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Introducing Artrix’s latest cannabis pod system Topop: Affordability Meets Excellence

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cannabis vape pod systems are one of the best ways to maintain the repurchase rate from cannabis users. It indirectly helps create sustainable branding that expands the vaporizer business and cannabis retailers due to its high rate of repurchasing. Artrix aims to break the boundary of high costs, crafting a pod product blending performance and affordability. That’s why Topop is here, delivering the value of a pod system at the cost of a disposable vape. Topop is not just an economical solution, it is designed to aid businesses in transitioning to a pod-system product line, transcend the mundane, and lift the brand to new levels. Allowing users to experience the ideal balance of affordability and quality with each puff.




Cannabis Vape pod system




At the heart of Topop’s design is Artrix’s commitment to safety and reliability. Artrix is strict with material choices and uses cutting-edge manufacturing methods. Topop integrates a buckle cartridge design for added stability and prevention of easy detachment. Its hexagonal body ensures a secure grip. The oil tank is made from Food Grade PCTG along with SUS316L steel post, and the product is assembled in an advanced 100,000-grade dust-free workshop adhering to international standards. Each component is chosen for its safety and performance, adhering to strict safety norms to ensure a secure vaping experience.


A key feature of Topop is its elevated, diamond-shaped oil window, designed to display the precious cannabis extracts and underscore the oil’s volume and quality. This distinctive design element allows users to track every alteration in the custom tank design made with meticulous precision. Topop is more than a durable and reliable vape—it’s a visually captivating work of art. It delivers the excellence of a cannabis pod system at the cost of a disposable cost, representing a leading vaporization performance, a design that’s made to last, and a creation made of food-grade raw materials.


Balancing high cost-efficiency with top-notch performance, Topop ensures dual protection through technology and structural design. It employs dual airway technology to mitigate the risk of cannabis oil blockage. If one airway is blocked, the other remains ventilated, maintaining product functionality. The straight-through airway design minimizes airway bending and airflow collision, delivering a more sensitive start and responsive start and a hushed, whistle-free vaping experience.




Artrix Topop vape pod system




Topop is more than just a budget-friendly solution, it focuses on helping businesses establish a pod-system product line. The hurdles for launching a pod system in the cannabis market encompass steep hardware expenses, intensive operational demands, and an extended payback period. These elements often discourage many cannabis businesses from pursuing such strategic product initiatives. Topop addresses these challenges head-on by offering a more feasible alternative for cannabis businesses striving to penetrate and prosper in this market. Topop provides the opportunity for cannabis brand merchants to dispense pod products at a lower cost, thereby boosting the repurchase ratio of cartridges and enhancing company revenues.


As an innovator in the cannabis market, Topop differentiates itself from competitors by substantially reducing startup costs and making it simpler for businesses to develop their cannabis pod systems. It strives to take your brand beyond the ordinary and launch it to extraordinary heights. Experience the excellence of pod systems today with Topop, and elevate your brand to new heights.


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