Industry Insight By Jolin Zhou|03 April 2024

Why Choose a Disposable Vape with Display Screen?

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Disposable vape with display screen are revolutionizing the vaping industry. Nicotine e-cigarettes are leading towards smarter, interactive products. U.S. online stores are now stocking more advanced screen devices. This marks a shift towards user-friendly vaping experiences.



The Artrix team, with its expertise in digital interaction, finds the evolving disposables market fascinating. In this article, we explore high-end vapes with digital screens. We’re looking at how this technology benefits users.




Insights into the Rise of Disposable Vape with Display Screen




Vapesourcing showcases a trend in nicotine disposables with screens, ideal for long-term use. Their March 2024 lineup includes 792 options, with 27% featuring displays. This is up from 21% of 719 models in December 2023.




screen-equipped device distribution chart


Source: Vapesourcing
March 2024 inventory boasts 792 e-cigarette options, with a notable 27% featuring screens




The cannabis vaping sector also embraces digital displays for deeper usage insights. Such features attract those desiring clear, manageable vaping sessions. Artrix Info Bank notes, vapes holding 2g or more, particularly 2g and 3g types, now represent 86% of this market. Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, and Maine are key markets for these products.




high-capacity D9 disposable vape with dispaly screen

Source: Artrix Info Bank




In synthetic cannabinoids, disposables with screens are emerging. Element Vape data shows leading sizes — 2-3g, 3-4g, 5-6g — make up 37%, 33%, and 10% of the market. This indicates strong interest in these innovative, user-centric options.




Why Do You Need a Display Screen for Weed Vaporizers?




Display screens on vaporizers go beyond mere aesthetic appeal, proving to be crucial for an enhanced vaping journey. These screens provide instant access to crucial information such as remaining battery life, puff count, and more. This level of precision control transforms the vaping experience, offering accuracy and comprehensive feedback directly from the device.



Let’s look at how these user-friendly aspects make smart vaping accessible to vapers of all ages:



Real-Time Insights with Smart Displays

The cutting-edge digital displays on today’s vaporizers offer live updates on battery life, enabling users to efficiently plan their vaping sessions for seamless pleasure. This continuous awareness of the device’s condition significantly improves the overall experience.



Prioritizing Safety

Digital displays play a vital role in boosting safety for users by signaling potential concerns. They provide early warnings about low battery levels to prevent sudden power-offs and alert users to unusual temperature fluctuations or the risk of taking overly long drags, allowing for swift and effective actions to maintain a secure vaping setting.



Intuitive Interaction

With their straightforward and intuitive design, digital displays make it easy for vapers, regardless of their expertise level, to explore and adjust settings. This user-friendliness supports a delightful and uncomplicated vaping experience.



Personalized Vaping through Customizable Capacity

Far from just presenting information, the display screen enables users to tailor their vaping experience by adjusting device capacity. The combination of the device’s flexibility, straightforward instructions, and simple setup process makes personalizing your vaping preferences effortless and inclusive, eliminating any hurdles to customization.




New Disposable Vape with Screen-Display: Bubble



bubble is the Disposable Vape with Display Screens




Bubble, stands out with its precise temperature control and clear screen display. This display keeps users informed about the temperature and battery status, removing the guesswork from vaping. Bubble’s uniqueness lies in its ability to produce consistent and flavorful vapor clouds, combined with the option to select from five different capacities (2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 5ml), making it as versatile as it is innovative.



Designed for vapers by vapers, digital displays are significantly enhancing the user-friendliness of disposable vapes. As the market evolves, devices like the Artrix Bubble are setting new standards for what users can expect from high-quality disposable vapes.