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Why is Dabbing the Next Level for Cannabis Users?

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Dabbing, a 1970s innovation for using cannabis concentrates, initially lagged behind simpler, safer methods like vaping. Early dabbing faced hurdles with risky concentrate production and cumbersome atomizers. Once these issues improved, dabbing gained popularity.



By 2017, interest in dabbing spiked, as shown by Google Trends. This marked a shift in consumer preferences towards dabbing tools. This article explores the differences in vaping and dabbing hardware. We’ll see why dabbing, known for intensity and control, is favored by enthusiasts.



dabbing trends

Google Trends: Overall the volume of pen is much higher than rig




Comparing The Basics: Dab Pens vs. Vape Pens




What is a Dab Pen?

Dab pens, also known as wax pens, are used for vaping wax concentrates. They use thick dabs—THC concentrates—for a potent effect. These devices are for those who prefer a strong hit and are a mobile version of a dab rig.



Before use, charge your dab pen and set its temperature. Using a dab tool, load the concentrate, which might be sticky. Tip: Cooling your dabs makes them easier to handle. Once loaded, start vaping.



Key points about dabbing:



  • Offers control and variety in flavors.


  • Results in hotter vapes than vape pens.


  • Generally costs more than basic vape pens.


  • Needs regular cleaning and maintenance.


  • Less discreet than vape pens.




What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a battery-operated device for inhaling vapor from oil or liquid cartridges. It has four main parts: sensors, tank, atomizer, and battery. These parts heat the oil or liquid to create vapor.



To use, the oil or liquid heats into vapor in the atomizer for you to inhale. This delivers the effects of cannabis or other oils. Vape pens are rechargeable and compatible with various pods and cartridges.



Key points about vaping:



  • Very easy to use and carry.


  • Less customizable.


  • Uses cartridges or liquid THC.


  • Can be made cheaply.








Why Dabbing Appeals to Seasoned Cannabis Users




Both dabbing and vaping are in fact forms of vaporization, but the experience of each is quite distinct.



For the Charm of Classic Dab Rigs



Traditional dab rigs feature detailed glass work and manual heating. These users cherish the ritual of dabbing, heating the nail with a torch to control the temperature. This precision unlocks the full flavour and power of concentrates. This hands-on method holds a special appeal for experienced cannabis users.


traditional dab rig

Source: Weedmaps 




For its Different Cannabis Material



The appeal of dabbing for experienced cannabis enthusiasts is greatly enhanced by the variety of concentrates available, such as shatter, wax, live resin, rosin and diamonds, each offering a unique consumption experience.



Shatter, with its glass-like consistency, provides a clean and pure vapour, while wax offers a softer, more malleable texture. Live resin captures the aromatic profile of the plant by preserving the terpenes for a more flavourful and aromatic experience. Solvent-free rosin appeals to those seeking a more natural extract, and diamonds, known for their high THC content, offer unmatched potency.




dabbing concentrates





In contrast, while vaping with standard pens can accommodate a range of cannabis oil, the denser textures of concentrates such as Live Rosin present a challenge. For this reason, concentrates like live rosin are more commonly consumed with dab rigs or dab pens than with traditional vape pens.



For its Purity and Potency



Ultimately, dabbing wins the potency contest hands down. And there are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, the material used in dabbing, concentrates, can contain over 80% THC, compared to traditional dried herbs that peak at around 30%.



Secondly, dabbing typically involves inhaling a large amount in one go, leading to a more intense psychoactive experience than the gradual consumption of a vape pen with oil or herb. Therefore, concentrates offer the strongest highs. 



For its Flavor and Experience



Compared to smoking, both dabbing and vaping are considered much better in terms of flavor. Since neither involves combustion, the tarry, burnt flavor is avoided, leaving more room for the terpenes to shine.



Once again, dabbing wins out because of the nature of the concentrates used. These concentrates are not only rich in cannabinoids but also in terpenes. By using concentrates, we can experience these terpenes in higher concentrations and at their best, and appreciate the full spectrum of cannabis flavors more intensely.



For its Bigger High Despite the Higher Price Tag



The expense of using a dab pen is another significant consideration. It may leave you a typical bill like this:


  • Dab pen made by Yocan ($49.99)


  • Clean Green certified concentrate of Strawberry Cough by Puffin Farm ($45)


  • 6 Pieces Wax Carving Tool Set, Stainless Steel ($9.99)



All in: $104.98 spent, pre-tax. So, before you even start, you could be spending over $100. And this doesn’t include the ongoing costs like buying more concentrate or replacing parts of the pen. In the long run, dabbing is likely to be the more expensive option.




Say Hello to DabGo: Your Perfect Blend of Ease and Excellence in Dabbing








DabGo is redefining the dabbing landscape as the first-ever disposable dab pen in the concentrate vaporizer market, proudly presented by Artrix, a trailblazer in cannabis vape hardware. This innovative device seamlessly marries the simplicity of single-use vapes with the enriched experience of traditional dab pens. It’s ingeniously crafted to simplify the vaporization of cannabis concentrates like wax and shatter, making it more efficient and user-friendly than ever before.



A key highlight of DabGo is its disposable design, eliminating the need for cleaning or maintenance – a common drawback with conventional dab pens. This feature is particularly attractive to those who prioritize convenience and simplicity; use it effortlessly, then dispose of it responsibly. Its portable nature is an added advantage, ideal for those who appreciate on-the-go cannabis experiences.



DabGo’s excellence is further amplified by its innovative SegmHeat™ Ceramic Vaporizing Technology. This cutting-edge feature ensures precise heating and vaporization of concentrates, guaranteeing smooth, flavor-rich vapor with every use. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, DabGo boasts a large inlet for straightforward filling, a convex-lens design for easy visibility, and an intuitive button for effortless activation. Artrix has prioritized affordability, making this innovative device a cost-effective entry point into dabbing.


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