16 May 2024

An Interview with Jason, Artrix’s KA Manager

Welcome to “Behind the Innovation,” our new LinkedIn series that shines a light on the movers and shakers at Artrix.



Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Jason Lu , our dynamic Key Account Manager and a standout in sales. Jason is deeply committed to fostering strong relationships with hundreds of clients and partners, driving growth and innovation in the vaping industry. Join us as we explore Jason’s journey, the significant impact he’s making, and his ambitious vision for the future of vaping.










Q:Hello Jason! We’re thrilled to have you with us. Can you share a bit about your background?



Thank you for the warm welcome! It’s truly exciting to share my journey here. My career in the vaping industry began with a focus on sales and client management, where I specialized in growing market share and enhancing brand presence. My time at Vaporesso in Spain and Poland, part of the Smoore Group—the world’s largest vaping hardware manufacturer—really refined my skills in key account management and strategic marketing. The innovative spirit and ambitious vision of Artrix drew me in. Here at Artrix, I am not just contributing; I am actively shaping new approaches to delivering cutting-edge cannabis vaping solutions.



Q:Can you name three key words that best describe your personal characteristics and style?


Absolutely, the three key words that best describe my personal characteristics and style would be empatheticadaptive, and persistent. I believe in truly understanding and connecting with each client on a personal level, which calls for a high degree of empathy. My adaptive nature allows me to adjust strategies based on evolving market conditions and client needs, ensuring relevancy and effectiveness. Lastly, persistence is crucial in navigating the often challenging sales landscape to achieve long-term success.




Q:As a key account manager, your role must demand a lot of your time and attention. How do you manage to balance your professional responsibilities with your personal life?


Managing my time effectively is crucial in my role. To keep up with the demands, I make sure to balance work with personal downtime. I love playing basketball and badminton; these sports help me unwind and stay mentally sharp. They’re not just workouts—they’re my escape that refreshes me for the next day. Plus, spending quality time with family and friends keeps me grounded and focused. It’s all about finding that harmony between professional dedication and personal happiness. This balance really powers my ability to perform well at work and build strong relationships with our clients.




Q:What’s your impression of the Artrix team, and what do you think your strengths as a sales professional set you apart from others in the field?


The Artrix team is incredibly dynamic, full of passion and drive to innovate in the cannabis vaping market. My role here is enriched by my extensive understanding of various market dynamics, which allows me to bring a unique blend of global insights and targeted market analyses to our strategy planning. This ensures our strategies are comprehensive yet finely tuned to local preferences.

A great example of this is my project with the Washington market. I noticed a trend among entry-level GEN-Z cannabis users who prefer discreet, palm-sized, disposable vapor products with flavorful distillates. Using this insight, I developed a tailored product portfolio for our client that not only successfully launched but also significantly resonated with these local consumer preferences, helping our client achieve remarkable success with their new offerings.




Q:Since joining Artrix, what has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced, and how have you managed to overcome it?


Adjusting to the demands of an international market has been challenging, especially with late-night meetings due to time zone differences. I’ve adapted by making my daily routine more flexible and incorporating regular physical activity, which helps me stay alert and effective at responding to clients’ needs, no matter the time of day.



Q:What are your main goals and responsibilities at Artrix this year?

My main goal at Artrix this year is to drive growth through innovative strategies and foster strong, lasting relationships with more ambitious friends and clients. It’s thrilling to see our products like DabGoXliteCubox, and Lilmon gaining traction on social media and at events. I focus on building sustainable new partnerships by deeply understanding evolving market needs and aligning our product solutions to help our clients excel. Every day is a new challenge, but it’s incredibly rewarding to see the tangible impact of our work.



Artrix Products


Artrix Products



Q:Artrix offers a diverse range of innovative products. Do you have a personal favorite, and what sets it apart for you?



Choosing a favorite is difficult as all our products are uniquely designed to meet specific market needs. However, the DabGo really stands out. It bridges the gap between traditional dabbing pens and cannabis oil vape pens, revolutionizing the cannabis vaping experience by making it accessible to a broader audience.




Q:What features of the DabGo do you find most appealing, and why?


The simplicity of the DabGo is its most appealing feature. Its user-friendly design allows you to just press a button and inhale, making it accessible and convenient. Its compact size also means you can enjoy a premium dabbing experience on the go.




Q:How does DabGo reflect Artrix’s commitment to quality and innovation, particularly in addressing customer needs?


DabGo is a prime example of how Artrix listens to and addresses customer pain points. Before its introduction, the complexity and high cost of dabbing devices were major barriers. DabGo offers an affordable, easy-to-use alternative, which has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation driven by customer demand.





Artrix Products

Artrix Products




Q:  Looking ahead, what trends or challenges do you see shaping the cannabis vaping industry, and how is Artrix positioned to respond?


The industry is rapidly advancing towards more user-friendly and sustainable products. At Artrix, we are leading these trends with innovations like our smart screen displays, postless designs, and recyclable disposables, which cater to the growing consumer demand for convenience and superior vaping experiences.




Q:  Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or developments at Artrix?


We are excited about the upcoming launch of new products featuring innovative postless structures, including disposables and 510 carts, which promise to enhance the user experience and set new industry trends.





Q:  As Artrix continues to grow, what’s your vision for the company’s future, and how do you see your role evolving?


I envision Artrix becoming a leading name in cannabis vape solutions, known for its relentless innovation and high standards. As we expand, I aim to step into a strategic leadership role, helping to guide our team as we continue to set industry trends and expand our global presence. I look forward to the opportunity to work with many of you, exploring how we can enhance your business with our comprehensive solutions.