Tech & Solutions By Jolin Zhou|17 April 2024

Why is Your Vape Leaking and One Way to Prevent It

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Vape leaking in vape devices is an issue that plagues the user experience. This inconvenience is widely reported across platforms like Quora and Reddit, where individuals voice their vexation about disposable vapes betraying their expectation of a mess-free experience.



why is my disposable vape leaking




Users often wonder if a leaking vape pen is safe or if it signals time for a replacement. They look online for advice on handling these issues, spotlighting the vaping industry’s ongoing challenge: improving leak prevention while ensuring device usability.



It’s tough to completely eliminate leakage due to design factors and physical gravity, but improvements can reduce its occurrence. This article delves into the causes of oil leakage in box vape devices and showcases innovative solutions like Artrix’s Lilmon, tailored to address these concerns.




Why is My Vape Leaking?



Despite the popularity of disposable and other types of vape pens, managing occasional vape leaking is crucial for user satisfaction and product reliability. We’ll look at common causes of leakage:



Poor-Quality Vape Pen


Low-quality cartridges are a common cause of THC vape pen oil leakage. Problems during manufacturing, like inadequate thermal conductor materials or designs, can worsen this issue. If the oil is filled at too high a temperature, its increased fluidity can cause leaks, particularly if the cartridge build is poor. It’s wise to check your vape’s quality and consider upgrading to a more dependable, higher-quality option.



Clogged Cartridges


Clogged cartridges are a significant issue in vaping devices, often causing unexpected oil expulsion. Condensation where air enters the atomizer is another concern. This moisture, from hot cannabis oil and breath, can build up and look like a leak, leaving residue on your vape’s battery. Regular device cleaning and choosing models with a dual air pathway can mitigate these issues, ensuring a cleaner, more efficient vape.



The Impact of Temperature and Humidity


Improper storage of a THC vape pen can significantly lead to oil leakage. Seasonal changes, like warmer summer temperatures or cooler indoor conditions, affect your cannabis oil’s viscosity—thicker in cool settings and thinner in warm. To prevent leakage, store your vape pen in a cool, dry place and keep it upright.




Devices should be capped and sealed quickly after filling





Delayed Capping After Filling


Leakage in vaping devices often stems from improper handling during the initial oil filling. Devices should be capped and sealed quickly after filling. Delays can lead to external air pressure pushing the oil into the central tube, causing leaks. Prompt capping and sealing after filling are crucial for maintaining device integrity and preventing leakage.



Improper Capping of the Device


Neglecting to securely cap your vape device can lead to unwanted spillage of vape oil. It’s crucial for maintaining the integrity of your device to ensure that it is always properly sealed or fastened after use, even if only stored temporarily.



For most of the vapers, applying enough force that creates a proper seal is key— without exerting so much pressure that it damages the cartridge. A capping machine can help achieve this precision. Devices like Artrix’s Lilmon benefit from such technologies, boosting their leak-proof capabilities.




Lilmon’s Innovation: Bottom Filling Design to Eliminate Vape Leaking Risks




Artrix’s Lilmon redefines the vape industry with its advanced bottom filling design. This feature directs oil flow downwards, away from central airways, minimizing leakage chances. The innovative design also ensures a stable seal during capping, unlike traditional methods. Additionally, a specialized capping machine enhances the filling and capping processes, doubling the efficiency of bulk injections. Lilmon‘s breakthroughs tackle common leakage issues and set new production standards for cannabis vape devices.



Lilmon's Innovation




At the core of Lilmon’s technology is its mesh ceramic heating element, which when coupled with the option of 1ml, 2ml, or 3ml volumes and a dual air pathway, provides a powerful and seamless vaping experience. This straight-through air pathway differs from the curved central tubes found in conventional devices, allowing for greater vapor production as the mesh ceramic efficiently vaporizes a larger quantity of oil with each draw. These design features not only prevent leakage but also improve the user experience with stronger vapors and smoother draws.