Industry Insight By Jolin Zhou|26 May 2024

How to Choose the Right Concentrate Vaporizers?

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Concentrate Vaporizers




Concentrate vaporizers are transforming the cannabis scene. They offer a quick, effective method to consume concentrates. Unlike traditional dry herb methods, these devices boost enjoyment and intensify the dabbing experience.



How do concentrate vaporizers work? Imagine placing a small dab of concentrate onto the device’s coil or bowl. As you inhale, the substance instantly vaporizes into a smooth flow. This process is swift, efficient, and quickly releases cannabinoids’ potent effects—key reasons for its growing popularity.



In this blog, we’ll explore the different types of vaporizers, from traditional dab rigs to modern e-rigs and user-friendly dab pens, highlighting their unique features and the first ever disposable dab pen DabGo you should take into account.




The Different Types of Concentrate Vaporizers



Let’s take a closer look at the types of concentrate vaporizers available and their benefits before you decide which one is right for you.



Dab Rig: Traditional Approach to Dabbing


Let’s explore these essentials, starting with the traditional dab rig. This method represents a traditional approach to dabbing, catering specifically to high-THC cannabis concentrate enthusiasts. It is often made of glass and designed as a specialized water pipe, addresses this need effectively.







It features a water chamber for cooling vapors and a specific component, known as a nail or banger, for heating and applying the concentrate. However, it requires an external heat source like a torch, which can be daunting for beginners.



E-Rig: Modern and Convenient Vaporizers for Dabbing







E-rigs don’t require a torch like traditional dab rigs; they use batteries or plug into outlets, eliminating the need for open flames. They resemble mini water pipes or attachments that connect to the nail or downstem where you place the concentrate. An example is the Puffco Peak Pro, pictured as follows.



Dab Pen: Most User-Friendly Concentrate Vaporizers



A dab pen is a small, portable device designed for vaporizing solid or semi-solid cannabis concentrates, like concentrates and extracts. It typically has three main parts: a lithium-ion battery that powers the device, an atomizer (which includes a heating coil and a chamber to hold the concentrate), and a mouthpiece through which you inhale the vapor.




dab pen




The dab pen heats the cannabis concentrate to the perfect temperature, creating inhalable vapor. Often called ‘wax pens,’ they excel with waxy concentrates like budder, crumble, or wax. However, they can handle various cannabis extracts, making them popular for their simplicity and effectiveness.



However, currently, there are some drawbacks to concentrate vaporizers that are worth considering. One of the primary disadvantages is their cost; they tend to be more expensive than other types of vaporizers. Additionally, their use often involves a complex operation. For instance, the concentrate chamber is not easy to clean and might be prone to oil leaks. Frequent cleaning is necessary to maintain optimal performance and taste, which can be inconvenient.




How to Choose the Right Portable Vaporizers?




This part only focused on portable vaporizers – no offence to fans of the tabletop favourites. We believe that this product category is the best entry point for most people because it provides a lot of options in terms of flavors, effects, and potency.



We reviewed models ideal for activities like hiking, couch lounging, or backyard relaxing. Our team tested over 50 portable vaporizers. We also collected user insights from forums like FuckCombustion and Reddit. Ultimately, we identified key features for the best vaporizers:



– Easy to use: This means straightforward operation. A simple process to power up the device, an easy-to-read display that indicates readiness, temperature settings, and battery life. Such intuitive controls are not just a convenience but a necessity for a seamless experience.


– The heating method: Currently, vaporizers available in the market employ either conduction (direct contact heating), convection (heating through air circulation), or a hybrid of both. Each method has its unique advantages, and the choice often depends on the user’s preference for flavor intensity, vapor smoothness, and heating efficiency.


– Easy to clean: Dab pens are small, and concentrates are often sticky and messy. It takes some skill to get the concentrate into the pen’s oven without making a mess, especially if the dabs are too cold or gooey. It should acknowledging that time spent on maintenance is time away from enjoyment. Therefore, avoiding designs with lengthy, narrow airways that require intricate cleaning tools is a good choice. Alternatively, daring to explore disposable designs can completely eliminate the hassle of cleaning for users.


– Super Portable: Enjoy your favorite concentrates anywhere without extra equipment. A well-designed dab pen embodies this convenience. Top brands like Dr. Dabber, Puffco, Pax, and G-Pen value portability. They cater to diverse lifestyles, from city living to adventuring. These brands have made portability a key appeal.




First-Ever Disposable Concentrate Vaporizer Pick: Artrix DabGo







In the spirit of delivering an unparalleled dabbing experience, we are excited to introduce DabGo, the first-ever disposable dab pen in the concentrate vaporizer market. Designed by Artrix, a renowned leader in cannabis vape hardware, DabGo effortlessly blends the convenience of single-use vapes with the quality experience of dab pens. It’s designed to make vaporizing cannabis concentrates like wax and oils easier and more efficient than ever.



One of the standout features of the DabGo is its disposable nature, which means no more cleaning or maintenance. Traditional dab pens often require time-consuming upkeep, but the DabGo eliminates this hassle. It’s especially appealing for those who value convenience: use it, then toss it. This feature is not only great for consumers but also for brands that want to attract customers who prefer easy-to-use products. DabGo’s maintenance-free design broadens its appeal, making it an excellent choice for both experienced users and those new to dab pens.



The excellence of the DabGo lies in its SegmHeat™ Ceramic Vaporizing Technology. This technology precisely heats and vaporizes cannabis concentrates, ensuring each use delivers smooth, flavorful vapor. Additionally, the DabGo is designed to be user-friendly, with features like a large inlet for easy filling, a convex-lens design to see the contents, and a simple button to activate the device. Its portability is another plus, making it ideal for people who enjoy their cannabis on the go. With DabGo, Artrix showcases its leadership in cannabis vape technology, offering a solution that’s both simple and sophisticated for cannabis users.