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2024 International Women’s Day – An Interview With Jessica Min

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This is Artrix’s latest series exploring female leadership within the cannabis industry, we delve into the stories of trailblazing women who are shaping the future of this rapidly evolving sector.



This issue spotlights an insightful interview with Jessica, the Co-Founder and Sales Director at Artrix, whose journey from the world’s largest show organizer to pioneering the vape and cannabis industries in China is as inspiring as it is unique.



Jessica’s story begins with a chance meeting with her first business partner, which set her on a path from the vape industry into the burgeoning world of cannabis. Her candid account of Artrix’s debut at MJBizCon2023, the challenges faced and the victories celebrated along the way. Jessica’s efforts to empower women through the Artrix Social Equity Program and her vision for a more inclusive industry are not only commendable, but inspiring.




Jessica Min - Artrix Co-Founder, Cannabis industry


Jessica Min – Artrix Co-Founder, Cannabis industry 



Q:What’s Your Personal Journey into Cannabis?


Before entering the vape industry in early 2017, I worked for the largest global show organizer. During this time, I met my partner, Roger. She is a strong woman with a typically male name. Together, we became co-owners of the first vape industry media in China. My experience across various industries helped me spot new trends.



From 2017 to 2020, the vape business thrived. It shifted from big tanks for DIY fans to disposables for the mass market, opening many opportunities. Our cannabis journey began in late 2018, the same year recreational cannabis became legal in California.



Inspired by friends and visits to the U.S., we launched an online WeChat channel and offline events about cannabis. We are pioneers in educating the Chinese about cannabis, especially CBD.



Q: What’s Your Most Memorable Moment ?


The moment that sticks out to me the most was our launch at MJBizCon2023. It was our first big reveal after getting Artrix off the ground. Despite the butterflies and the high stakes, the reception we got blew us away. It led to some key industry connections and opened up a bunch of new paths for us.


That whole experience drove home the importance of sticking to it, making sure your brand stands out, and the incredible support the cannabis community offers.




Atrix exhibition MJbizco 2023


Artrix MJBizcon 2023




Q: What are the Top 3 Barriers for Women in Cannabis?


The big three hurdles for women in the cannabis world are battling the stereotypes surrounding cannabis use, keeping up with ever-shifting policies, and overcoming unequal job opportunities. In an effort to address these issues, we launched the Social Equity Program (ASEP) at Artrix. It’s all about giving a leg up to startups run by women, minorities, and veterans.


Our work with 40 Tons, led by Loriel Alegrete, is a prime example of what we’re trying to do. This partnership is a testament to how providing resources and a platform can empower underrepresented groups, paving the way for more female leadership in the industry. Our goal with ASEP isn’t just to motivate women already in the field but to inspire others to take the plunge, creating a more inclusive and equitable cannabis space.




Atrix Jessica Min - 40 Tons


Jessica – 40 tons




Q: Who’s Your Guiding Star in Achieving Success? Can you share a story?


Oh, absolutely. The person who comes to mind is Roger, my first business partner. She introduced me to the vape and cannabis industries. Despite her petite stature, Roger has immense ambition. She approaches life with a determined mindset. Our backgrounds were very different, which allowed us to learn a lot from each other. Roger’s drive for learning was infectious. She returned to school, networked at entrepreneur salons, and embraced spiritual practices and self-healing. Her thirst for knowledge and success was inspiring. Watching her motivated me to push myself harder.



Our journey together, through all its ups and downs, made me mentally tougher than I ever imagined. Even though we parted ways in 2021, the bond of sisterhood between us remains unbreakable. I’m deeply thankful for her influence in my life and for guiding me to an industry where I found my calling.



Q: Are You Working on Any Exciting New Projects Now?


Right now, we’re pouring our energy into expanding the Social Equity Program. We’re rolling out more educational efforts and partnerships aimed not just at offering access to Artrix’s resources but at empowering women through knowledge sharing, mentorship, and financial backing.


These new initiatives are laser-focused on tearing down the barriers that women face in the cannabis industry, paving the way for a community that’s both inclusive and diverse. It’s all about leveling the playing field so that everyone has a shot at success.




Q: What do You Think Sets Vape Products Apart in a Competitive Market?


What really puts Artrix on the map is our unwavering dedication to innovation and quality. Take our disposable dab pen Dabgo, for instance—it’s a game-changer, designed entirely with the user in mind. It offers a smooth, hassle-free dabbing experience without any need for traditional equipment like a torch or rig. Its portable nature and ease of use make it perfect for both seasoned aficionados and those new to the cannabis scene.


By always staying one step ahead, anticipating consumer needs, and daring to think differently, we make sure our products don’t just meet expectations—they blow them out of the water.




Disposable dab pen Artrix Dabgo




Q: Looking Ahead, What are The Next Big Steps for Artrix ?


Our sights are set on taking Artrix global, introducing our cutting-edge products and our mission for social equity to new corners of the world. This expansion is about more than just growing our brand; it’s about amplifying the impact and reaching more women and underrepresented groups in the cannabis sector.


Keeping our core values of diversity and inclusion at the heart of what we do is crucial.




Q: How do You See The Role of Women Evolving in the Cannabis Industry?


Women bring unique strengths to the table—emotional intelligence, meticulous attention to detail, and intuitive decision-making, to name a few. These qualities are becoming more and more pivotal as the cannabis industry matures.


I envision women not just stepping into leadership roles but also spearheading innovation and fostering inclusive communities. By continuing to invest in and empower women, their contributions will become key to sculpting a cannabis industry that’s not only more equitable but also thriving and forward-thinking.


Author: Jolin Zhou
Artrix content contributor with a knack for uncovering the cultural and economic facets of cannabis. Passionate about policy reform, photography, music and travel. Brings a rich blend of research and real-world insights to enlighten and engage.