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Live Resin Pod VS. Regular Pod: The Guide to Cannabis Pod Vaping

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The thriving world of cannabis consumption has grown the enthusiasm towards pod-based vaporizers. The cannabis pod has become the popular choice for many cannabis aficionados due to its convenience and discreet look. However, not all pods are the same. In this article, we will guide you to differentiate between live resin pods and regular pods to assist you in providing the best suitable cannabis experience.


What is a Cannabis Pod?



A cannabis pod is a pre-filled container of cannabis extract that is used conjointly with a vape pen which is referred to as a cannabis pod vape. Many people praise these vape pens for their effortless plug-and-play mechanism. Users only need to plug in the pod and start to vape.







Live Resin Pod



Live Resin Pods are well known for their ability to preserve the aroma and flavor of fresh cannabis. The term ‘Live Resin’ refers to a method to extract fresh frozen cannabis flowers instead of the dried and cured buds. Such a process maintains a higher level of terpenes and cannabinoids which offer a more pleasant flavor. Resin pod is often associated with a more intense and authentic cannabis experience. It often becomes the go-to option for the connoisseurs.


Regular Pod



Regular pods or distillate pods use cannabis extracts that have been refined and extracted to contain THC or CBD. It often lacks cannabis compounds such as terpenes which may result in a less delightful experience. However, the advantage of a regular pod lies in its ability to maintain a consistent level of THC or CBD concentration to provide a more precise and restrained cannabis vaping experience.


Comparing Live Resin and Regular Pods



1 Potency and Consistency of Live Resin Pods


When it comes to consistency, we can rely on regular pods to lock in the expectation of a more predictable and stable flavor. The distillate pods aim to keep a specific level of THC or CBD in mind to appeal to users who prefer more predictable effects. On the contrary, the Live Resin pods provide a wider range of flavors due to the variation of each fresh cannabis flower.


2 Flavor and Experience


Live resin pods offer a more vivid and richer experience compared to regular pods. The high level of terpene maintained throughout the live extraction process is heavily influences this. Therefore, the resin pod is recommendable for a user who seeks a natural aroma and flavor of cannabis. The Topop Cannabis Pod vape provides a personalized vaping experience with its premium and sleek design coupled with cutting-edge technology.


3 Price



Live Resin pods often come with a premium due to their complex extraction process. On the other hand, the regular pods are generally more affordable.


Which one to choose?



The option between the live resin pod and the regular pod depends on the user’s personal preference and cannabis consumption purposes. If flavor and a wide spectrum of cannabis flower experience are important to you. A live resin pod is the way to go. However, the regular pod could also be the unbeatable choice. If you are looking for an affordable and more straightforward cannabis vaping experience. Especially for beginners.







Live resin pods and regular pods are often debatable options for cannabis enjoyers. By understanding the distinction between those two types of cannabis pods, you can make an informed decision to optimize your vaping experience. Whether you prefer the simplicity of regular pods or the intricacy of live resin pods, our Topop Cannabis pod vape is going to be the perfect solution for you.

Author: Crystal Lan

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