Industry Insight By Jolin Zhou|24 June 2024

Top 3 Fastest Growing Gen Z Disposable Vapes in 2024

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As the cannabis industry enters 2024, competition for Gen Z disposable vapes is more intense than ever. Brands and retailers are constantly looking for innovative products that will not only increase sales, but also secure a larger market share.




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Artrix’s latest product, the Wavvy, boasts a unique saw-toothed design and compact size, crafted specifically to grab the attention of style-conscious young people. Its distinctive look helps it stand out on shelves, resonating well with Gen Z shoppers.




Strategic Insight: Evolution of Box-Shaped Disposable Vape Products




Between Q1 2022 and Q1 2024, the market share of these disposables surged by an impressive 92% in U.S. vape sales. This category, as tracked by Artrix across the top 10 bestselling disposable brands in the U.S., is defining a major trend in the market.








These box-shaped disposables, which represented 13% of the sales among these brands, are outpacing the growth of the more traditional flat and columnar shapes.



Another key feature that distinguishes these products is their capacity. Predominantly, box-shaped disposables offer larger capacities—80% boast 1g or more, with 2g configurations accounting for 20% of this segment. This contrasts with the smaller capacities generally found in flat and columnar disposables. Trends from Artrix Infobank data suggest that the dominance of 1g and 2g box-shaped disposables is set to continue, reinforcing their market presence.



On the consumer front, box-shaped disposables mirror the design and discretion of popular nicotine products like the Micro Bar, with its gradient exterior. This makes them highly appealing to young people in North America, born between 1990 and 2007. Given their competitive pricing and distinctive appearance, these products are well-positioned to meet the preferences of Gen Z and are anticipated to see substantial growth in the upcoming years.




Capturing the Attention of Gen Z with Innovative Disposable Vape Devices



As the disposable vape market grows, some brands stand out with their trendy boxed vapes. These brands have developed comprehensive product lines that especially appeal to young consumers. Here’s a look at some of the most popular products:









1. GLO POD: Small but Mighty



The GLO POD stands out with its modern, box-like shape, catching the eye of young, style-aware consumers. It uses the latest BBGear Boil and BBGear Mesh Coil technologies to improve flavor and increase vapor output. With a total of nine products, this brand focuses on a few box-shaped vapes to attract a niche yet growing market among Gen Z.





Uzo Pro

Uzo Pro




2. Uzo Pro: Compact and Powerful



The Uzo Pro is incredibly compact, smaller than a typical lighter, and comes with a 1.0 mL tank that optimizes usage. It has a side window for checking oil levels easily and uses an iKonic ceramic coil for consistent, clean hits. It’s designed to be clog-free and safe, making it a hassle-free choice for everyday vaping.









3. Wavvy: Trendsetting Design for Young Vapers



The Wavvy, a daring AIO (All-In-One) box redefines vaping with its unique, sawtooth design. It’s small but delivers big, intense vapor clouds, making it perfect for young people who want both style and performance without spending too much.




Bold Lines, Bolder Vapors: The Wavvy stands out with its unique sawtooth appearance that enhances the visual and vaping sensation.



Mini Design, Surprising Puffing: Despite its mini size, the Wavvy packs a punch, delivering an extreme puff that belies its diminutive stature. This tiny powerhouse will satisfy young adults looking for significant vapour production in a stylish package.



Pure Quality at a Glance: The innovative postless design features a clear window that showcases the oil, allowing vapers to see the quality before the first puff.




As boxed vape products become more popular, manufacturers are focusing on these to stay competitive. This trend is catching on fast, with more launches planned to meet the demands of young vapers, ensuring these stylish devices are both affordable and accessible.