Tech & Solutions By Jolin Zhou|18 May 2024

Astick: Success with Trendy Postless Disposables

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The cannabis industry is facing price pressure as its products mature, especially in the competitive market for disposable vape pens. Consumer tastes are changing too, with a preference for vape pens that have clear windows to show the quality of the oil. This trend is particularly popular among younger consumers.




Artrix has noticed this shift and introduced Astick, a disposable vape pen that meets these new consumer preferences while also maximizing profits for partners. In this blog, we’ll delve into Artrix’s introduction of Astick, and explore how the cannabis industry is adapting to price pressures and changing consumer preferences.




Case Study: Limitation of High-Priced Postless Disposable Vapes




Turn, a brand by Forbidden Flower and Turning Point Brands, is renowned for its meticulous production standards. It precisely converts THCA into D9-THC, establishing its presence in cannabis oil and disposable products.



Turn’s Rise in the California Market









In California’s competitive cannabis market, Turn stands out in vaporizers. It climbed steadily, reaching the top 10 by February and maintaining the 9th position in March and April. Sales surged from $2,045,950 in January to $2,902,740 in April, averaging $13 per product.




notable product-turn





The flagship product leading this charge is the Turn Down – Watermelon Sugar High Live Resin Disposable (1g). Between 2023 and 2024, this product witnessed substantial growth in both sales and market share, priced at approximately $39.50 per unit on weedmaps. Sales skyrocketed from around $750,000 to $1 million, with its market share increasing from slightly above 5.0% to 6.4%.



Challenges to Turn’s Market Expansion Beyond California



However, Turn’s market share may face concentration or limitation challenges. While the brand’s performance in the disposable category in California is commendable, consumers in other markets may be hesitant to purchase even a double-priced disposable vape, especially given the prevalence of low-price strategies and intense competition in the disposable market. As a result, Turn’s market visibility and impact in other states remains uncertain based on available data.




Trends and Strategies in the Postless Disposable Vape Market



The disposable vape market, led by brands like Turn, is moving towards postless designs. This trend offers advantages like convenience and lower production costs, but the high prices of postless products from leading brands deter many consumers.



The Artrix consultancy team found that small to medium-sized private label brands often avoid the common pen-shaped disposables, opting instead for cylindrical designs to meet market demand. These brands may lack their own product lines and aim to introduce disposable products using their own cannabis oil to quickly capture market share. Without in-house production capabilities, they rely on external suppliers for high-quality, stable supplies.



Brand owners and distributors also face fierce competition. Artrix team noted that they understand that leveraging marketing channel differences and rapidly increasing sales in the cylindrical disposable category is crucial. Establishing the reputation of their oil products first, they then promote more disposable and equipment categories, requiring an efficient supply chain and support services.



In markets with unclear legal status, demand focuses on product diversity and personalization. Limited oil product varieties may not meet all consumer preferences, leading to higher requirements for product appearance and discretion. These consumers, sensitive to trends and price, prefer stylish and personalized products.




Astick: The Ultimate Postless Disposable Meeting Market Demands









How to strike the balance between satisfying consumer needs and ensuring profitable partnerships is a formidable challenge. Yet, Artrix’s postless vape, Astick, achieves this feat admirably. By marrying cost-effectiveness with premium quality, Artrix lowers Astick’s production costs while upholding superior quality and performance. This enables partners to sell Astick at lower prices, capturing larger market shares and yielding higher profits.



Balancing Cost-Effectiveness and Quality



In contrast to Turn, Artrix’s Astick is strategically positioned. Artrix recognizes the critical link between partners’ success and product cost-effectiveness in the market. Therefore, it delivers profit margins to B2B clients amidst intense low-price strategy competition, offering users exceptional value and a deluxe vaping experience.



Blending Discretion and Style



Moreover, Astick boasts unique features like heightened discretion for easy concealment, resembling a mini cylindrical e-cigarette even in public settings. Its transparent postless design ensures clear visibility of the oil window, facilitating convenient oil level monitoring while enhancing aesthetics. Astick seamlessly blends visual appeal with functionality, catering to the market’s demand for modern, stylish products, particularly enticing trend-conscious young consumers.



For cannabis brands seeking a standout vape product, Artrix’s postless vape, Astick, is an unmissable choice.