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How to Break the Misunderstanding of 0.84g Capacity from Ohio Cannabis Vapers?

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0.84g: The Consumer Trap for Ohio’s Cannabis Brand?




“Why do I get 15% less product for almost the same price?” This is a common question from a real Ohio cannabis vape consumer.


Many Ohio cannabis users are puzzled by the prevalent 0.84g product capacity in the market. Some even suspect it’s a tactic for merchants to increase profits by selling less product for the same price. Geographically close to Michigan, where recreational cannabis was legalized earlier, many Ohio users used to buy 1g vape products there, which adds to their frustration.



Why 0.84g?



In reality, the 0.84g capacity is calculated based on Ohio’s cannabis regulations. Ohio’s policies impose two main restrictions. First, there’s a limit on the daily purchase amount for cannabis consumers. Each consumer can buy an average of 590mg of product per day, with a 10% allowance for overage, making the maximum daily purchase 649mg of THC vape products. Secondly, the THC percentage of cannabis vape products cannot exceed 77% in Ohio cannabis market.


Given this, if a consumer wants to buy a vape product with the maximum THC content of 77% every day, the best capacity under the daily purchase limit is 0.84g (649mg divided by 77%). Therefore, consumers who desire to buy maximum THC percentage vape would face two options in shopping decisions. Buy a 1g product with 77% THC content in two days, or buy a 0.84g vape with 77% THC content every day.




ohio 0.84g cannabis vape consumption




From a product marketing perspective, educating consumers about Ohio’s cannabis regulations and precisely calculating that 0.84g is the optimal capacity based on THC content and daily THC purchase limits is a long-term, challenging, and costly effort.


However, rather than correcting a stereotype, introducing a new concept is a simpler and more effective marketing strategy.




1.68g: Introducing Large Capacity Cannabis Vapes to Stimulate Ohio User Consumption




Now, Ohio cannabis brands have a straightforward solution to change users’ perception—introduce 1.68g large capacity vape products. In fact, the current 0.84g products are gradually failing to meet user needs. As product prices continue to drop, the demand for larger capacity products is rising.


On one hand, users want larger capacity and higher value products without the hassle of understanding regulations and making repeated calculations during purchase decisions. On the other hand, cannabis brands aim to increase repurchase frequency, allowing consumers to buy the most product within their limits.


Thus, the 1.68g product, meeting a two-day supply, is a win-win solution. Select’s 1.68g disposable has proven the feasibility of this large capacity concept, becoming one of Ohio’s best-selling products recently. In Q1 2024, its sales exceeded $4 million in Ohio, surpassing its 1g and 0.84g products.



select 1.68g cannabis vape




Large Capacity Vapes: More Design Potential & Cost-Effectiveness



Additionally, the current Ohio cannabis vape market is quite monotonous, with pod products dominated by Lusterpods, and 510 products being uniform. Disposable products are mostly pen-shaped or flat. Thus, uniquely shaped, cost-effective 1.68g products have the most potential in this market. You can consider:




Artrix discreet vapes with the big capacity





Wavvy is a discreet vape with two capacity options, 1g and 2g. The go-to for every young wave-rider. Tap into the heart of young trend followers with its modern, stylish sawtooth design that echoes sesh with vibe.



Through inner-structure streamlining, our customizable Cubox redefines design compactness. Its innovative air-channel system replaces the traditional central tube, resulting in a sleek and adorable device that’s easy to conceal.



Lilmon is the creative companion for any occasion. This stunning mini device offers multiple capacity customization possibilities, including 1.68 grams. Its box-shape outlook will definitely catch the eye.



The trendy skateboard-shaped vape invites a smooth, stylish ride with every puff. Leading the recreational market with a bold 1.68-gram capacity, it also meets your other needs. Setting trends with its postless design in the new market.




Artrix Empowers Your Sale-Out with Free Marketing Support




Business success requires not only potential large capacity devices but also precise marketing promotion to build user connections and trust. Artrix provides free marketing support for all partner clients, including product marketing materials, advertising design, event planning, and more.



We help Ohio cannabis brands:


1. Break the stereotype of 0.84g being a consumer trap with professional and engaging marketing content.


2. Promote products through proven marketing channels and methods.


3. Educate customers to form correct market perceptions.


Artrix offers not just product solutions, but business solutions. Contact us to secure a strong position in the booming Ohio cannabis market.

Author: Sussi Liu
Sussi Liu is a seasoned marketing expert in the cannabis industry, with extensive knowledge of the international cannabis vaporizer supply chain and the North American cannabis consumer market. She has a long history of writing commentary articles for the cannabis industry, covering market analysis, cannabis education, product insights, and more. Her articles have been featured in prominent media platforms such as MJBizDaily, Benzinga, Ganjapreneur, and HoneySuckle. She has also held marketing positions at Cilicon and Artrix, where she promoted brands and their cannabis vaporization products and technologies.
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