis company, how do you design, manufacture, and mass-produce your innovative vaporization products? Firstly, you need to understand a fact—95% of cannabis vaporizer hardware globally comes from China. Therefore, for all cannabis entrepreneurs who want to create a unique cannabis vaporizer, the challenge they face is how to find the right supplier in the Chinese cannabis hardware supply market to provide the best product solution for themselves.


Finding the right supplier requires considering many issues. In summary, you need to consider these several dimensions.


1. Authenticity of cannabis vape hardware suppliers.


2.Evaluation of product manufacturing capabilities and ceramic vaporization technology.


3.A strong product research and development design team.


4.Relevant international certifications.


5.Quality assurance and after-sales service.



Choosing the Best Collaboration Method to Achieve Product Design and Manufacturing




After you find some qualified cannabis vaporization hardware manufacturers, you also need to consider one question: what kind of service model should you choose to create a unique vape hardware for you? In fact, there are two mainstream product solution forms in the cannabis vape hardware supply market for customizing unique products for cannabis brands: ODM and OEM. These two service forms can help you create a unique cannabis vaporizer, but they have fundamental differences.



ODM in Cannabis Vape Manufacturing



What does ODM stand for? ODM stands for “Original Design Manufacturer”, which refers to a company capable of independently designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling cannabis vaporizers. This means that the services provided by cannabis vaporization hardware suppliers offering ODM are not limited to manufacturing, but also include design, engineering, and production processes. Many cannabis companies choose ODM services to leverage the expertise of vaporization hardware manufacturers while focusing on their core competencies.


If you have a sufficient budget and want to launch a completely unique product, but have not yet designed, developed, tested, or built a product brand, then ODM is the ideal manufacturing service.


You need to obtain customized product solutions through reliable cannabis vaporizer hardware suppliers. Well-known cannabis vaporizer hardware brands that have launched original hardware devices are a good choice because they usually have a product development team, such as Artrix. Artrix’s product team includes designers, testers, and marketing professionals who have spent months or even years creating original cannabis vaporizers like the first-ever disposable dab pen – DabGo™️.




disposable dab pen - dab and go



In addition to Artrix, CCELL, iKrusher, and BBTank are also well-known cannabis vape hardware brands in the industry. Since such cannabis vaporizer hardware suppliers have original ideas, designs, plans, manufacturing processes, and even brands, you only need to provide the design direction and specific requirements for your cannabis vaporizer, and the product team of these cannabis hardware brands can help you with brand-new design and development, continuously debugging and optimizing with your oil to achieve the ideal product performance and status.


Moreover, Artrix believes that a True ODM solution should encompass the entire lifecycle of a product, from its initial conception to its ultimate utilization. Therefore, from market analysis and insights, product solution and delivery, to custom marketing supports, Artrix ODM service helps cannabis brands to achieve new levels of product identity, quality, efficiency, and sustainability. After all, reliable ODM services enable brands to remain competitive in the rapidly evolving cannabis vaporization industry and greatly increase the likelihood of business success.



OEM in Cannabis Vape Manufacturing



OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” referring to a manufacturer that provides goods or manpower to bring a product to market. ODM is referred to as a product, while OEM is usually referred to as a service. Many cannabis vaporizer hardware brands typically understand OEM as a secondary innovation service at the equipment level. This means that you can choose a cannabis vaporizer hardware device that best suits your business needs and have the manufacturer innovate on the equipment for you. This product customization service is more suitable for cannabis businesses with limited budgets.


Therefore, in the cannabis vaporizer hardware supply market, OEM also has a common form of cooperation, which is white label. Products manufactured by OEM are usually re-labeled with the buyer’s own brand product labels and then sold for profit. For example, if you really like the DabGo vaporizer because you see a promising market outlook for disposable dab pens, you can partner with Artrix to provide you with OEM service. Through customization and changes in color, material, and finishing, and affixing your brand logo, OEMs makes DabGo™️ become a unique product that is more tailored to your business needs and user preferences.


Currently, Artrix has launched the 1+9 Exclusive Product Service for small and medium-sized enterprises, which allows you to obtain a uniquely designed cannabis vaporizer product at 0 cost. Artrix’s product R&D team generates 9 distinct design schemes for each of its cannabis vapes. Cannabis entrepreneurs can choose the one that best aligns with their preferences and objectives to become its sole agent with 0 costs.


Through this service, cannabis brands minimize cannabis product development and design costs, achieving original cannabis hardware to improve product competitiveness and brand identity.

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