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Artrix & Vibrant Nations LLC. Collaboration: Launching High-Quality Cannabis Vaporizers for Cannabis Consumers

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“What initially drew my attention to Artrix was their exceptional marketing strategy services. Their innovative approach and dedication to quality immediately stood out, making them a compelling choice for collaboration.”




Artrix, the leading cannabis vape hardware manufacturing and business service platform, is excited to announce the collaboration with Vibrant Nations LLC. (Vibrant Nations). Vibrant Nations is a dedicated company focused on cultivating Native American cannabis consumption culture. To meet the growing demand for high-quality and diverse products among cannabis enthusiasts, Artrix and Vibrant Nations have reached a strategic partnership. Vibrant Nations’s Cubox and Lilmon are available for the LA and NY markets and are powered by Artrix.




Provide High-quality Product Solutions to The Cannabis Community




Artrix and Vibrant Nations both believe that the cannabis community primarily requires reliable, high-quality vaporizers. The two new D9 disposable vapes launched by Vibrant Nations LLC., Cubox, and Lilmon, blend easy-to-use portability and superior performance, representing a lifestyle of balance between living and leisure.


Indeed, the Vibrant Nations Team has been in search of a suitable cannabis vaporizer for their high-quality cannabis oil. They have stringent requirements for vaporization performance, product quality, and appearance. They aim to introduce high-quality D9 disposable products to the youth market. The advent of Artrix has offered them tangible and reliable support. The Vibrant Nations Team commented that ‘Our experience using Artrix’s disposable cannabis vaporizer devices has been nothing short of outstanding. Both products not only met but exceeded our expectations. The design, both in terms of logo and aesthetics, was impeccable. The devices were user-friendly and provided a seamless experience, enhancing the overall satisfaction of our customers.’


Cubox boasts a robust and stylish design, making it the perfect choice for individuals seeking a high-quality vaping experience. Lilmon is a wonderful product choice of 2 grams, providing a long-lasting enjoyable journey.




Meets Consumer Needs with Cubox and Lilmon



In this cooperation, in order to satisfy the diverse preferences of the younger consumer groups, Vibrant Nations and Artrix have introduced Cubox and Lilmon cannabis vaping products with an in-depth understanding of this demographic’s needs and preferences




Cubox is one of the latest innovations from Vibrant Nations LLC.


  • Designed with a robust and stylish exterior, Cubox offers a premium vaping experience for cannabis enthusiasts.


  • The device is user-friendly, featuring advanced technology that ensures consistent vapor quality and flavor.


  • Cubox is perfect for users who seek a high-quality, reliable, and enjoyable vaping solution that integrates seamlessly into their balanced lifestyle.




Artrix and Vibrant Nations cubox






Lilmon is another exceptional product from Vibrant Nations LLC., tailored for those looking for a refreshing and relaxing cannabis experience.


  • This disposable vaporizer combines sleek design with ease of use, providing a smooth and mellow experience.


  • Lilmon is ideal for users who want to unwind and enjoy the benefits of cannabis conveniently and discreetly.
    It reflects a modern cannabis culture that values relaxation and responsible consumption.


  • The innovative and practical Cubox and Lilmon meet young consumers’ pursuits in terms of cannabis vaping, entertainment, and socializing.




Artrix and Vibrant Nations Lilmon




Exceptional Marketing Service Support




High-quality products are fundamental and necessary for cooperation. However, what impresses partners about Artrix extends beyond this. Jingjing Lu, the marketing director of Vibrant Nations, said: ‘Artrix stands out among cannabis vaporizer hardware brands due to its commitment to quality, innovative designs, and comprehensive marketing support. Their products are designed with the user in mind, ensuring a superior experience. Compared to other brands, Artrix offers a more holistic approach, combining top-notch products with exceptional marketing services to help businesses thrive.’

During the collaboration with Artrix, the 3 in 1 service model marks a significant difference between Artrix and other competitors. Artrix’s 3-in-1 business service model provides clients with business consultation, product solutions, and marketing support to elevate their businesses to the next level.



The Revolutionary 3 in 1 ODM Solution



Market analysis and strategy consultation: align with market trends


This is achieved by referencing market data, industry architecture, and industry standards in the cannabis industry to ensure an accurate and innovative product design direction.


Product design and manufacturing: improve cost-effectiveness


Artrix helps its clients achieve cost-effectiveness through an innovative and experienced product R&D team and state-of-the-art automated production lines.


Product Marketing Supports: achieve product success


Artrix boasts a team of professional and experienced cannabis marketing experts who customize digital marketing promotion solutions based on their client’s needs.




Artrix and Vibrant Nations ODM




Based on the 3-in-1 business services, Artrix offers more than just product support during the collaboration. It also provides a range of complimentary marketing services. These include product image design, product copywriting creation, webpage optimization, and event planning consultation. Artrix aims to shorten Vibrant Nations’s product sales cycle and stimulate business growth by delivering substantial, customized marketing materials and support.


Jingjing Lu, the marketing director of Vibrant Nations, said: ‘During the collaboration with Artrix, the marketing services played a crucial role in promoting Vibrant Nations’ brand and expanding its influence. Artrix’s expertise in strategic marketing helped Vibrant Nations effectively reach its target audience, increase brand awareness, and build a strong market presence. ’




Setting Industry Standards: Vibrant Nations LLC’s Aspirations with Artrix




As a leader in the cannabis industry, Vibrant Nations LLC. hopes to become synonymous with quality, innovation, and reliability. The brand should reflect a commitment to enhancing the cannabis experience while promoting a balanced lifestyle. By prioritizing user satisfaction and community engagement, Vibrant Nations LLC. aims to set new standards in the industry.


The collaboration with Vibrant Nations LLC. is an exciting step for both companies. This partnership opens up new development opportunities for the two brands. By leveraging the strengths and resources of both teams, we will be able to offer our customers a broader range of top-notch products and services. As we move forward, cannabis consumers can keep an eye on this partnership—we’re planning to launch even more superior products that are sure to delight.




About Artrix Innovation Inc.


Artrix is an emerging international cannabis vaporizer hardware brand that offers more than just cannabis vape devices. We use an exclusive three-in-one service model that combines superior product solutions, systematic marketing support, and professional strategic consulting to create a great customer experience. Artrix conducts extensive market research and analysis to understand the needs behind each product and provides localized marketing support to maximize its market potential and success.



About Vibrant Nations LLC.


Vibrant Nations LLC. is a dedicated company focused on supporting Native American businesses across the United States. Our mission is to empower these businesses by promoting their products more effectively, ensuring they reach a wider audience and achieve sustainable growth. We offer a range of services, including website development, customer traffic analysis, and artistic design for culturally significant items such as illustrated cultural shirts and new media content. Our commitment extends to serving Native American communities nationwide, fostering economic growth and cultural preservation.

Author: Crystal Lan

Crystal Lan, an Artrix content contributor, works with a keen interest in delving into the cultural and business aspects of the cannabis vaping industry. She closely follows industry news and trends, providing a compelling mix of research and practical insights to illuminate and engage.