Cannabis 101 By Jolin Zhou|11 June 2024

Liquid Diamond vs. Live Resin: A Comprehensive Guide

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The advancement in the cannabis industry is accelerating, providing opportunities for industry players to introduce more innovative cannabis products. One of these innovations is the varied forms of cannabis concentrates, including liquid diamond live resin. This product has quickly captured attention due to its pure and potent nature, which many consumers seek.




What is Liquid Diamond Live Resin?




This concentrate is a blend of THCA liquid diamond crystals and high-terpene live resin. The synergy between these components delivers a fresh experience, maintaining the crystals’ purity.




What Makes It Special?




Liquid diamond live resin offers numerous benefits that make it stand out compared to other cannabis concentrates.




#1 Specialized Extraction Process


The extraction begins with fresh cannabis frozen to preserve essential oils, flavors, and crystals. The process includes a hydrocarbon wash that separates terpenes from the THCA oil, followed by crystallization. The reintroduction of terpenes to the crystals ensures a potent and pure product.



#2 Strict Quality Control for High Potency and Purity


Attention to detail and strict quality control are crucial in producing liquid diamond live resin. The goal is to retain the maximum purity and potency of the original cannabis plants. This ensures an intense hit even at a small dose, providing the best cannabis-consuming experience.



#3 Superior Flavor Profile


Liquid diamond live resin excels in potency, purity, and flavor. Fresh cannabis plants enable the concentrate to retain its full flavor profile, closely resembling the original strain. In contrast, other cannabis concentrates, which come from cured and dried plants, often lose significant flavor.



#4 Versatility


This resin can be used in various forms, including smoking, dabbing, edibles, and vaping, offering flexibility in consumption methods.







Live Resin vs. Liquid Diamond: What’s the Difference?




Liquid diamond and live resin are often mentioned together, but what is the difference between live resin and liquid diamond? This section will delve into this matter!



#1 Extraction Methods



The extraction method of this concentrate is more intricate than that of live resin. While this concentrate involves an extensive process of freezing, hydrocarbon washing, and reintroducing terpenes, live resin extraction only requires dipping freshly frozen cannabis plants into a solvent, primarily butane. The extracted solution is then heated to burn off the butane, creating the concentrate.



#2 Potency



Liquid diamond is significantly more potent than live resin. While the THC content of this concentrate can exceed 97%, live resin typically has a THC content ranging from 80-90%.



#3 Flavor Profile



Liquid diamond offers a more intense cannabis consumption experience. However, live resin provides fuller terpene profiles and a more nuanced flavor, making it a better choice for those who prioritize flavor over potency.



Choosing between live resin and liquid diamond can be challenging. It ultimately depends on your preference: Are you a taste adventurer or seeking a more intense psychoactive impact? If you’re a total taste adventurer, live resin might be a better option, while if you seek a pure and potent yet still flavorful experience, you can go for liquid diamond.



Which Should You Choose?



Your preference depends on what you value more: intensity or flavor. While live resin suits those who enjoy deep flavors, this concentrate is ideal for those seeking strength in their experience.



Exploring different cannabis products can help you find what suits you best. Remember to consume responsibly and choose products that align with your preferences, whether it’s the intense impact of liquid diamond or the nuanced flavors of live resin.