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The New Fashion of Smart Vape Pod, Leading Future of Cannabis Vaping

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With the continuous advancement of technology, intelligent products have permeated all aspects of life. From smartphones, and smart homes to smart pods, smart technology has brought unprecedented convenience and personalized experience to users. If you are a user of the cannabis pod vape, you may have already felt that the cannabis pod vape is also undergoing an intelligent upgrade. Cannabis vape consumers’ demand for higher quality and more personalized experiences is constantly increasing. Conventional vape pod products can only meet basic vaping needs. Vape pods also need to be intelligently upgraded to meet the vaping needs of vape consumers better.




Artrix Fitty




The pod vape system is a popular product. And it has been receiving a lot of attention in the cannabis vape market. It is usually composed of a vape battery and a replaceable pod. The design of pod vape is simple and easy to use, they do not require users to make complicated settings. To start vaping, users only need to insert the pod into the vape battery. The small and portable battery that can be reused, paired with easy-to-install pod cartridges, makes cannabis pod vape a product that combines portability and cost-effectiveness.


What is a Smart Vape Pod?



Smart pods are equipped with technologies to enhance the vaping experience without compromising portability or any other features expected of a cannabis vaping device.




Pax Era smart pod




Unlike conventional non-smart vape pods, smart vape pods are designed to offer users a range of smart features and functionalities. Such as customizable voltage settings, intuitive controls, and real-time monitoring. These devices typically come with a smart chip or processor. It allows them to communicate with smartphones or applications and provides detection data on users’ vaping habits and preferences.


Why Choose a Smart Pod Vape?



There are several compelling reasons to choose a smart vape pod over a traditional one. Firstly, smart vape pods offer enhanced features and control, allowing users to fine-tune their vaping experience based on the specific type of cannabis extract. Therefore, whether using live resin pod, live rosin, or D9 THC extracts, users can have the best vaping experience. Additionally, smart vape pods typically come with safety features, giving users peace of mind in terms of device performance and cannabis vaping control.


Negative Impacts That Smart Pods May Bring



Some high-end smart vape pods need to connect to other devices or applications. This opens up a world full of possibilities for big data. However, it also poses risks for users who value privacy. From data tracking and analysis to social sharing and community participation, these smart vape pods may leak users’ cannabis usage privacy to the entire internet once connected to smartphones.

Some cannabis consumers believe that while Pax’s Bluetooth connectivity and Internet data storage features have great value, they also breed concerns about the risk of privacy data leakage. Although Pax has not yet had any privacy leakage issues, information security has always been the fundamental concern that such interconnected smart devices need to pay attention to.




Pax App for smart pod



When the first BlackBerry was launched or the first iPhone went on sale, people never knew where the future would go. While smartphones bring great convenience, they also generate problems due to the leakage of private data. This is not to say that smart pod vape will change the world like smartphones, but they have already had a significant impact on the cannabis vaping industry.


Smart or Non-smart? This is The Question




Non-smart pods are too basic to meet diverse user needs



Currently, in the cannabis vape market, the representative brand of non-smart pods is STIIIZY. It mainly focuses on basic pod vapes, and STIIIZY pod vape only provides basic vaping and power reminder functions in terms of usage. Users have a relatively poor user experience when using these non-smart pod vapes. They cannot enjoy a more diverse range of cannabis products through voltage adjustment. Nor can they adjust the vaporization effect according to different cannabis strains.


High-end smart pods are complex to operate



On the other hand, in terms of high-end smart pods, usually need to be paired with the App to utilize the intelligent functions. Users need to download this App on their smartphones after purchasing the pod vape, bind their pod vape, and then track and monitor data such as cannabis strains, dose usage, etc.


In today’s world where smartphones contain almost all personal privacy information, it inevitably causes concerns about the leakage of personal privacy. Pax’s smart pod has been steadily growing since 2022, and this demand is gradually increasing. To some extent, this reflects the demand of cannabis users for smart cannabis vapes. However, some users are deterred by Pax’s high prices, and the complex operation required. Such as downloading App and binding pod vape with App. It also blocks some users who pursue a simple user experience. If there is a pod product that can achieve parts of smart user interaction based on affordable prices, it will attract more young user groups.




Pax account register for smart pod




What kind of Smart Vape Pod do Cannabis Users need?




The above analysis indicates that high-end smart pods tend more toward intelligent data tracking. While non-smart Pods (for example STIIIZY) simply enrich the vaping experience through the diversity of cannabis extracts. These Pod vape brands meet the needs of certain consumers to some extent, but they also have limitations. Looking at the overall trend of the cannabis vape market, what consumers want is a pod vape that is multifunctional, easy to operate, has outstanding vaporization performance, and is safe to rely on.




Artrix the new fashion of smart pod




1. Simple Operation:



Many cannabis consumers do not need complex settings and data tracking functions. They need a simple vaping process: press a button or inhale to start enjoying cannabis vaping immediately. This simple operation allows more people to get started easily, especially for those who do not have much experience with electronic products.


2. Multifunctionality:



Beyond simple operations, cannabis consumers also need a device with multiple functions. They hope that this device can provide not simply cannabis vaping function but also other rich features. For example, some consumers also hope that the device can have other functions, such as visual indicator, tap control, dose control reminder, etc., to increase the convenience and fun of using.


3. Excellent Vaporization Performance:



For cannabis consumers, the vaporization effect is important. They need a device that can produce delicate, rich, good-tasting vapor. Therefore, the vaporizer core of the device needs to have a good design and manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the pod vape. In addition, the power and temperature of the device also need to be adjustable to meet the needs of different consumers.


4. Safe and Reliable:



Last but not least, consumers also need a safe and reliable device. They need a device that can guarantee safety and health and will not cause harm. The vape device needs standardized design and quality manufacturing processes to ensure safety. In addition, the device also needs to have a leak-proof design to avoid the danger caused by the leakage of cannabis extracts.




Xlite explosion vision




Reducing flashy designs and focusing on simple operation with multifunctionality, will be the future upgrade direction for smart pod vape. In actual use, the operation of the pod vape must be simple and easy to use. It is also not necessary to link with smartphones for dose control reminders. Only such devices can meet the needs of consumers and allow them to enjoy cannabis vaping.


How Can Cannabis Brands Upgrade The Pod System Smartly?




With the increasing demand for cannabis pod vape, its market is also expanding. To meet the higher and more personalized needs of consumers, it is necessary for cannabis vape brands to introduce smart pod vape products and upgrade consumer’s vaping experience. Smart pod vape can bring users a more convenient and personalized user experience. However, the upgrade of pod vape should not be at the expense of complicating the cannabis user’s operating experience.


Some cannabis vape brands may already sell non-smart pod products. In the face of the situation where STIIIZY pod vape monopolizes the market. Although some cannabis brands have entered the cannabis vape product market through non-smart pod products, they still need to consider further upgrading the pod vape. And improving and optimizing the actual vaping experience for users. To get out of the awkward situation of chaotic competition with other brands, those cannabis vape brands need to open up a new market for smart pod vape. The features provided by Artrix’s latest pod system Xlite, which is superior to non-smart pods, may be the best choice to upgrade pod vape products in the current cannabis market.


Artrix Xlite: The Future of Vape Pod You Can See



Xlite is the latest light intelligent pod vape launched by Artrix. It adopts a unique ‘smart and light‘ concept and brings a more convenient and personalized user experience. Unlike traditional non-smart pod vape STIIIZY and high-end smart pod vape Pax, Xlite provides personalized functions without requiring users to connect the pod vape to the mobile app for complex settings. Users only need to attach the pod to the device to enjoy a variety of personalized vaping experiences such as voltage adjustment and dose control reminders.




Artrix Xlite pod




Xlite, a smart pod brings dose control reminders and guides the benefits. It also features preheat and voltage adjustment functions. These features allow users to enjoy different types of cannabis products. Compared to non-smart pod vapes, Xlite can bring users a visible smart vaping experience. Its interaction method is more novel than many non-smart pod vapes. Xlite is equipped with touch-sensing technology, users only need to tap to complete voltage adjustment. It also has a unique appearance, full of the aesthetics of futurism and technology. The unique appearance design gives Xlite decorative value for playing and highlighting users’ personalities. Its transparent appearance is in line with the aesthetic needs of the younger generation for electronic products. In addition, compared to the high price of Pax’s high-end pod vapes, Xlite has a higher cost performance. Making Xlite the first choice for cannabis users to upgrade from non-smart pods to Xlite.


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