Cannabis 101 By Jolin Zhou|17 May 2024

Your Comprehensive Guide to Various Forms of THCA

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THCA, a compound in raw cannabis plants, is renowned for its non-intoxicating properties. It acts as a precursor to THC, the potent cannabis compound, undergoing a decarboxylation process to convert to THC when exposed to heat.



As we learn more about THCA, we encounter various forms of THCA in the market. What are those, and how do they differ? Let’s explore them in this article!




THCA Flower



THCA hemp flower boasts high THCA content and low THC levels. Creating THCA pre-rolls is a popular method of consumption, involving rolling THCA extracted from raw cannabis into joints. For an elevated experience, ensure even distribution and proper finishing of the THCA bud. Premium THCA pre-rolls are available from select reputable vendors.




THCA Dabs (Diamonds, Wax, Rosin)




thca concentrate




THCA dabs are concentrated forms of THCA. Extracted from raw cannabis, THCA undergoes purification, resulting in highly pure and potent products.



  • –THCA Diamonds: Crystalline formations from flash-frozen cannabis plants, known for high potency.



  • –THCA Wax: A gooey substance made from solvent-based extraction, also high in THCA.



  • –THCA Rosin: Created solventlessly by applying heat and pressure, resulting in an extra potent THCA compound.



THCA Dabs are consumed using a dabbing device. We recommend DabGo, which enhances your dabbing experience with cutting-edge heating technology, compactness, and user-friendliness. DabGo is the first disposable dab pen, perfect for on-the-go consumption.








Its easy-to-access ceramic bowl can hold various THCA concentrates, allowing you to explore different variants. The SegmHeat ceramic heating technology offers progressive heating control, delivering a consistent and flavorful experience.




THCA Extracts



THCA extracts are another concentrated form of THCA that retain high levels of the compound. Popular extract variants include resin and distillate. What are the differences?



  • –THCA Resin: Made from frozen THCA flowers dipped in solvents, producing highly fragrant and potent extracts.



  • –THCA Distillate: Isolated THCA extracts purified to their cannabinoid molecules, making them extremely potent.



Offering high versatility, you can effortlessly swap between different THCA extracts using vape devices. Another benefit is the controlled experience, allowing you to gauge your THCA consumption by observing the compound chamber.




THCA Edibles



THCA edibles come in food forms like gummies and cookies, perfect for discreet consumption. Known for their intense effects, THCA edibles convert to THC during digestion. Here’s how it works:


  • –Ingest THCA edibles, such as gummies, cookies, or lollipops.



  • –After ingestion, THCA begins to metabolize in the digestive system. During this process, the heat from the body causes THCA to undergo heating, converting it to THC.



  • –The walls of the digestive tract absorb the newly formed THC into the bloodstream.



  • The liver processes THC, metabolizing it before reintroducing it into the bloodstream for transport to the brain.



THCA edibles provide an intense experience once the effects set in, typically within 30 to 60 minutes. The onset time varies depending on the potency and form of the edibles. For instance, THCA lollipops take effect faster because the mouth’s mucous membranes directly absorb them. Conversely, chewable options like gummies and cookies have a longer onset time since absorption occurs primarily in the digestive tract.



Whatever form of edibles you choose, take caution and go slow when consuming THCA edibles, as the effects won’t show up right away!




Which THCA Forms Pique Your Interest?




You have many options: THCA flower pre-rolls for a classic smoking experience, THCA dabs and extracts for convenient consumption using vape or dab devices, or THCA edibles for discreet ingestion.



Which one is right? There’s no right or wrong choice! Select the best suppliers to ensure the highest quality smoking, vaping, dabbing, or eating experience!