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The Rise of Disposable Vapes in Germany

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On Monday, April 1, 2024, Germany’s latest cannabis bill officially came into effect. This is making Germany the largest country in the European Union to legalize recreational marijuana. According to the first step of the new regulations, adults over the age of 18 can now carry 25 grams of dry flowers in Germany and grow up to three marijuana plants at home. These changes have made Germany the country with the most liberal marijuana laws in Europe. Malta and Luxembourg legalized recreational use of marijuana in 2021 and 2023 respectively. But their marijuana consumer base is far less than Germany.


The Future Outlook for German Cannabis Regulations




As the next step in the reform of cannabis regulations, starting from July 1, legal cannabis consumers in Germany will be able to obtain cannabis through “cannabis clubs”. These regulated cannabis consumer associations can have up to 500 registered members. Each legally registered user can purchase up to 50 grams of cannabis per month. According to a report by Agence France-Presse, the president of the German Cannabis Association, Georg Wurth, said that this measure effectively regulated the German cannabis market. After all, before the establishment of legal cannabis clubs, “consumers will not tell the police where they bought cannabis during street checks.” It can be seen that Germany’s cannabis market will develop in a more standardized and sustainable direction. This also means that the cannabis business in Germany will have a lot of room for development and a broad consumer market.




Germany cannabis legalization

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Economic and Business Opportunities Emerged



Although the current regulations and policies limit the economic impact of Germany’s cannabis bill on the adult cannabis consumer market. It still has a positive impact on the entire economic chain of the cannabis industry. For example, cannabis businesses can cooperate with clubs to provide equipment, services, or related facilities. However, due to rising interest rates, inflation, and other economic factors, the cannabis industry is currently facing capital tightening, and slow regulatory progress has further exacerbated this tightening. Hence, the German government has introduced the “Growth Opportunities Act” to deal with these challenges. This bill will facilitate financing for small and medium-sized enterprises through the “Future Financing Act”. Support research and innovation on cannabis products. Simplify the tax system in all aspects of the cannabis industry.


$1 Billion Medical Marijuana Market



How big is the German medical marijuana market? It is estimated that by the end of 2024, Germany’s medical marijuana revenue will reach $1.056 billion. Related surveys show that from 2024 to 2029, the annual growth rate of medical marijuana is expected to be 2.49%. This means that by the end of 2029, the market size of medical marijuana in Germany will reach $1.194 billion. The new German law treats medical marijuana as an ordinary prescription drug, greatly lowering the threshold for patients to use medical marijuana. According to the new law, German medical marijuana no longer needs a special narcotic prescription, simplifying the process for doctors and patients to use medical marijuana. The government expects the number of patients using related drugs to increase by 7 to 10 times.


However, there is a serious shortage of medical marijuana in Germany. Currently, the German government only allows a few companies to grow a limited amount of medical marijuana in the country. This is leading to a serious shortage of supply, which can only be filled by imports. The surge in demand signals the huge commercial potential of German marijuana products and related industrial chains to the global marijuana industry. Some experts suggest that the government should encourage more companies to participate in the cultivation and production of medical marijuana to increase supply capacity. The opening of the German medical marijuana market will bring huge business opportunities to the global cannabis industry. However, before entering this market, companies need to understand Germany’s laws and regulations and regulatory policies and ensure that their products meet German quality and safety standards.


The Legalization of Marijuana Benefits the German Cannabis Vape Industry



Referring to the potential economic impact of the legalization of marijuana in other jurisdictions such as California and Canada, where the marijuana industry is already mature, can provide a better understanding. California has already allocated $15 million to support local equity plans in the cannabis industry. From $350,000 in San Diego County to $1,996,487 in Oakland. Canada will reduce large-scale cultivation businesses, but more small and medium-sized processing factories will produce new types of products with the support of government policies. Some recently emerged small-scale handmade producers are also constantly opening stores.


From the policies of the United States and Canada, it is not difficult to see that the official department has great importance to the sustainable development of the cannabis industry. After obtaining tax profits from the cannabis industry, it will also invest funds in the long-term operation and maintenance of the cannabis industry. Moreover, after legalization, small and medium-sized cannabis brands will have the opportunity to get more policy support. Overall, the future overall trend of Germany’s cannabis market is to develop for the better.


In addition, the legalization of marijuana will also promote technological innovation and product upgrading of the German marijuana vape industry. Enterprises will have more funds and support to invest in research and development. And launch safer, healthier, and environmentally friendly cannabis vape products. At the same time, legalization will also attract more investors to enter the cannabis vape industry, providing more financial support for enterprises. The legalization of cannabis will bring huge development opportunities to Germany’s marijuana vape industry. Cannabis companies should seize the opportunity. Strengthen technological innovation with product upgrading, enhance competitiveness, and achieve sustainable development in the German marijuana market.




Germany cannabis vape cubox




What Kind of Disposable Cannabis Vape Do Young German Users Need?




A BBC report shows that young cannabis users in Germany regard marijuana consumption as a very daily activity. “Some Germans drink beer after work. We just want to smoke marijuana.” Marcel Ritschel said he was celebrating Germany — traditionally a “beer country” — becoming a more marijuana-friendly country.


At the same time, Alexander Poitz of the German Police Union Gewerkschaft der Polizei (GdP) said: “We think the black market sales will be more rampant.” He believes that because growing weed at home requires perseverance and carefulness, demand will quickly exceed legal supply. It will take longer for cannabis clubs to start operating. He claims that criminal networks will adapt and even “infiltrate” social clubs in the long run. While enforcing the law, this will be a “huge” task. But from this, it can be seen that German official departments are also committed to cracking down on black-market marijuana products. This is also a very strong support for cannabis businesses who want to establish a brand and carry out long-term trade.


Young People’s Consumption of Marijuana Is Daily



In busy and crowded cities, the traditional pre-roll may not allow cannabis consumers to enjoy cannabis anytime and anywhere. Marijuana consumers may need to spend more time to find a legal place to smoke pre-roll. The population of big cities is dense, and the living environment is mostly high-rise apartments. Many users cannot have a particularly private cannabis vape smoking environment. The concealed vape form and the marijuana product that increases the sweetness and weakens the cannabis taste are more in line with the needs of this part of users.


Disposable cannabis vape has advantages in convenience and concealment. It will also be popular among young people in Germany like in the United States. Artrix’s Cubox, as the trendsetter of box cannabis vape products, is very close in shape to the common box-shaped e-cigarettes on the market. The small and mini size also makes it easier to hide. If it is paired with cannabis extracts with a light terpen, it is difficult to distinguish whether the user is using an e-cigarette or a cannabis vape.




Germany cannabis disposable vape cubox




Dual Airway: The Innovative Design of Cubox



Cubox innovatively adopts a dual airway and postless airflow system design, making each vape smooth, with satisfied smoke volume and delicate taste. This design not only simplifies the overall contour of the disposable vape but also improves its portability and ease of use. The design of the dual airway can effectively reduce the issues of vape clogging. When cannabis consumers use vape in a cold environment, the single airway design vape will be difficult to recover once the cannabis extracts clogging problem occurs. The dual airway design effectively reduces the clogging problem. It provides cannabis users with a more continuous vaping experience.


This small disposable cannabis vape adopts an intuitive buttonless design, which is simple and convenient to operate. Eliminating unnecessary complex operations ensures a smoother and worry-free experience for marijuana users during use. The overall design of Cubox conforms to ergonomics, with round curves and customizable surface treatment methods, providing unparalleled comfort and personalized touch. The design concept of Cubox pays attention to details and uses etched flat ceramic heating technology inside. This vaporization core improves heating efficiency. It also ensures a pure and consistent cannabis vape usage experience. Bring enhanced enjoyment of relaxation moments to users. In addition, Cubox also has 1 ml and 2 ml oil capacities to choose from, meeting the diverse needs of marijuana consumers.











Artrix also pays attention to the dynamics of the legalization of the German cannabis market. At the upcoming MARY JANE BERLIN EXPO, the Cubox product of Artrix will meet German marijuana consumers offline. Mary Jane has been a well-known cannabis industry event held in Germany since the legalization of marijuana. At this exhibition, Artrix will join cannabis enterprises, investors, policymakers, and consumers from all over the world to focus on the development of cannabis vape in Germany’s future cannabis market. On this platform, Artrix will also display innovative marijuana products to consumers with the collaborating brand Dopera. And establish connections with potential partners and customers.


MARY JANE BERLIN Exhibition Infomation







14.06.2024 – 16.06.2024
FR, 14.06.2024 from 11:00 to 20:00 (exhibitors from 9:00)
SA, 15.06.2024 from 11:00 to 20:00 (exhibitors from 9:00)
SU, 16.06.2024 from 11:00 to 20:00 (exhibitors from 9:00)




Hall 20 B1 Messe Berlin
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Artrix is looking forward to meeting everyone on-site!

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