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Seeing is Believing: The Rise of Cannabis Vape with Screen

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Artrix recently launched two cannabis disposable vapes with a screen, Bubble and Clicko. Featuring classic looks that seamlessly blend with your lifestyle, these vapes not only look great but also offer easy access to a plethora of vaporization functions.
CIicko & Bubble disposable vape with screen
While screen displays may not be groundbreaking for consumers in general, they’re certainly revolutionizing the cannabis vaping experience. Incorporating a digital screen into vaping devices has become a trendy new feature, especially among young cannabis vapers. With a display screen, users can not only intuitively understand all changes in the vape but also easily navigate various vaporization functions, making them a hit among young vapers.




Display Screen Leads the Way in Popular Vape Devices




With the rapid growth in demand for cannabis vape products and increasing diversification in cannabis vape hardware, cannabis vapers are demanding more functionality and user experience from their vaping devices. The integration of the screen display stands out as a significant product innovation that enhances user experience. Smart and user-friendly vape with screen gets more attention from young cannabis consumers.



The Popularity of Disposable Vape with a Screen in E-cigs



The combination of LED screens and vaporizers first appeared in the e-cigarette product design arena. Users wanted to know how much e-liquid was left in their vaping devices or avoid dry hits and low battery surprises, leading to the emergence of disposable display screen vapes. The Disposable IC8000 by iJoy Bar was the world’s first disposable vape to feature the display screen design.



disposable vape e-cigs with screen




Since then, many brands have followed suit, offering the latest versions of display screen vapes. For example, Elf Bar introduced their own version, called the Funky Republic Ti7000. The device boasts a design and screen similar to the IC8000. Many e-cig vapers find them not only convenient but also stylish.



The Introduction of Disposable Vape with Screen



Influenced by e-cig trends, more cannabis consumers also want cannabis vaping devices to directly display results and information in vaping. Explore more reasons from our another blog: Why choose a disposable with a screen display. Based on this, Artrix has launched two disposable vapes with screen displays tailored for cannabis consumers—Clicko and Bubble.


These two disposable vapes are carefully crafted based on multifunctional vaporization systems and digital screen displays, not only achieving multi-level heating temperature adjustment and preheating vaporization functions but also solving users’ battery anxiety through battery level display.




Screen Enhances Human-Device Interaction




Clicko and Bubble, representing Cannabis Disposable Vape with Screen, are actually multifunctional cannabis vaporizers with LED screens. They provide clear and accurate screen interfaces, allowing users to intuitively see temperature mode switching, preheating function cycles, and battery status. The information and control provided by the screen exceeds the new level that most normal vaporizers can provide.




Clicko disposable vape with screen




For example, if you are worried about the battery of your vape not being enough for your day’s vaping needs before going out, you can activate Bubble and the screen will directly display the battery status to help users determine if they need to charge.


When you have not vaped for a while and worry about the cannabis oil solidifying and difficult to vaporize, you can start the preheating function of Bubble disposable vape, and the rotating light bar on the screen will directly display the status of the device preheating. When the light bar stops rotating, the preheating is also complete. Users no longer need to silently count the seconds of preheating, the screen will directly display the answer on your vape.


In addition to their outstanding performance in functions and human-machine interaction, Clicko and Bubble also simplify product design and operation, improve the accuracy of vaporization temperature, and provide users with quick, accurate, and outstanding vaporization performance and user experience.




Creating Exclusive Vape with Screen for Cannabis Brands




Clicko and Bubble provide screen design and function customization services for cannabis brand customers free of charge, creating unique disposable vape with screen that is more recognizable.




Bubble disposable vape with screen




However, the customization options and features of these two products are somewhat different. Clicko is a flat-shaped integrated cannabis vape, featuring a square screen. Cannabis brands can customize more interface-displayable content, including brand logos, elements, battery displays, temperature displays, and more.


Bubble, on the other hand, is more compact and rounded, resembling the popular box-shaped disposable product form. Its circular screen design is simpler and more delicate, similar in size to an iPhone camera. It concentrates on displaying the most important functional information for users, such as temperature and battery level. Cannabis brands can design and adjust the temperature according to their own cannabis extracts and even set the preheating time.




Intelligence: The Future of Cannabis Vape Hardware




Many believe that smart devices will be the main direction of development for cannabis vape devices. Although the vape with screen does not necessarily mean it is smart enough. It provides users with basic information about settings and performance without the need for connectivity or smart functionality. Its purpose is to provide users with additional information and help them control their vaping experience.


While cannabis vape with screen may not yet represent intelligent vape products, their popularity is at least an indication of people’s demand for products with more functions and simpler operation. Users can clearly capture the changes of the machine and customize their vaping experience with multifunctional settings that suit their preferences. This in itself is a threshold for entering a more intelligent device stage.


Contact Artrix to explore more information about Clicko and Bubble Disposable Vape with Screen, and step into a more intelligent era of cannabis vape hardware from now on.

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