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What is Live Rosin?

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With the rise of cannabis’s popularity and legality, people have discovered various ways to consume it. While smoking joints is traditional, many now prefer vaping, dabbing, or edibles for their simplicity. Besides different consumption methods, suppliers offer various forms of cannabis, each providing unique experiences. One of the most notable is live rosin. So, what is it? And what are the live rosin benefits?


Live rosin is a cannabis concentrate that has recently gained popularity. Unlike regular rosin made from cured and dried cannabis buds, it is derived from bubble hash made from freshly frozen cannabis plants. It is then processed in a rosin press using heat and pressure to extract oil without solvents.


Reasons for the Popularity of Live Rosin




Live rosin is celebrated as a full-spectrum, highly potent cannabis concentrate. Made from fresh cannabis plants, it excels in aroma and flavor, closely resembling the natural strain. In contrast, regular rosin’s drying and curing process reduces its aroma by 50%, resulting in less flavorful concentrates.


To understand the full benefits of live rosin, let’s compare it to another popular concentrate: live resin.


Despite similar names, live resin undergoes a different process. Both are made from freshly frozen cannabis plants, but live resin uses a chemical solvent like butane to dissolve the rosin, which must be purged later.


The use of solvents makes live resin less appealing to some. Although the live rosin extraction process is more complex, many prefer it for its natural production method, avoiding potential impurities from solvents. So, which one is more popular, live rosin or live resin? The answer is that it depends. Modern consumers who prioritize purity and safety may find live rosin benefits worth the cost.




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Dissecting the Consumption Methods




Now that we understand live rosin benefits, let’s explore three major consumption methods.


1. Edibles: The Safest Option


Edibles are an easy way to consume live rosin in a chewable form, like Delta 9 gummies. Some people consider edibles the best way to use live rosin benefits. However, with the gummies, the impact is not immediate. It needs time to be absorbed by the digestive tract, metabolized in the liver, and then transported via the bloodstream to the brain. Only after approximately 30-60 minutes can you feel the pure and potent impact of live rosin.


2. Vape: The Rising Star


Vaping is a more modern and popular method to consume cannabis concentrate. The challenge with live rosin cartridges is that high-quality terpene components can easily clog the ceramic heating core, leading to dry hits and a burnt flavor. Thus, finding a live rosin cart with a high-quality heating core is crucial to ensure the best delivery of cannabis THC.


3. Dab: The Popular Method


Dabbing is the most popular method of enjoying live rosin benefits due to its immediate and potent effect. The challenge with old-school dabbing is the intricate preparation and maintenance of the dab device. To address this, Artrix has created DabGo™, the first disposable dab pen. This compact dab device is perfect for on-the-go use, offering premium heating quality with the cutting-edge SegmHeat™ heating core that ensures consistent flavor. As it is disposable, it doesn’t require maintenance, and you can easily fill the cannabis chamber!




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Storing Your Live Rosin Properly




After reading this article, you should understand how live rosin stands out from other cannabis concentrates and which consumption method suits you best. Once you make your purchase, store the cannabis concentrate properly to maintain its quality.


We recommend storing it in a cool, dark place, like an airtight non-reactive glass or silicone container. Ensure the right humidity level (55-62%) to prevent it from becoming brittle or too moist. If you plan to keep it for an extended period, you can store it in a freezer as long as it doesn’t go below -18°C.


That’s it! You’re now ready to consume live rosin and experience the purest, most flavorful form of cannabis!

Author: Crystal Lan

Crystal Lan, an Artrix content contributor, works with a keen interest in delving into the cultural and business aspects of the cannabis vaping industry. She closely follows industry news and trends, providing a compelling mix of research and practical insights to illuminate and engage.