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Cannabis Concentrates 101: A Guide to Concentrates

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In the U.S., cannabis concentrates have a market size of $5.5 billion across ten states, with live resin leading the category. Data from Headset reveals that rosin overtook shatter as the second most popular type in early 2022, and by 2023, badder/budder surpassed shatter as the third favorite. The market’s current favorites are, in order, live resin, wax, rosin, badder/budder, and shatter. Let’s explore.




What are Cannabis Concentrates?



Cannabis concentrates are like a super-strong version of the cannabis plant. They’re made by taking the tiny, shiny parts (called trichomes) from the plant, which have the most active ingredients like THC (the stuff that gives the high). These concentrates are really potent, often having 60% or more THC. They come in different forms and strengths, and can feel different when used. There are two main ways to make these concentrates:



  • Solventless Method: This method doesn’t use any chemicals. It’s all about physically shaking off the trichomes from the plant and then pressing them into oils using low heat and high pressure. These types of concentrates are known as “rosin” and they come in various forms like fresh press rosin, rosin badder, and a few others.
  • Solvent-based Method: This method uses chemicals like butane or CO2 to get the trichomes off the plant. After that, they have to carefully remove all the chemicals to make sure the final product is safe to use. These concentrates can be different from the rosin types in how they’re made and how they might feel when used.



Based on data from headset2023, this article will focus on the most popular solvent-based cannabis concentrates using butane hash oil (BHO) extraction methods, which are favored by concentrate enthusiasts.




Different Solvent-Based Cannabis Concentrates: Texture, Potency and Usage



Live Resin




Cannabis Live resin

Source from Leafly



Live resin products generally have a sticky consistency, almost like taffy. However, manufacturers can manipulate the final texture to be saucy, sugary, or buttery, depending on the processing method. In terms of color, live resin concentrates are typically dark yellow but can vary from light yellow to white. Depending on the cannabinoid profile of the live plant, most live resin concentrates retain a THC content ranging from 65% to 95%. These concentrates are particularly well-suited for vaping with a dab pen or smoking on a standard dab rig. Know more about live resin








Cannabis Wax

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Wax concentrates have a sticky wax consistency. They’re typically dense, sometimes granular, and often look golden in color. Wax concentrates are known for their intense aroma and robust flavors that vary depending on the cultivar from which they’re produced.



Vape pens don’t usually handle wax well, and lighting wax directly to smoke destroys much of the temperature-sensitive terpenes. Most experienced cannabis users consume wax concentrates through a dab rig, a specialized type of bong, or a water pipe with an attached nail to smoke dense concentrates like wax via water vapor.







cannabis shatter

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Shatter is a type of concentrate that looks gold or amber and has a hard, glass-like texture. Creating high-quality shatter is a delicate process as it easily becomes cloudy and loses its transparency. Shatter is known for its potency and is one of the more popular extracts on the market.



Due to shatter’s rigid, brittle consistency, it must burn at consistently high temperatures for the best effects, which can easily damage equipment like standard vape pens. The two most common methods for smoking shatter are dabbing it and vaporizing it.



Budder, Badder, Batter



cannabis budder

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Budder, also known as batter or badder, is often considered the cleanest and one of the strongest concentrates available. On average, budder contains about 90% THC and boasts up to 99% purity. The frosting-like texture makes it very malleable, so it’s easy to scoop onto dab tools for almost effortless consumption. However, due to the labor-intensive process and its high potency, budder tends to be more expensive than other types of concentrates.







Source from Leafly




Sugar and crumble concentrates are flavorful products with a richer terpene profile than shatter or budder. At the same time, these products don’t quite match the aromatic superiority of live resin. Sugar and crumble color ranges from pale yellow to deep amber. Crumble looks like sugar clumps and is probably the driest form of cannabis concentrate.



The sugar texture makes it easy to handle and ideal for sprinkling on a rolled joint. It is also easy to vaporize on a rig or dab setup. Sugar is slightly wetter than crumble, making a vaporizer its best consumption method.







cannabis diamonds

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Diamonds in cannabis concentrates are high-purity crystals of a single compound, like THCA or CBD. They’re so pure that they form solid crystals, similar to actual diamonds. Since they’re mostly one compound, they’re called isolates, unlike full-spectrum extracts that contain a plant’s full range of cannabinoids and terpenes. Diamonds are often used with terp sauce for dabbing because they lack terpenes and therefore don’t have much flavor on their own. 



Artrix DabGo: Your Entry Point to the Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates







Cannabis enthusiasts typically consume these concentrates through traditional dabbing methods, which can be complex and messy, especially for beginners. Now there’s a beginner-friendly option: Artrix DabGo. This innovative, disposable dab pen simplifies the process and makes it easy and convenient for newcomers, making the Artrix DabGo a groundbreaking solution – it’s the industry’s first disposable dab pen.



The genius of DabGo lies in its fusion of simplicity and efficacy. Borrowing the user-friendly aspects of portable vaporizers – notably, their ease of use – it pairs this with the robust performance ch‘aracteristic of dab pens. The result? A powerful yet uncomplicated dabbing experience. Additionally, as a disposable unit, the DabGo sidesteps the often tedious tasks of cleaning and maintenance, making it a hassle-free choice for users at any experience level.



Artrix has prioritized affordability, making this innovative device a cost-effective entry point into dabbing. This approachability extends further as the DabGo is adept at handling a variety of concentrates. Whether it’s the nuanced flavors of live rosin, the potency of liquid diamond, the richness of wax, or the clarity of shatter, the DabGo delivers a high-quality experience typically reserved for more expensive, traditional dabbing setups.


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