Industry Insight By Jolin Zhou|31 May 2024

Exploring the Rise of Portable Dabbing Devices

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Based on the Artrix product team’s findings, interest in dabbing has dramatically increased since 2015. At the same time, consumer preferences for dabbing devices have evolved from traditional desktop models to more portable, handheld designs.



This blog explores the evolving market and innovations from three top dabbing device brands. It highlights opportunities from the rising demand for portable devices, featuring the innovative DabGo, the first disposable dab pen.




How Is Portability Redefining the Dabbing Device Brands?



The trend of portability is transforming the dabbing device industry, prompting top brands to create innovative solutions for varied consumer needs:










Dr. Dabber effectively targets different user groups based on their lifestyle choices, enhancing its marketing strategy for its portable dabbing devices such as dab pens and e-rigs. The Boost Evo, SWITCH E-Rig, and Stella Dab Pen stand out for their specific appeal.



The Boost Evo and SWITCH E-Rig combine luxury and convenience in a compact, high-performance form. The Stella Dab Pen offers durability and advanced vaping technology, ensuring reliability for mobile users. For adventurers, the Ghost and Light Vape Pens are compact and efficient, with long battery life and 512 threading, perfect for long explorations.











Puffco is advancing in the cannabis vaporizer market with a strategic push for its portable dabbing devices. It stands out by introducing features like ceramic bowls and smart temperature control, enhancing the user experience and setting its products apart. Devices like Puffco Peak and Peak Pro use Bluetooth for better customization and control via smartphone apps, catering to tech-savvy users.



Puffco targets both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers who prefer an easy, efficient way to consume concentrates. The Puffo Peak, known as the “Smart Rig,” and the Puffco Plus, the first pocket rig, offer quick heating and excellent vapor quality. These devices are supported by innovative accessories like the Puffco Hot Knife, enhancing the overall user experience.











Pax Labs has made its mark with high-quality vaporizers like the Pax series and the newer Pax Plus and Pax Mini. Their devices are well-regarded for their durability, ease of use, and portability, thanks to targeted marketing efforts.



Pax appeals to outdoor lovers and active individuals who enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, and more. The Pax Plus and Pax Mini are highlights, with the Plus offering multi-use options for dry herbs and concentrates, multiple experience modes, and a robust warranty. The Mini offers a simpler, more cost-effective solution without compromising performance.




Exploring Growth Opportunities in Portable Dabbing Devices




The shift towards portable dabbing devices isn’t just a trend, it’s a reflection of evolving consumer demands and technological advances. As evidenced by the innovative designs of 3 leading dabbing device brands, such as the Pax and Puffco, which integrate Bluetooth and smart temperature settings, portability is becoming a critical factor.



1. Evolution Toward Portability in Dabbing Devices



Significant advancements in portable technology have characterized the development of the dabbing devices market in recent years. Puffco’s products, for example, showcase these innovations by integrating Bluetooth connectivity and intelligent temperature controls. These features offer a more portable and tailored user experience, accessible via smartphone apps. This reflects the industry’s focus on enhancing portability while adding sophisticated features to satisfy sophisticated users.



2. Customized Marketing for Outdoor Enthusiasts


Brands like Dr. Dabber successfully markets its portable dabbing devices through targeted strategies and custom marketing. Dr. Dabber targets specific groups—urban travelers, thrill seekers, and wanderers—with products like the Boost Evo and Stella Dab Pen. This strategy not only sets Dr. Dabber apart in a busy market but also strengthens consumer relationships and boosts its market position.



3. Balancing User Experience and Device Performance


The trend towards portable devices emphasizes the need for a balance between user experience and performance. Puffco’s Puffco Peak exemplifies this, prioritizing portability and efficiency. It delivers high-quality vapor and user experience through a coil-free ceramic chamber and swift heating capabilities.



Likewise, Pax Labs continues to push boundaries with portable models like the Pax Plus and Pax Mini. These devices are compact and lightweight, yet powerful, with efficient heating systems and versatile functions for both dry herbs and concentrates. This strategy addresses the demand for portability while ensuring sustained high performance and reliability.








DabGo: Leading the Shift Towards Portable Concentrate Vaping



We’re excited to introduce the Artrix DabGo, the first-ever disposable dab pen for concentrate vaporizers. Artrix, a leader in cannabis vaping tech, designed the DabGo to blend disposable vape convenience with a premium dabbing experience. This sets a new standard for easy and efficient use of cannabis concentrates like wax.



The DabGo is notable for its disposable design, removing the need for cleaning or maintenance—major issues with traditional dab pens. Its use-and-discard feature is ideal for hassle-free operation, attracting both experienced users and beginners. Additionally, DabGo‘s SegmHeat™ Ceramic Vaporizing Technology ensures it heats concentrates precisely, providing smooth and tasty vapor every time.



The design of DabGo focuses on user-friendliness and efficiency. It includes a large inlet for effortless filling, a convex lens for visibility of contents, and a simple activation button, making it exceptionally user-friendly. Its compact form factor underscores its portability, ideal for enjoying cannabis discreetly and on the move.