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2024 Christmas Cannabis Gift : Top 5 Disposable Cannabis Vape

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If you’re a Gen Z cannabis enthusiast into cannabinoids, you’re probably familiar with disposable vapes. They’re super easy to get and a cost-effective option, saving you from the hassle of cleaning. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned user looking for a travel-friendly option, disposable vapes offer a convenient and quick high and relaxation. With the holiday season approaching, these disposable vapes also make fantastic Christmas gifts, combining the joy of cannabis with the spirit of giving. Not only are these vapes a hit with consumers, but they also provide a satisfying cannabis experience. With their vaporization effect, portability, and unique design, disposable vapes are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to try out different cannabinoids. Available in sizes from 0.3ml to 1.0ml and at affordable prices, they make for a fantastic gift option.



With so many cannabis vaporizer brands to choose from, Gen Z users can find the perfect disposable vape that combines the joy of cannabis with the spirit of giving this holiday season. As Gen Z cannabis vape users who value multiculturalism, they not only want a disposable vape that gets the job done but also one that’s trendy and unique. By analyzing Gen Z cannabis consumption trends and industry data, we’ve compiled a list of 5 popular cannabis disposable vapes in North America for 2023. Trust us, there’s something on this list that will make a fantastic Christmas gift!








ccell disposable cannabis vape cannabis gift

Images from CCELL



– Size: 97.8*22.3*10.8 (mm)
– Oil Tank Volume: 1.0ml
– Battery Capacity: 350mAh
– Charging port: Micro-USB



Product Overview

CCELL’s disposable vape is well-known for its unique combination of a large capacity and compact size. Although the 1ml tank volume may not be considered as substantial compared to other disposable vapes presently on the market, it was a significant capacity for 2021 when CCELL’s Listo was first released. Furthermore, it continues to deliver a durable battery life that exceeds most disposable vapes in 2023. The convenient bottom LED indicator allows users to easily monitor the battery level while enjoying their vaping. The transparent oil window enables cannabis vape enthusiasts to effortlessly track the remaining cannabis extracts in real-time.



When it comes to vaporization performance, Listo utilizes CCELL’s classic ceramic heating element, ensuring potent and consistent vaporization. However, it should be noted that Listo still employs a Micro-USB interface, which may be slightly less convenient in the present era where Type-C interfaces have gained popularity and are widely used. Additionally, Listo’s overall design features a rounded shape, which CCELL describes as “distinctive elegance,” although some may find it cuter in appearance.



Since Listo is a product that was introduced 3 years ago, the outdated design style may not appeal to Gen Z and raise another concern: clogging problems. Many popular disposable products on the market now include a dual airflow design to address the issue of cannabis oil clogging in cold weather. However, Listo does not have an active button or a dual airflow design. When the clogging issue occurs due to low temperatures or extended periods of non-use, users have no choice but to stop using Listo, resulting in significant waste for cannabis users.





Artrix Sip



Artrix SIP disposable cannabis vape



– Size: 100*17.5*9.4(mm)
– Oil Tank Volume: 1.0ml
– Battery Capacity: 320mAh
– Charging port: Type-C



Product Overview

Sip is an innovative disposable vape introduced by Artrix in 2023. It stands out with its sleek and simplified design, as well as its lightweight and portable build. The compact mouthpiece and bottom indicator LED contribute to its visually distinctive appearance. Unlike other disposable vapes, Sip incorporates rectangular oil windows on both sides, with a cleverly hidden front oil window design for a more seamless aesthetic. These oil windows allow users to conveniently monitor the remaining amount of cannabis extracts from both sides. Moreover, Sip utilizes a dual airflow design structure to tackle common problems related to cannabis oil blockage effectively.



Notably, Sip is equipped with a Type-C charging interface and a 320mAh battery capacity, providing assurance for its 1.0ml oil tank volume and alleviating concerns about battery life. The minimalist design, ease of use, excellent portability and ability to be discreetly concealed in the hand make Sip an ideal choice for cannabis vaping users. Moreover, Sip utilizes Artrix’s cutting-edge ceramic atomizer core, which ensures a consistent vaporization effect and an authentic flavor reproduction of cannabis extracts. As Sip can be enjoyed in a variety of settings and its elegant design makes it suitable for consumers of different genders and ages, it’s a must-have disposable vape for all cannabis enthusiasts.





Cilicon Solo 1



cilicon disposable vape



– Size: 97.7*19.1*8.1(mm)
– Oil Tank Volume: 0.5/1.0ml
– Battery Capacity: 280mAh
– Charging port: Micro-USB



Product Overview


Cilicon’s SOLO 1, launched in mid-2021, is specifically targeted at new cannabis vape pen users, emphasizing simplicity and ease of use for beginners. The impressive sales volume after its launch demonstrates the high demand in the market for a minimalist disposable vape pen. In terms of tank volume, the SOLO 1 offers two user-friendly options: 0.5ml and 1ml. This product also features a V-shaped oil tank design that allows cannabis users to conserve and effectively use all of their cannabis extracts. In addition, it incorporates Cilicon’s unique BioBaleen design, which effectively addresses the issue of cannabis oil spit-back. However, some users may have concerns about the battery life when using a 1ml tank volume after a single charge, as the battery capacity is only 280mAh.



The design of the SOLO 1 is also sleek and confident. Aside from the slightly rounded edges on the mouthpiece, the overall product design follows a straightforward approach, showcasing a hexagonal oil window and clean lines, resulting in a more professional and sophisticated appearance. However, this product has been launched for 2 years, which may appear outdated to Gen Z, who value freedom and fashion. The Solo 1 still utilizes the same plastic housing with an anodized finish, as it did upon its first release. In contrast, many popular products nowadays feature a matte rubber coating. As a result, this product may feel average or even cheap in comparison.




ikrusher Tik Pro mini






– Size: 90.46*20*12(mm)
– Oil Tank Volume: 0.5 ml
– Battery Capacity: 210mAh
– Charging port: Micro-USB



Product Overview


The iKrusher Tik Pro mini stands out from other disposable vapes with its unique housing design. Instead of the usual metal or PC housing, it features a distinctive rubber matte coating. This coating provides users with a satisfying tactile sensation upon first use. The large oil window design allows cannabis users to easily check the oil level. In addition, this product is exceptionally small, measuring only 90mm in length. It is even smaller than most flat disposable vapes on the market, making it perfect for discreet vaping.


Furthermore, the iKrusher Tik Pro mini is designed with dual airways to prevent clogging issues in vaping. However, it is important to note that its battery capacity is only 210mAh. While this should not be a major concern given the 0.5ml oil tank volume, the airflow and ease of inhalation may be slightly disappointing when the battery is low. A user has commented on iKrusher’s official website reviews: “I have smoked many different disposable vapes…, this is better than most disposable vapes but… I was very disappointed with the airflow and how hard it was to hit.”





Ispire LVL One



ispire disposable vape


– Size: 94*16*8.5(mm)
– Oil Tank Volume: 0.5/1.0ml
– Battery Capacity: 280mAh
– Charging port: Micro-USB



Product Overview


The LVL One disposable vape from Ispire has a unique and eye-catching design. Its straight and flat body, combined with a drop-shaped oil window, gives it a distinct appearance. The device’s outer housing is made of durable aluminum alloy, which adds to its rugged style. This innovative and cool design is what sets Ispire apart and provides a special experience for our customers.


This disposable vape uses Ispire’s TerpTech atomizer core, which focuses on delivering great vapor flavor while maintaining efficient vaporization. It offers users a quick and convenient way to enjoy cannabis extracts while immersing themselves in the rich cannabis terpene experience. However, one thing to keep in mind is the battery life of the LVL One. With a 280mAh battery capacity and a 1.0ml oil tank, you may have concerns about its performance when the battery is low or running out of power.


How Are the Popular Brands Engaging Gen Z Disposable Vape Choice?
Overall, these five highly sought-after disposable vape devices have incorporated innovative designs to meet the preferences of Gen Z users. Gen Z users value variety and desire a personalized appearance for their disposable vapes. These products have opted for a simple and elegant design with no extract buttons. Their user-friendly inheal active method minimizes the learning curve for novice Gen Z cannabis extract users, allowing them to start using these disposable vapes right after purchase.



These products offer an average oil tank capacity of 0.5ml to 1.0ml. Providing a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way for Gen Z users who are unsure about the suitability of CBD or HHC to give it a try. Moreover, the quality of these disposable vape devices is highly reliable. They feature a consistent, food-grade mouthpiece and are made from durable, lightweight, and fairly sturdy materials. This reduces the likelihood of accidental damage during use, especially for Gen Z users who enjoy outdoor activities and may accidentally collide with their disposable vapes. It is important to highlight that while there may be many unknown small manufacturers without brand credibility offering cheap disposable vapes to brand owners, as mentioned above, trusted brands like the ones mentioned above are more reliable when it comes to product quality due to their extensive manufacturing expertise. For example, Artrix has its own Product Quality Standard System, which improves manufacturing accuracy and structural stability through 13 Detailed Standards from 4 Product Aspects. This system ensures a longer-lasting and superior cannabis vaping experience for consumers.




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