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Why is Live Rosin Relatively Expensive?

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Is It Worth The Hype?




The rising demand for cannabis has pushed suppliers to offer various cannabis forms, each promising a unique consumption experience. One of the most notable breakthroughs is live rosin, renowned for being one of the purest and most potent cannabis forms. But is it worth the hype and its high price? Let’s dive into the world of this cannabis concentrate to find out!


Dissecting the Reasons Behind the High Price




Live rosin is a cannabis concentrate that undergoes a unique extraction process. The term “live” refers to the fact that it comes from freshly frozen cannabis plants. Then expose these plants to heat and pressure in a rosin press, extracting without using any chemical solvents.


But, how much is a gram? Different dispensaries offer different prices, typically ranging from $50-$100 per gram. This is almost twice the price of other cannabis concentrates, specifically live resin, which usually cost around $30-$40 per gram. So, why is it so expensive? The process is labor-intensive and typically produces smaller batches, making it rarer and more costly. The clean extraction process and the preservation of natural flavors and potency justify the higher price tag.







Is Live Rosin Your Best Option?




Despite its high price, live rosin is favored for its solvent-free extraction process, preserving the natural taste and potency of the fresh cannabis plant. But is it the best option? Why is it better? Let’s compare this cannabis concentrate with other popular cannabis concentrates to understand its advantages.


1 Live Rosin vs. D9 Distillate


Both live rosin and D9 distillate are highly potent, but they differ significantly in their extraction processes and final products. Live rosin comes from fresh cannabis flowers, while distillate is extracted from cured and dried cannabis using solvents like CO2, butane, or ethanol. The distillate is then further refined to produce a clear, odorless oil with over 90% THC.


What is the difference between distillate and live rosin? Distillate is more versatile, easily fitting into various consumption methods like vapes, edibles, and infused products. In contrast, not all vape pens can properly vaporize live rosin, requiring a careful selection of high-quality vape devices. Despite the high production cost, distillate can be mass-produced and sold at lower prices, making it an attractive option for those seeking potency and versatility.


2 Live Rosin vs. Live Resin


Live rosin vs. Live resin: Both cannabis concentrates are made from freshly frozen cannabis plants, but their extraction processes differ. Live resin uses solvents for extraction, which helps retain the terpenes and other compounds of the original strains. It is ideal for those who want a flavorful cannabis experience at a lower price and saving money for multiple choice. However, health-conscious consumers may prefer live rosin due to its solvent-free extraction process. Both concentrates are typically consumed using dabbing tools.







The Hype and Reality




Live rosin is certainly worth the hype and popularity for its purity, potency, and natural flavor profile. However, whether it is better than other concentrates depends on individual needs and preferences. Distillate offers versatility and potency, live resin provides a flavorful experience at a lower cost, and it stands out for its purity and natural taste.


Ultimately, the best choice depends on what you value most in your cannabis experience. Whether you opt for the versatile and potent distillate, the affordable and flavorful live resin, or the pure and natural live rosin, each has its unique benefits and potential drawbacks. Choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and preferences!

Author: Crystal Lan

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