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The Core of the Pod Vape Market Strategy: Pod Vape Battery Marketing is the Key

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In the rapidly developing and competitive global cannabis market, there is a brand that has achieved dazzling results with its pod vape products, STIIIZY. This brand has successfully carved a unique path through pod vape. And it occupies a unique market position in the fiercely competitive cannabis vaporization market. Pod products are lightweight and convenient in material and connection methods. They are more adaptable to the fast-paced lifestyle of today. As the global medical and recreational cannabis industries continue to expand and grow, the overall market share of pod vape products is also showing a positive upward trend. According to Headset’s latest data for 2024 (March 14), vape pen sales in North America reached $4.3 billion. As an important category in vape pens, the future market development of pod vape cannot be underestimated.



Advantages and limitations of Cannabis pod vape




Lightweight and Durable, Favored by Young Users



Adopting the more lightweight and durable PCTG material, pod vape ensures that it will not be easily damaged, even if accidentally dropped. Nowadays, many of the younger generation of vape users like to use cannabis vape products in outdoor parks or during travel. The lightweight, durable, and damage-resistant characteristics of pod vape products make them more suitable for the needs of these users.   The connection method of pod vape is faster. Most of the pod products on the market are connected to the pod vape battery through magnetic attraction. Users only need to align the installation interface roughly, and the pod can easily be automatically attached to the battery. This makes it more convenient and faster to disassemble and replace pods. It meets the needs of some users to switch between different flavors and strains of cannabis products quickly.


Pod Vape Battery: Compatibility Limitation but Also a Breakthrough



However, there are certain limitations to cannabis pod vape. At present, most pod batteries can only be compatible with pod accessories of the same brand. There is currently no unified pod product standard on the vape market. This leads to users having to consider compatibility issues between the pod vape battery and pod when choosing a cannabis pod vape.


If users want to replace pods from different brands, they need to purchase the corresponding brand’s battery. Which undoubtedly increases the user’s cannabis vaping costs. In addition, pod accessories from different brands may vary in design and size. Users need to pay attention to their compatibility with the battery when replacing the pod to avoid damage. This limitation is an obstacle for some cannabis companies to introduce pod products. But, on the other hand, the battery is very critical for promoting pod products. It can even be said that as long as cannabis companies do a good job of marketing and promoting pod battery. They can to a certain extent increase brand user loyalty and firmly grasp a certain user base.







Pod Vape Battery as a Marketing Opportunity




If a cannabis company can operate a pod system product well, this pod system product will continue to bring long-term profit and brand benefits to the cannabis business. In the long run, if a cannabis company can gather a certain number of loyal users through the pod system, the future development prospects of the company will be very optimistic. The loyal users brought by the pod system will bring continuous profits and brand benefits to the company through the continuous repurchase of the pod.


High-Quality Pod Battery is The Key



The introduction of pod vape products needs high-quality requirements for the cannabis extracts and the pod system hardware. Many of the pod batteries on the market now have short lives and are quickly damaged. If a cannabis business wants to guide consumers to repurchase the same pod continuously, a more durable pod vape battery is the basic support. Taking the top brand STIIIZY in the cannabis market as an example. Although it ranks at the forefront in terms of pod system sales, the battery quality control is poor. The chance of buying a substandard battery is as high as 25%. This greatly influences the vaping experience of cannabis users.


If a company wants users to repurchase pods, the quality of cannabis extracts needs to bring a good experience to users during the first purchase. Therefore, bringing continuous long-term profits to the company. Similarly, different cannabis extracts require appropriate vaping temperatures to stimulate the unique terpenes and flavors of cannabis products. This also requires the pod vape battery to act stable in power output.


The key for cannabis brands to make long-term profit from the pod system is simple. The pod vape battery can withstand the user’s long-term test. At present, some pod system products on the cannabis vape market do not have strict production standards. When users insert a pod into the battery, it may shake or fall off due to inappropriate reserved space dimensions. It is deeply affecting the vaping experience of cannabis users. This requires pod vape manufacturers to be more strict in quality control. Artrix has launched the ‘Product Quality Standard System’ to reach a higher compatibility standard for all vape products, and has set ‘4 Product Aspects’ and ‘13 Detailed Standards’. It effectively ensures product quality and makes Artrix’s vape device withstand market tests.


Pod Vape Battery: The Key to Continuous Market Opportunities



The product cost of the cannabis pod system is relatively high. Compared with 510 cartridges, disposable vapes, and other categories, its production cost and marketing costs require more capital investment. If a cannabis business wants to promote pod systems in the next stage of corporate development. Whether it is the cost of product research and development or the cost of promoting the pod vape battery, sufficient funds are needed. This places higher requirements on the cash flow capacity of the cannabis business.


Taking STIIIZY as an example. This brand entered the market early and developed well. The sales volume of its pods is determined by the number of batteries already sold on the market. Therefore, the early promotion of pod batteries is worthy of a large amount of capital investment. However, since the sales channel of the STIIIZY pod vape battery has been well-established. According to survey data from Weedmap, STIIIZY’s pod products are distributed in 14 states in the United States. And they rank first in market share in 8 states, which shows the breadth of STIIIZY’s sales scale.


With the continuous promotion of pod batteries, the total demand for cannabis brands in the cannabis vape market will increase. This is bringing more sales opportunities for pod vape products. At the same time, as consumers’ acceptance and loyalty to pod products increase, it will also bring more market share to the cannabis brand. Therefore, for the cannabis business, promoting pod batteries is not only a long-term investment but also a strategic decision with broad prospects.


Artrix Pod Systems: Compatibility and Cost-effectiveness




Artrix has launched three pod system products. The high-compatibility pod system Fitty; the cost-effective pod system Topop and the smart pod system Xlite (learn more about the advantages of Xlite). Among them, the most suitable pod systems for small and medium cannabis companies are Fitty and Topop. And Xlite is more suitable for cannabis companies to upgrade their smart pod system.


Fitty: Size-for-size Compatibility



The launch of Fitty has surpassed the existing conventions of cannabis pod vape. It has outstanding high compatibility. And it can easily be compatible with popular cannabis pods on the market. Fitty is providing consumers with a cost-effective pod vape product solution. Pod system products are a good way to introduce cannabis extracts to consumers. By improving the compatibility of pods and batteries, cannabis brands can satisfy consumers’ diverse vaping needs through diversified oil flavors. Thus occupy a place in the cannabis pod system market.   Fitty, a pod vape product with strong compatibility, enhances the loyalty of consumers to the brand. While it is also meeting consumers’ urgent need for diverse and compatible products. Fitty itself has excellent quality, reliability, and atomization ability. It also avoids defects in manufacturing processes, product materials, etc. that are common in pod system imitations on the market.




Fitty-good pod vape battery




Topop: A leap in cost-effectiveness



Topop pod combines the convenience and price advantages of disposable vape with the reusability of the pod system. It provides users with an economical and high-quality vaping experience. Topop’s price is comparable to most disposable vape products. This provides users with a highly cost-effective choice. Users can enjoy the advantages of the pod system without increasing too much cost. Allow users to save vaping costs while conveniently obtaining a better vaping experience by replacing pods.


Topop pod uses high-quality food-grade materials and ceramic cores to ensure consistency and high-quality vaporization. Coupled with a lightweight and portable design, it is convenient for users to use anytime and anywhere. Topop can easily fit into a pocket or handbag, and will not bring any extra burden to cannabis users. Its use is very simple, just insert the pod into the pod vape battery, and users then can start vaping. Topop requires no complicated settings or operations, even beginners can easily start vaping.




Topop-good pod vape battery




At the same time, in addition to hardware manufacturing, Artrix also provides business consulting and marketing support for cannabis businesses. After a cannabis business orders Artrix products, it can get these comprehensive services for free. Help cannabis businesses eliminate worries about developing a pod system product line, solve encountered sales bottlenecks, keep up with market trends, and effectively compete for market share with other competitors.

Contact Artrix, and feel the cannabis marketing power brought by the cannabis pod system.

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