Artrix - Social Equity Program

Artrix Social Equity Program (ASEP)
100,000 Units to Support You and Promote Equity

The Whole Story Revolves Around You


From day one, we've been poised to deliver 100,000 pcs 510 carts to social equity business owners in the cannabis hardware industry that need assistance and support. Aiding cannabis business owners in overcoming challenges they face when starting and developing their businesses is at the heart of what we do. Through collaboration with you, our social equity reach and impact continue to expand.

If you're a social equity business owner in need of product support to jumpstart your venture, please complete the ASEP application form for extended assistance.

  • How Artrix supports Social Equity Business in Cannabis Vaping Industry

    Artrix supports Social Equity by providing 510 cartridges and business services in the cannabis vape industry, includes:


    Artrix’s 510 Cartridge ‘Drillor’ for free (minimum quantity is 5k)

    Artrix 3-in-1 business service

    1. Strategy consulting services (valued at $7000)
    2. Info bank access for six months
    3. One regional market report for your targeted market
    4. One set of product marketing resources
    5. Professional oil-filling training resources, including:
    6. Oil-filling operation document
  • Who is eligible for applying ASEP?

    Eligibility: To participate in our Social Equity Program, you must meet one or more of the following qualification criteria:


    Your business is part of an underrepresented group within the cannabis industry. Example includes but not limits to, businesses owned by minorities, women, or disabled veterans.


    You hold an existing social equity license designated by your state agency.


    Your majority-owned business has had cannabis convictions and/or has been negatively impacted by the war on drugs prior to national legalization, with no sales to minors or records of violent crimes.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in applying ASEP's benefits and services,
please fill out the application form.
Apply ASEP Now
Please note: Submitting an application does not guarantee qualification of the program. Our ASEP Application for Driller will be closed at Nov 10, 2023, please submit the application form before it.

Fill out your information, and ARTRIX representative will reach out to you.

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