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Refilling Your THC Pod System: Feasibility and Safety Considerations

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The buzz surrounding the weed pod machine, commonly referred to as the THC pod system, is justified by its seamless portability for everyday use. Typically, it comprises a THC pod battery affixed to a chamber containing THC oil and connected to a mouthpiece. What’s notable is that many renowned devices feature a draw-activated mechanism, rendering them highly practical. These attributes of the THC pod system swiftly elevate its popularity, particularly among younger consumers.


THC Pod System: Your Long-Term Investment, But Is It Cost-Effective?




Numerous brands aim to engineer top-tier THC pod systems due to their soaring demand and demonstrated brand stickiness. Why is this so? Unless the THC pod system includes a universal 510-threaded connector, most THC pod batteries available can only be matched with pods from the same brand. Consequently, consumers prefer to continue purchasing pods from the same brand rather than investing in a new THC pod battery, which can prove rather costly.


Over time, the cumulative expense of pod repurchasing may become burdensome, considering that each pod typically contains only 1ml of THC oil. This prompts the question: Can you put THC in a vape pod by yourself?







Many individuals have embarked on DIY projects where they attempt to dismantle their THC pod kits, often resulting in damage to their devices. Thus, it is not recommended to do so. Let’s delve into the reasons:


1 Single-Use by Design



It’s essential to note that THC pods are engineered for single use, incorporating tightly sealed compartments with no proper access points. Attempting to force open the THC oil chamber will likely damage the pods instead.


2 Leads to a Diminished Vaping Experience



Even if one manages to successfully access their THC pod, replicating the same vaping experience is nearly impossible. The inferior performance stems from compromised air tightness, resulting in leakage and more frequent clogging.


3 Produces Undesirable Burnt Tastes



In addition to issues with air tightness, repurposing a THC pod attempts to extend the lifespan of the ceramic heating core component, initially designed solely for vaporizing the original THC oil. This can lead to deterioration, improper heating, and the development of burnt tastes.


The Ultimate Solution: Budget-Friendly THC Pod System





Now that it’s apparent that the response to “Can you put weed oil in a vape pod?” is “not advisable,” the appropriate solution is to transition to a cost-effective THC pod system, while a refillable THC pod system may still not be as easily accessible. Our recommendation is Artrix Fitty, your quintessential THC pod kit for daily use.


Not only is it affordable, but Artrix Fitty also surpasses the typical THC pod system. It offers robust size compatibility, extended battery life, an ergonomic mouthpiece, and extra versatility! It provides users with an empty pod that can be filled with not only THC oil but also various other oil types, including live resin, distillates, CBD, HHC, and more.







Filling the pod is fairly effortless, requiring only these easy steps:


1. Insert the oil injection needle into two-thirds of the oil tank.


2. Snap the mouthpiece into the oil tank within the recommended time depending on the consistency of the oil. If it’s as thick as edible oil. You need to snap it in within 90 seconds; if not, the duration doubles to 180 seconds.


3. Let the pod sit still for four hours before use.


4. Take off the silicone rubber case, and voila! You’ll get your daily dose of weed for an ideal two-week span.


Fear not, replacement empty THC pods are readily available at the Artrix store!


Embark on an exceptional and budget-friendly vaporizing journey with Artrix. Reach out to us today!

Author: Crystal Lan

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