Industry Insight By Jolin Zhou|23 May 2024

SK8: Early Entry Tactics in the Delta-9 2g Disposable Market

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The Delta-9 2g disposable vape market is experiencing exponential growth, presenting lucrative opportunities for industry players. According to insights from Artrix’s product team, early entry into this segment can yield substantial brand recognition and market dominance.



In this article, we delve into a case study of the three significant disposable vape brands, analyzing their market performance and exploring the burgeoning opportunities for SK8 in the 2g large-capacity segment.




Case Study: 3 Leading Disposable Vape Brands



Firstly, let’s see what the market performance is for disposable vape pen leaders:






Established in 2014 and based in Los Angeles, Bloom specializes in top-tier vape pens and curated cannabis strains. Its distinct visual identity, featuring bold red tones, sets it apart from competitors. Bloom dominates the disposable category, with sales in California skyrocketing from approximately 1.88 million units in January 2024 to over 2.2 million units in April 2024.



bloom disposable




Notably, the Banana Splitz Live Resin Disposable (1 gram) emerged as the top-selling product, with 3131.0 units sold. The Artrix team noted Bloom’s significant market traction following the launch of its 0.5g disposable surfboard-shaped product. This success paved the way for upgrades to 1g large-capacity D9 products, signaling a key market trend towards larger capacity vapes.






As a premier cannabis lifestyle brand under Curaleaf, Select holds sway in 15 U.S. states. In the vape pen sector, particularly in Arizona, Select maintains a formidable position, consistently ranking between first and second place from January to April 2024.



select disposable




The Artrix team observed a surge in sales of the Delta-9 2g disposable product “Essentials Briq – Clementine BDT Distillate Disposable,” from $200,000 to $400,000, with market share climbing from over 5.0% to slightly above 9.0%.






packwoods disposable




Packwoods, a Los Angeles-based cannabis company, garnered global attention since its 2017 inception. The Sour Gushers Live Resin Packspod Disposable (2g) remains the best-selling product, with sales hitting 5730 units in April 2024. Data mining by the Artrix team revealed a significant uptick in sales revenue and market share for this product, reflecting heightened demand for large-capacity options in the D9 THC market.




Unlocking Opportunities with Delta-9 2g Disposable Vape Pens




Early Entry Strategies in the D9 2g Disposable Vape Market



Firstly, the rising trend in the D9 disposable capacity market presents a timely opportunity for companies to introduce differentiated 2g products. By doing so, they can capture market share and establish a strong presence in the minds of consumers. Early entrants in this space stand to gain significant brand recognition and first-mover advantage, crucial for long-term market dominance.



Standing Out with Unique Designs



The current market is full of similar box-shaped designs, causing visual fatigue and reducing consumer selectivity. Bloom’s surfboard-like design stands out. The brand promotes an atmosphere favored by Gen Z, making it visually appealing and cool.



Introducing unique designs, such as skateboard-shaped devices, can attract consumers who value aesthetics and distinctiveness. This differentiation helps brands stand out in a crowded market, increasing brand recognition and purchase intent. It provides a competitive advantage.




Postless Technology and the Future of 2g Disposable Vapes


Finally, Postless technology, which reduces oil-metal contact for a healthier user experience, is gaining traction. This is especially true among younger consumers. Companies pioneering 2g postless products can capitalize on this trend. Leading with innovation attracts consumer interest, increases brand exposure, and establishes market leadership through technological advancements.



SK8 Disposable




SK8: Leads the 2 Gram D9 Wave




Based on the opportunities analyzed by our Artrix team for the large-capacity disposable market, Artrix has launched the SK8, revolutionizing the disposable vape market with its pioneering postless 2g large-capacity devices.



In a market lacking 2g postless slim options, SK8 has set a new benchmark. It merges cutting-edge postless technology with growing demand for large-capacity D9 products. This innovation elevates product performance and fortifies SK8’s competitive edge. It positions SK8 as a frontrunner with significant development potential.



The SK8’s skateboard-shaped design sets it apart from conventional box-shaped products. It offers a thinner, smoother profile catering to users’ covert needs. This unique design enhances user experience and discretion, making it ideal for music festivals and urban environments. Furthermore, SK8 allows for highly personalized CMF (Color, Material, and Finish) design space. It is tailored to meet the customization demands of discerning brands.