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Artrix’s Commitment to Social Equity: 100,000 510 Carts FOR FREE !

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Artrix, a pioneering solution provider of hardware, marketing supports, and strategy consultation in cannabis vape industry, today announced the highly-anticipated release of Drillor, their revolutionary 510 thread cart that promises to break through barriers and drive social equity in the cannabis vaping community. As part of their commitment to promoting fairness and inclusivity, Artrix is offering an unprecedented 100,000 units of Drillor for free to cannabis businesses and brands in need of support, as the start of their Social Equity Program.




Artrix Social Equity Program with first 100,000 units for Free



Lead the trend of 510 threaded cartridge




Drillor offers a unique combination of industrial innovation and top-notch manufacturing capabilities. This leads to an unprecedented shift in design and affordability. With a cutting-edge industrial design and craftsmanship, this innovation redefines what you thought about 510 carts. In brief, Drillor aims to drill through the walls of stereotypes and conventional expectations on cannabis carts.



The key feature that sets Drillor apart is its innovative mouthpiece. Designed with comfort and durability in mind, ensuring a pleasurable vaping experience with every use. Utilizing double injection molding and an oil-leakage-proof design, Drillor eliminates traditional rubber rings, reducing labor costs and providing worry-free installation.  In further, the exceptional mouthpiece, wrapped in liquid silicone material, offers a soft touch and easy grip, making vaping sessions enjoyable and stress-free.



In addition, an added convenience is the groundbreaking addition scale mark on the cartridge. It enables users to check the oil level at a glance. This attention to detail ensures operation convenience and oil-filling accuracy. Therefore, users bid farewell to overfilling and uncertainty, and instead enjoy a seamless, precise fill every time. The ergonomic grip features a plated brass anti-slip texture at the bottom. This design makes 510 cartridge removal hassle-free. It creates a comfortable and user-friendly experience.




Where affordability meets excellence




“Drillor means affordable excellence and uncompromising safety. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality vaping products, every client we serve is treated with the highest degree of esteem, guided by principles of equality that underpin our approach.”Through our Social Equity Program, we want to empower cannabis businesses and brands by providing them with the tools to thrive and succeed.”



Artrix’s dedication to excellence and safety shines through in Drillor’s meticulous design and manufacturing process. In detail, from carefully selected raw materials to rigorous quality testing, Drillor is crafted to ensure optimal vaping performance with various cannabis extracts, immersing users in a flavorful and satisfying experience with every puff.


As the first product project of Artrix’s Social Equity Program, Drillor is a significant strategy taking a proactive step towards promoting social justice and inclusivity in the cannabis industry. Additionally, Artrix will provide 100,000 units to cannabis businesses in need for free. The project aims to foster a more equitable and diverse future for the entire cannabis vaping community.



To claim your free Drillor carts and be a part of the social equity movement. Visit Artrix’s official website and register your interest today. Together, let’s work to build a brighter, more inclusive future for the cannabis industry with Artrix leading the way.



About Artrix – Hardware, Marketing, Strategy, We’re All in.



Artrix is an emerging international cannabis vaporizer hardware brand that offers more than just cannabis vape devices. It uses an exclusive three-in-one service model that combines superior product solutions, systematic marketing support, and professional strategic consulting to create a great customer experience. Moreover, Artrix conducts extensive market research and analysis to understand the needs behind each product and provides localized marketing support to maximize its market potential and success.



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