Industry Insight By Jolin Zhou|23 April 2024

Disposable Vape with Screen: Are They Better?

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Technology is increasingly woven into our everyday lives, with the vaping industry keeping pace through innovations like disposable vape with screen. During these growth phases, founders must monitor their unit economics and profit margins closely. We often hear them ask: How can I leverage the value of tech features? And, are customers willing to pay for digital screens, and if so, how much?



As we delve into the early development of smart disposable with display screen with large-capacity d9 THC displays, we see substantial market potential. This blog outlines our method for evaluating the market potential of such products. We also describe how we support companies looking to expand these product lines, helping you align your business strategy with current market trends.




Evaluating Digital Screen Disposable Vapes: Early Usage and Customer Personas




Founders are still figuring out what value disposable vapes with screens deliver to customers and how much they cost. And the best place to start is to understand that early usage and customer personas can give insight into both of these questions, as with any market research and product positioning exercise.



Beta and Early Usage



For beta and early usage, you want to understand which customers are using your product, how often, how much it costs you to serve them, and how much they’re willing to pay for a digita screen feature. For instance, it’s important to dig into the following:



– Does it increase your total addressable market (TAM)? (e.g., were you previously serving 10 customers and can now serve 100?)


– Does your display-screen vape pen increase conversion from a free to a paid tier, or a higher paid tier?


– Does your product have a base of power users who account for the majority of the feature’s use?



One note here: Disposable vapes with screens are surprisingly affordable compared to those without screens.




Disposable vapes with screens are surprisingly affordable





The nicotine vaporizer market offers key insights for the large-capacity cannabis market. Let’s look at the price comparison between nicotine vaporizers with screens and those without:



According to VapeSourcing data, vaporizers with screens average 11,576 puffs and cost $15.59, equating to about $0.0013 per puff. In contrast, screenless vaporizers average 7,584 puffs, priced at $15.25, costing approximately $0.002 per puff.



This price analysis shows little overall price difference between the two types. However, per puff, vaporizers with screens are more cost-effective.



In a highly competitive market, this cost advantage is likely to boost the market presence and demand for screen-equipped vaporizers.



Customer Personas


Understanding your customer personas involves distinguishing who sees the value in the smart screen feature of digital screen disposable vapes and who does not. Not all customers may appreciate this feature equally, and identifying those who do can significantly impact your marketing and sales strategy.



To gain deeper insights into customer personas and segments for digital screens on disposable vapes, consider employing a mix of interviews, surveys, and sales team feedback:



Interviews. When your customer base is relatively small, conducting in-depth interviews can reveal who is most interested in disposable vape with screens. These discussions can also uncover future product preferences and needs.


Surveys. For a broader customer base, surveys can help identify which new features are most valued, such as the digital screen on disposable vapes. This data can then be linked to specific segments, tailoring your vape product development more accurately.


Sales team data. Your sales team talks to customers day in and day out, which means they usually have a great read on what features different types of customers need in order to be successful with your product.



One note here: according to feedback from Artrix’s user research and sales teams regarding the disposable vape pen with a digital screen, we’ve learned that:



– Cannabis users, particularly in the d9 THC market, often prefer vaping devices that are built for long-term use (typically those of 2g or more) and are more likely to opt for devices with display screens.


– These users value screens that show adjustable settings like voltage, battery life, and puff count. This precise information enhances interaction and user experience by reducing uncertainty.


– Users of cannabis vaporizers appreciate being able to track their intake and dosage, monitor battery levels for timely recharging, and value the convenience and functionality of a disposable vape with screen.




Two Market Positioning and Strategies for Digital Screen Disposables



This part of the exercise is qualitative and vision-oriented. Maybe only a subset of your customers are excited about disposable with display screen right now. Or maybe you’re still determining how disposable with display screen will benefit your customers.



Core Requirement


If enterprise research indicates that all target customers view a digital screen on disposable vapes as a core need, and early usage data suggests that this feature significantly boosts adoption and conversion, it makes sense to integrate it as a fundamental part of your product offering.



In fact, the large-capacity cannabis vaping market has particularly embraced digital displays, which offer deeper usage insights and cater to users desiring clear, manageable vaping sessions. Data from Artrix Info Bank reveals that devices with capacities of 2g or more, particularly 2g and 3g models, now make up 86% of the market with screen features. This means that users place value on devices that enhance control and visibility, making digital screens a highly sought-after feature.








Artrix has responded to this demand with the introduction of Bubble, notable for its precise temperature control and clear screen that informs users about the temperature and battery status. This eradicates the uncertainty often associated with vaping, allowing for a more controlled and enjoyable experience.



The Bubble’s ability to produce consistent, flavorful vapor clouds and its versatility with five different capacities (2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 5ml) set it apart in a competitive market. As digital displays continue to enhance the user-friendliness of disposable vapes, they are likely to influence pricing strategies across the industry, reflecting their added value.



Upgrade Requirement


Considering your digital screen on disposable a desirable upgrade rather than a necessity, it can act as a powerful upsell tool, appealing to a broad segment of customers.








Consider the case of Clicko, which exemplifies the impact of integrating a digital display. Clicko’s interactive digital display immediately provides essential information such as preheat status and battery levels. The user-friendly design features button controls for precise adjustments in settings such as gear, heating, and puff duration, while also incorporating protections against over-inhalation. Its versatility is further highlighted by the various capacity options available (1ml, 2ml, or 3ml), all encased in a stylish, sleek frame. Additionally, Clicko allows for personal customization of the display, enabling users to showcase brand logos or unique icons like a charming little rocket, adding a personal touch to the device.



This approach not only enhances the product’s appeal but also drives customers towards higher pricing tiers, helping to offset the costs associated with incorporating the digital screen. By framing the digital display as a premium upgrade, companies can leverage it to boost conversions and achieve a better return on investment.




How will disposable with display screens evolve?




With the smart device spending population growing and their spending habits favoring tech, the cannabis vape industry is primed for continued growth, driving the demand for further smart tech innovation.



“Given that a very large number of digital natives also happen to be cannabis vapers, and they already use connected devices such as watches that monitor activity, it’s only natural that they would want to leverage the same benefits for their cannabis vaping,” explains Jessy, chief product officer of Artrix. “In turn, the area of the display screen on disposables vape will see an explosion in demand for these devices to monitor better and manage their overall user journey and well-being.”