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How Important Is Originality to Your Cannabis Vape Business?

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Why should you develop your own unique cannabis vape?




In today’s fiercely competitive cannabis market, simply selling products similar to others and hoping to outpace competitors solely through pricing or advertising isn’t enough. The competition in the cannabis vape market is fiercer than many cannabis entrepreneurs imagine.


Headset, the leading cannabis data analysis institute, released fresh data that shed light on this reality. In 2022, the US witnessed a staggering addition of 17,246 cannabis vape products in the legacy market, while the emerging market saw 3,537 new vape gadgets. However, brace yourself: Despite the significant number of new product launches, the survival rate of new products in the United States in 2022 was only 17%. However, it’s important to note that just two years ago, this data for the legacy market in the United States was 29.9%, and for emerging markets, it was surprisingly 74.3%.


For cannabis entrepreneurs, achieving product success is becoming increasingly challenging. Following blindly no longer yields results. If you aim to lead in the cannabis vape market, you must design unique products tailored to your business. This not only sets your product apart from the crowd but also increases your chances of attracting a loyal customer base. The better you understand your cannabis consumers, what they are looking for, and the products already available in the market, the easier it becomes to design, produce, and sell your own unique cannabis vaporizer.



original cannabis vaporizers



Unique vape: The key to become a top cannabis brand


If you don’t want to just imitate others’ vape but also don’t necessarily want to disrupt the entire cannabis consumer market, what should you do? You need to find a way to cultivate your niche market. Guess what can help you turn the tide? Doing something different, or in other words… originality.


Many cannabis brands are confused by the concept of “originality.” “Originality” doesn’t necessarily mean 100% uniqueness. A simple innovation can unlock the enormous market value of the cannabis industry. In fact, with the thriving development of the cannabis vape hardware industry, numerous cases demonstrate how launching highly recognizable innovative products has helped brands achieve market success.



Product Technological Innovation in Cannabis Vape



Innovation is a challenging endeavor for every company, and nowadays it often requires technology. For the cannabis vape industry, leading product trends with technological innovation isn’t easy. The product forms, appearance designs, and core vaporization technologies of cannabis vapes are mature, and significant technological innovations are unlikely to occur in the short term.


However, in the field of functional design, the trend of intelligence has attracted the attention of many cannabis entrepreneurs. Pax is recognized as a leader in intelligent cannabis vaporization and was the first to launch the first truly cannabis consumption app, My Pod, in 2020, empowering consumers to better manage their cannabis journey.




Pax mobile app

Picture Source: Pax 




Its latest release, Pax Era Pro, supports cannabis consumers in detecting their usage habits through the app, customizing vaporization temperatures, and can even display the components of the oil in the pod. “The future of vaping relies on transparency,” said Jesse Silver, Pax’s SVP of product. Pax has innovated the pod system in the cannabis vape hardware category through the Internet of Things. The smart control makes its products more convenient, reliable, and practical. This has not only attracted a large number of consumers but also numerous cannabis brands for cooperation.



Product Design Innovation in Cannabis Vape



Innovating product design is one of the fastest ways for cannabis entrepreneurs to improve product visibility and one of the most cost-effective methods. The success of many cannabis vape brands is due to their unique insights and innovations in product hardware appearance design.


Vessel is such a cannabis vape hardware brand loved by cannabis consumers, especially 510 kit enthusiasts. Vessel is a high-end brand specializing in luxury accessories, primarily known for its premium vape pens and cannabis-related products. Vessel’s high-end and exquisite product design are mainly reflected in the ultimate pursuit of color matching, material application, and finishing details. Its cannabis vape hardware can create a sense of luxury through the high-cost wood grain pattern. It also achieves a commanding appearance through the blend of anodized aluminum and knurled grip design. Vessel was the first to launch a desktop charging base, which not only solves the problem of consumers’ charging but also creates a vibe balancing living and leisure.



Vessel cannabis vape hardware

Picture Source: Vessel Official Web




In addition to Vessel, Cookies and Jeeter have achieved significant business growth through their product designs, which are beloved by young consumer groups. The most famous design of Cookies is its brand logo—the bitten cookie. It applies this iconic design to the mouthpiece of THC vapes, shaping brand visual consistency and deepening user memory points.




Cookies Jeeter disposable thc vape

Picture Source: Cookies & Jeeter Official Website




Jeeter has attracted many young consumers’ attention by launching cannabis vaporizers that look like beverage bottles. Its interesting shape and dramatic usage make it stand out. It demonstrates people’s high willingness and sense of identification with cannabis use.



Product Concept Innovation in Cannabis Vape



In addition to technology and design innovation, product concept innovation is also a reason why many cannabis brands are highly sought after. Micro Bar pioneeringly introduce a box-like disposable vape in the D9 cannabis vape market. It fully draws on the product concept of the nicotine e-cigarette market and meets the needs of young consumer groups with its portable and interesting design, achieving explosive business growth.




Micro Bar disposable THC vape

Picture Resource: Micro Bar Official Web




Turn is another typical example. It focuses on brand recognition and has a firm footing in cannabis oil and cannabis vapes. Turn is trying to establish a unique brand culture among its target consumer groups through unique product design, peripheral products, and marketing activities.




Turn disposable vape series

Picture Resource: Turn Official Web




If Turn is an innovative brand in the cannabis B2C business field, Artrix is the representative leading the revolution in the B2B field. Artrix changes the stereotype of cannabis hardware brands as mere product suppliers through its unique business model and becomes a real business solution provider through strategic consulting, product solutions, and marketing support. It has also launched the world’s first disposable dab pen – DabGo -through its keen market insight, meeting the demand for high-end cannabis concentrates among vaporization consumers.




 DabGo™️- The first-ever disposable dab pen


When we analyze these successful cannabis brands, we find some common reasons for developing unique vape products:


1. These cannabis vape brands are tired of being the same as others. Anyone can sell products they don’t create. What makes them so special?


2. Cannabis entrepreneurs can achieve higher profits by selling their unique cannabis vapes. For most offline and online retailers, pricing is a competitive race to the bottom.


3. Cannabis entrepreneurs want to develop and grow their brands. Customized vape hardwares will increase your brand’s visibility. People would rather have something unique than existing products flooding the market.


4. Customer loyalty to ordinary products is low. When everyone sells the same cannabis vaporizer, customers often only look at the price. If the product meets their personalized needs perfectly, they will be more loyal to the brand.




Why should cannabis brands develop their own products?




Product development is not a new concept. Many cannabis brands have attempted to develop their own vaporizer products, but have encountered obstacles and lacked the confidence to continue. The primary reason cannabis companies choose to develop and sell their own vape products is the limitations of product transactions. There are many variables that you cannot control, and these variables hinder the growth of your business.


Innovation, what Does It Mean for Your Product?


It means you have more freedom. You can freely reuse, remix, and recombine existing concepts and technologies. Additionally, you can conduct experiments quickly without starting from scratch. This also helps you overcome all the following difficulties:


1. No more limits here.

If you’re facing competition in homogenized products, it means you can only sell a certain number of products. Factories can sell the same products to as many customers as possible. Neither you nor your buyers are a priority in the eyes of suppliers.


2. Low profit margins for non-product manufacturers.

When anyone can sell the same product you sell, cannabis users make consumption decisions based on the degree of price advantage.


3. Lack of control over the supply chain for cannabis entrepreneurs.

When you’re just distributing and representing, you have little control over the form and details of the product. What you receive are products manufactured by suppliers, not products tailored to you and your targeted customers.


4. Your cannabis vaporizer business lacks brand awareness.

When you’re selling products that others can sell, what sets you apart? If you can’t provide something unique, your brand will be forgotten. Developing your own products gives you the opportunity to overcome these limitations and turn them into huge opportunities.


Everyone knows the headaches and frustrations that come with product development. However, if you understand your customers and competitors, taking the time to develop and launch your own products has potential.




Why not bring something new to the cannabis community?




It’s well known that you engage in business activities to make money and succeed, which is itself an ambitious endeavor. But what if there were higher demands on cannabis entrepreneurs?


If you could leave your mark on the world by building a truly outstanding cannabis vape business, providing excellent cannabis vape equipment, adhering to high business standards, or just doing what you’re good at?


You can even bring something alternative to the cannabis community, completely changing the game. Without originality, none of this is possible, let alone making your work more interesting.


When you run a business, it’s hard to find time to be creative. But doing so adds more value to your work and everything it affects by maintaining originality.




Build Your Unique Product with Artrix’s Original Product Solutions



100% Exclusivity with 0 Cost: Artrix 1+9 Exclusive Product Services



Artrix 1+9 Exclusive Product Service is designed for small and medium cannabis businesses. Artrix’s product R&D team generates 9 distinct design schemes for each of its cannabis vapes. Cannabis entrepreneurs can choose the one that best aligns with their preferences and objectives to become its sole agent with 0 costs.


Through this service, cannabis brands minimize cannabis product development and design costs, achieving original cannabis hardware to improve product competitiveness and brand identity.



Artrix 3-in-1 ODM Solution for Your Business Success



Artrix is revolutionizing the ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) application in cannabis vape. True ODM solution should encompass the entire lifecycle of a product, from its initial conception to its ultimate utilization.


From market analysis and insights, product solution and delivery, to custom marketing supports, Artrix ODM service helps you to achieve new levels of product identity, quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

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