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Artrix THCa Vape Family: Cannabis Enthusiasts‘s Ultimate Devices

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The popularity of THCa vape is on the rise, free from the legal constraints of traditional D9-THC cannabis, it is legal in most states in America, making it widely available. Many U.S. cannabis enthusiasts have embraced THCa vaping devices for their discretion, convenience, and efficiency. THCa is the acidic precursor to the well-known Delta 9 THC, when exposed to heat, it undergoes a process known as decarboxylation, which converts it to D9-THC. The efficiency of this process is affected by instant temperature. In fact, vaping is considered one of the most efficient ways to convert THCa to THC, because controlled heating brings THCa to the ideal temperature in a precise manner.



THCa products derived from hemp and containing no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight are considered federally legal. They enjoy broader legality at the state level than THC vapes. Since THC remains federally illegal, even a legal Delta 9 THC vape will likely only contain up to 0.3% THC in combination with other THC analogs such as Delta 8, Delta 10, etc. So while New York City’s sheriff is shutting down illegal D9-THC vape shops you can easily buy THCa products online. Let’s delve into the world of Artrix THCa devices to find the THCa vaping device that best suits your business.



Introducing the Artrix THCa Vape Family



Artrix THCa Products




THCa vape products come in a variety of forms, including THCa Tiny Diamonds and budders for dabbing, THCa liquid diamond, and a trendy product for E-cig users – THCa mixed with Ejuice oil base. With so many THCa products available, navigating the vast array of THCa products may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help you find your perfect match and identify potential customers to boost your business. These are critical steps in growing your THCa business. At Artrix, we’ve carefully designed six exclusive vaping devices for THCa to provide a comprehensive solution for all your needs.



Artrix DabGo : THCa Disposable Dab Pen


Experienced cannabis users have long favored dabbing due to the high potency of concentrates like THCa Tiny Diamond + Terpene, Badder, or Shatter that enhance the vaping experience. However, the lack of a convenient dabbing device is a common problem. Traditional dabbing methods are cumbersome and popular dab pens are difficult to clean.
Dab Go: Made for ultimate portable THCa dabbing



Artrix Dabgo disposable dab pen



In 2023, Artrix launched the world’s first portable disposable dab pen, DabGo, to address these issues. Simply load the THCa Tiny Diamond + Terpene or budder into DabGo and users can then enjoy vaping THCa Tiny Diamond products anywhere. DabGo’s sealed design eliminates the concern of THCa Diamond or budder leaking. Its lightweight and portable nature adds no extra burden to the user. The disposable product design also avoids the inconvenience of repeated cleaning like traditional dab rigs. DabGo is a consumer-friendly THCa concentrate dabbing device, making it an ideal choice when launching a THCa dab pen line.



THCa Vape for Flavored Powder & Liquid Diamond


Influenced by the popularity of flavored e-cigs like Microbar. THCa consumers are following the trend of falling in love with flavored vaping. The right THCa vaping device could provide not only the feeling of high but also a unique flavor and a rich vapor experience just like an e-cig. Artrix’s THCa Vapes are compatible with a wide range of THCa products, whether THCa powder+ Ejuice or THCa Liquid Diamond, the vaping experience is always great.


However, behind the rise of THCa vape in the cannabis market are the challenges. The high homogenization of vaping devices in the cannabis market leaves many users feeling disappointed as most vaping devices lack individuality and do not reflect their novelty and uniqueness. As a group that is bold enough to try the latest cannabis products, THCa consumers may appreciate popular product designs in addition to the overall simplicity and discreetness of THCa vapes.


If the cannabis business wants to stand out in the competitive THCa powder vape market, a convenient, reliable, distinctive, and innovative device tailored to THCa will appeal to consumers the most. Reflecting on the currently popular electronic products, skeletal, tech-driven, and transparent designs are the trendy elements. Artrix has developed a unique tech-sense CMF specifically for THCa vaping devices. The transparent design immediately catches the consumer’s eye. For the young generation of THCa vaping users who seek novelty and futurism, this design will undoubtedly grab their attention.



Artrix Cubox: Box-like THCa Disposable Vape




Artrix Cubox THCa vaping devices



Cubox is a cute but powerful box style THCa disposable vape with a central postless design for THCa powder + ejuice. The smooth lines shape the appearance of a round device. And the skin-friendly coating makes this device the best choice for a discreet vaping experience. Cubox was launched with an innovative air channel system to replace the old-fashioned central tube, who can refuse to start an amazing vaping journey with this sleek and adorable Cubox?



Artrix Xlite: THCa Vape Pod System



Artrix Xlite Thca Vape pod system



The Xlite, THCa vape pod system is designed to provide users with a futuristic and compelling vaping experience. Its transparent design offers a unique visual element, and its simple operation is easy for anyone to quickly master. To use, simply attach the pod to the battery housing. Light and vibration indicators guide users through three voltage settings. In addition, an overdose reminder is included to promote a healthy vaping lifestyle.



Artrix Pebble: Large Capacity Disposable THCa Vape



Artrix Pebble Thca vaping devices



Ranging from 5mL to 6mL and 7mL, Pebble offers users flexible tank volumes for different circumstances. Gives you multiple choices to carry different amounts of THCa powder with Ejuice or Liquid Diamond. This high-volume disposable vape not only boasts a large capacity but also features a smart screen, that assists users in monitoring the current voltage and how much battery is left for vaping, adding another surprising element to this grader. Plus the pebble-like shape, you can enjoy a comfortable THCa vaping trip with Artrix Pebble.



Artrix Bubble: Palm Size THCa Disposable Vape 



Artrix Bubble THCa disposable vapes



Transforming THCa to D9-THC requires precise temperature, Artrix Bubble is the right device for THCa powder + Ejuice and THCa Liquid Diamond. Don’t misjudge it with its palm-sized design. If you want abundant vapor, just increase the voltage on Bubble’s screen. The big and powerful vaporizing capability will give you an astonishing vaping experience. If you want to use it discretely, simply lower the voltage, and hide this palm-sized disposable vape in your hands, you then can enjoy your personal THCa vaping trip.



Infin: Treasure Chest-Like Disposable Vape



Artrix Infin Disposable thca vaping device




The Artrix Infin is undoubtedly the jewel of the competitive THCa vaping market with infinite possibilities. The super 15ml prefilled tank volume makes it unbeatable for heavy-use vapers, one fill can last a long time. This product has a maximum capacity of 15ml, covering a wide oil capacity range from 5ml-15ml. If clients require smaller capacities, Artrix can accommodate requests such as 5ml or 10ml. The oil and coil separation design locks the oil away when not vaping, kicking the THCa oil leakage issues away. Whether prefilling or traveling with Infin, oil leakage will never bother you again.


THCa products are becoming a new trend, attracting D9-THC and e-cigarette users. As an experienced professional vaping device manufacturer, Artrix has developed a unique series of devices specifically for THCa dabbing and vaping. Say hello to the Artrix THCa Family series, designed specifically for THCa Dabbing and Vaping. These aren’t just any devices – they’re the most compatible THCa vaping devices on the market. So why wait? Discover the perfect device to boost your THCa business with Artrix’s one-stop THCa vaping device solution.



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