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Redefining Cost-Effectiveness for Gen Z: Xlite Balances Smart Features and Affordability

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Gen Z, born between 1995 and 2009, are the natives of the digital age. They grew up during the rapid development of the internet and smart technology. , With a unique preference for smart technology and lifestyles, Gen Z’s cannabis vaping consumer perceptions and lifestyles greatly differ from previous generations. Therefore, understanding the consumption habits and preferences of the Gen Z group is of significance for the design and sales of smart cannabis vaporization devices.


As these young people gradually approach the lawful age of cannabis usage, cannabis vape hardware becomes a new Gen Z fashion. Recent data reveals that within the cannabis market, Gen Z and Millennials make up 62.8% of all cannabis sales and 70.8% of all vape pen sales. To form a comprehensive understanding of Gen Z cannabis users in North America, we should learn about their lifestyles, economic choices, mental health needs, and group identity. These factors will help to clarify the reasons for the increasing cannabis vaping consumption trend.


Gen Z’s Consumption Characteristics in the Cannabis Market




The characteristics of Gen Z are immersion in a technology-driven, entertainment-centered lifestyle. Living in an era of information overload, Gen Z is influenced by a large number of the latest technology products and entertainment content. Their daily lives are intertwined with a highly advanced technological environment. Digital technology also shapes their perception and experience. This may explain why older, experienced cannabis users often prefer traditional methods, such as flowers, pre-roll, and dabbing. Meanwhile, younger Gen Z are more willing to accept cannabis vaping.




smart pod xlite-Gen Z‘s Cannabis Vaping




Gen Z’s Close Connection with Smart Technology



Due to the uniqueness of their growth era, most Gen Z users have one or more smart devices accompanying their growth. Compared to users of other age groups, their lives are closer with smart technology. From smart wearables and entertainment devices in life to learning, socializing, and other aspects. Smart devices have penetrated every aspect of Gen Z’s lives.


When this characteristic is extended to cannabis vaping, it can be observed that smart vaping devices are gradually becoming the new favorite of young people. These smart vaping devices not only provide a more convenient, personalized user experience. But also achieve more precise temperature control, power adjustment, and overdose reminder through a smart control system. This improves the safety and comfort of use. In addition, some smart vaporization devices are equipped with smart sensors and data analysis functions, which can monitor the user’s usage and health status in real time. And provide personalized cannabis usage advice and guidance, helping users manage their cannabis vaping better.


Gen Z Requires More Stimulation from Cannabis Vape



Gen Z’s preferences for cannabis vaping revolve around affordability, convenience in terms of purchase location and channel, portability, and discretion. Beyond these practical aspects, they are looking for products that provide a stimulating experience. Here, the term “stimulating” refers to Gen Z’s desire for adventurous and interesting experiences. The variations in the flavor and terpene of cannabis products can provide different sensations. This allows Gen Z to enjoy the chance to try something distinctive. Gen Z users want their cannabis vaping sessions to be an adventure, an exploration of flavors and sensations. The diverse flavors and fresh sensory stimulation align with their quest for excitement and new experiences.


Aesthetic-Oriented: Visual Appeal Plays an Important Role



Aesthetic considerations also play a significant role in Gen Z’s product choices. This is a visually oriented generation that seeks products with a great experience. And they also require the product to look stylish and appealing. Gen Z highly values cannabis vapes that can serve as identity recognition while delivering a satisfying hit.


Economic Factors for Gen Z’s Consumption Decisions



Gen Z’s consumption patterns exhibit lower brand loyalty and greater sensitivity to high-priced products. At present, they are typically students or new entrants to the workforce and may be engaged in freelance work. Most of the Gen Z have not yet achieved financial stability enjoyed by the Millennials and Gen Xers. As a result, Gen Z’s approach to cannabis products has evolved to be more pragmatic and price-sensitive.


As economic uncertainty looms, cannabis vaping users have become increasingly conscious of their spending habits, and that includes their choices within the cannabis market. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z shows less brand loyalty. This group is more inclined to make purchasing decisions based on their individual research and online community interactions. They tend to prefer innovative or trendy products over traditional options.


This shift towards a value-conscious mindset has been particularly pronounced. As they navigate financial challenges, such as student loan debt and a competitive job market. This economic pragmatism extends to their cannabis consumption habits, where they seek products that provide the best value for their hard-earned money. This demographic’s ability to adapt and evolve their preferences in response to changing economic conditions demonstrates their flexibility and resourcefulness as consumers.


Analysis of Gen Z’s Smart Vaping Product Needs




From Gen Z’s consumption habits and preferences for smart technology and smart lifestyles, we can effectively deconstruct what kind of intelligent cannabis vaporization device Gen Z needs.




Gen Z‘s Cannabis Vaping - Artrix Xlite




1. Multifunctional Device:


Gen Z pursues multifunctional devices. They want one device to meet multiple needs, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. These specialized, multi-capable devices can save time and energy and improve life efficiency. Therefore, a smart cannabis vape should not only provide basic vaping functions but also need more diverse features.


2. Simplified Interaction Method:


Due to being surrounded by smart devices during their growth, Gen Z pursues more simplified interaction methods. They hope that the operation of the device is simple and easy to understand, quick to get started, and does not require too much learning cost. Touch is the most familiar interaction method they get from smartphones and tablets, so intelligent cannabis vaporization devices should also use touch for interaction.


3. Visualized Touch Feedback:


Gen Z prefers visual feelings, they like visualized touch feedback. For example, on a smartphone, unlock the phone by sliding the screen, or play music by clicking the screen, etc. This visualized touch feedback can make them feel the operation of the device more intuitively and improve the user experience. Therefore, the smart cannabis vaping device should also provide visual feedback for Gen Z cannabis users through visual effects such as lights.


4. Transparent Skeleton Design:


As a group in love with fashion and trends, Gen Z likes products with transparent skeleton designs. This design can make them feel the sense of technology and the futurism of the product. It can bring freshness to Gen Z while effectively capturing their hearts. At the same time, it can make them more confident and proud when using the product.


5. Information Security and Privacy Protection:


Gen Z pays great attention to information security and privacy protection. They wish to keep their personal information safe from leaks and misuse. Therefore, intelligent cannabis vaporization devices should adopt low-information acquisition or no-information acquisition light intelligent devices, allowing them to be used more with ease.


6. High Cost-Performance:


Gen Z is also a generation that pays great attention to the cost-performance of products. A smart cannabis vape that meets the needs of Gen Z, in addition to having the above product characteristics, also needs to be priced in line with Gen Z’s consumption level and ability. Fully consider the needs and preferences of the Gen Z group to improve the market competitiveness of the product.


Xlite: Leading a New Experience in the Trend of Cannabis Pod Vaping




Gen Z’s New Favorite Smart Vaping Pod



From the above habits of Gen Z in smart devices and cannabis consumption, high-end smart pods may not effectively attract Gen Z users in terms of price, operation, appearance, and privacy security. Xlite was born in response. As the world’s first ‘light-smart’ cannabis pod product, it introduced a new concept: light smart. This concept is to retain the most core smart experience and smart interaction, to remove complex and cumbersome parts that are not easy for users to learn and use. Xlite is greatly reducing the learning cost for cannabis users. This can not only effectively grasp consumers’ attention but also bring new opportunities to the cannabis pod market. Xlite is making it easy for cannabis brands to enter the pod market.




xlite - Gen Z‘s Cannabis Vaping




Perfect Balance of Multifunctionality and Cost-Performance for Gen Z’s Cannabis Vaping



Xlite is a product with high-cost performance. It has introduced a positioning and market price vacancy. Unlike traditional non-smart pod vape and high-end smart pod vape represented by Pax. Xlite provides personalized functions without requiring users to connect the pod vape to the mobile App for complex settings. Users just need to insert the pod into the battery to enjoy voltage adjustment. As well as dose control and other personalized vaping experiences.


Xlite not only has smart functions such as dose reminder, and guiding healthy vaping life. It also has preheating and voltage adjustment functions more than regular pods. Hence it allows users to taste different flavors of cannabis products. Furthermore, compared to regular pods, Xlite is a light smart pod vape that can provide users with a “visible” smart vaping experience. Its interaction method is more novel than many pod vapes. Equipped with touch-sensitive voltage adjustment technology, users only need to tap to complete voltage adjustment.


The appearance of Xlite is also unique. Its transparent appearance has a sense of technology, which meets the aesthetic needs of the younger generation for electronic products. In addition, compared to the high price of high-end smart vapes, Xlite has a higher cost performance. It is the first choice for cannabis consumers to upgrade from regular pods to smart pods. It is also the latest innovative pod vape to help cannabis brands expand the cannabis pod market.

Author: Crystal Lan

Crystal Lan, an Artrix content contributor, works with a keen interest in delving into the cultural and business aspects of the cannabis vaping industry. She closely follows industry news and trends, providing a compelling mix of research and practical insights to illuminate and engage.