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Pioneering the Sample Economy in the Cannabis Industry with the Smallest Vape DEMO

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Artrix, a leader in cannabis vaporization business solutions, specializing in hardware manufacture, marketing support, and strategic consultation, today announces the launch of its ground-breaking new product category, DEMO. This game-changing device is the world’s smallest cannabis vape and represents Artrix’s premier solution to inaugurate the era of ‘sample economics’ in the cannabis consumer market.



DEMO has been meticulously designed to meet the four most essential consumer needs in purchasing a cannabis vaporizer: ease of use, flavor, discreetness, and portability. Beyond that, DEMO aims to tackle customer hesitation in trying new cannabis oil products and alleviate the costs of market expansion for cannabis companies.



“DEMO is the smallest cannabis vape on the market, measuring only about 5cm in length and weighing less than 8g. It feels like an AirPods earbud, incredibly lightweight and compact. Although it has limited capacity, it’s enough for consumers to fully experience the ultimate potency and aroma of a cannabis extract”. Said Jessy Chen, Chief Product Officer at Artrix.



DEMO is so mini that is ideal solution of a cost-effective vape sample for consumer trials. It’s also an excellent product solution for promotional purposes. The innovation meets urgent needs of cannabis business customers. These include cannabis vape brands, multi-state operators, cannabis processors, and dispensaries.




Demo: Minimize the Gap between your products and consumers




In the current cannabis vaporization market, new products have a low survival rate. Given that, DEMO serves as a product solution of sample economics for cannabis brands. Like beauty sample o test the market receptivity of new products and a diversified promotion strategy for the final product success.




Data of survival rate of new product in cannabis industry




“Sample economy has been well-proven in other fast-moving consumer goods sectors, particularly in online-store or in-store sales. Shopping small sample can effectively increase sales volume, customer retention, and also help attract new customers and agents. That’s why we launched this entirely new product category of cannabis vape, DEMO. It has better portability than a disposable, with more possibility than a pod-system. It can help cannabis businesses penetrate new markets, expand new sale channels, and reach more consumers in the form of trial packs, gift sets, and promotional giveaways,” said Jessica Min, Chief Business Officer at Artrix.


“DEMO is suitable for cannabis businesses of all sizes to promote their cannabis extracts, whether the target audience is distributors, retailers, or consumers. DEMO offers a new business growth solution for cannabis brands to empower their existing cannabis product lines. Moreover, it provides final consumers a simpler, portable, and affordable way to experience cannabis products.”



Artrix’s DEMO is now available to customers not only in the United States and Canada, but also internationally, providing:



–  New Product Testing: Market entry often comes with high marketing costs and risks of failure. DEMO can be used as a small sample or trail version to test the market acceptance at a lower cost. It also play a role on increasing the rate of product success.



Product Promotion:


DEMO offers diverse promotional strategies to increase sales volume and retention rates. It includes member gifts, sample giveaways, gift sets, travel size choices, new register gifts, lottery events, etc.



Interstate Commerce:


For multi-state operators, DEMO allows consumers use big brands at low prices. It assists in rapid expanding sales channels, engaging consumers, and lowering the risk of entering new markets.



Cross-Industry Business Exploration:


DEMO is adapted for low-cost, low-risk cross-industry business explorations. Quickly test the compatibility and performance of different cannabis extracts and vaporization devices to find new areas for profitable growth.




About Artrix – Hardware, Marketing, Strategy, We’re All in.



Artrix is an emerging international cannabis vaporizer hardware brand that offers more than just cannabis vape devices. It uses an exclusive three-in-one service model that combines superior product solutions, systematic marketing support, and professional strategic consulting to create a great customer experience. Artrix conducts extensive market research and analysis to understand the needs behind each product and provides localized marketing support to maximize its market potential and success.”




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