Industry Insight By Jolin Zhou|14 May 2024

Live Rosin Revealed: How to Dab Like a Pro

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Live rosin stands out as one of the purest cannabis concentrates. It is produced using a solvent-free method that involves pressing freshly frozen cannabis. This technique preserves the plant’s natural flavors and potency, delivering an authentic cannabis experience.



This blog will delve into why live rosin is so highly prized and introduce innovative tools like DabGo. These tools simplify and improve the dabbing experience, making it accessible and enjoyable for enthusiasts of all skill levels.




Why Is Live Rosin More Expensive?



In key markets such as California, the cost of live rosin starts at approximately $19 per gram. Premium brands, however, may see prices as high as $80, inclusive of taxes.



The production of live rosin requires specialized equipment like rosin presses and involves precise heating and pressing techniques. This labor-intensive process, which demands significant skill to extract essential oils, justifies the higher price. For many connoisseurs, the exceptional quality of live rosin makes it worth the investment, distinguishing it from other less natural concentrates.




Dabbing: A Popular Method for Live Rosin



Live rosin, cherished in the cannabis community for its high terpene content and meticulous production, is commonly consumed through dabbing, delivering a potent experience.



Traditional Dab Rigs


Traditional dab rigs feature a glass structure with a water chamber and a nail, heated by a torch to vaporize the concentrate. Nails can be made from glass, quartz, ceramic, or titanium, each with unique heating properties. The process takes about 30 to 60 seconds for heating and cooling.


Challenges: Traditional rigs, while effective, are bulky and pose burn risks. Their glass parts are fragile, making them less ideal for frequent travel or movement.



E-Rigs and Vape Pens


E-rigs and vape pens offer a modern, safer alternative with adjustable temperature controls, reducing burn risks and simplifying the dabbing process. These pens often use less potent, diluted cannabis extracts, making them more user-friendly.


Challenges: Despite their convenience, e-rigs and vape pens need regular maintenance to avoid issues like overflow and residue build-up, which can damage the device if neglected.








DabGo – Elevating Market Reach for Cannabis Processors



In our collaboration with a well-established cannabis processor, we recognized their challenge in broadening their market reach. Their product line was previously confined to standalone live rosin and live rosin cartridges, limiting their appeal to a wider audience. Our innovative solution, DabGo— the first-ever disposable dab pen—marked a significant evolution in their offerings.



Artrix’s contribution extended beyond just conceptual development; we played a crucial role in designing the DabGo device hardware and its packaging. This ensured not only functional excellence but also market appeal. By pre-loading these pens with premium live rosin, the processor simplified the user experience, eliminating the need for additional dabbing equipment and thus, opening the market to novices who might find traditional dabbing setups daunting.



dabgo package



The results of this strategic partnership were immediately evident. The cannabis processor noted a dramatic uptick in sales following the launch of DabGo. “The introduction of DabGo led to a significant increase in our sales figures,” they shared. “Our existing customers loved the added convenience, and the ease of use attracted a wave of new users.” This response helped overcome initial market penetration challenges, establishing DabGo as the quintessential solution for live rosin consumption.




The Best Way to Use Live Rosin? DabGo



As the first breakthrough disposable dab pen, it costs significantly less than any other dab pen or e-rig on the market, greatly reducing the cost for consumers. This helps customers find a competitive edge in a market dominated by low-priced competition. The disposable nature of the product eliminates the need for cleaning and maintenance, appealing not only to dabbing novices but also to experienced users who are eager to try this one-time dabbing experience.



Another key product feature of DabGo is its SegmHeat™ Ceramic Vaporizing Technology. This advanced technology, coupled with precise control over preheating and vaporization, ensures that each inhalation is not only potent but also exceptionally flavorful. The innovative convex lens design of the DabGo further enhances its appeal by magnifying the intricate details of the concentrates, allowing users to closely observe the vaporization process. Lightweight and stylish, DabGo is perfect for on-the-go use, providing a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for all types of users.