Industry Insight By Jolin Zhou|27 November 2023

Meeting the Demand for Variety: Artrix DEMO Sets New Trends in Sample-Sized Cannabis Vape

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Sample-Sized Cannabis Vape ArtrixDemo


What is the sample-sized cannabis vape usage scenarios? Picture this: you’re trying out cannabis vape for the first time. It might feel familiar, like using an e-cigarette, with a pleasant bubblegum scent coming from a stylish, small device. But as you delve deeper, you’re introduced to a far more complex world. You encounter a variety in Cannabis Vape flavors like Pineapple Express with its earthy notes, or Strawberry Cough’s sweet, fruity aroma. Then there are intriguing packaging names like Sour Diesel or Girl Scout Cookies, each offering a unique experience yet leaving you puzzled on how to choose.




Sample-Sized Cannabis Vape

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Alongside these categories, you will see different types of cannabis too, like Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, each with its own flavor and effect. Beyond the strains, there’s a multitude of types – from CBD to D8, D9, and various other concentrates – and the crucial aspect of THC content to consider. And you realize how personal the cannabis experience is.



The diversity of cannabis consumption leads to a crucial point: the cannabis vape market needs a more tailored approach to meet these diverse consumer needs. If customization and personal experience are vital for satisfaction, then why not offer a simple, affordable way to sample different products? Think about buying a bunch of fancy perfume samples for the price of one big bottle and finding the one you love. Cannabis users should have a cost-effective way to try out various cannabis vapes to find the best one for their own tastes and way of life.





Sample-Sized Cannabis Vape Influence Consumer Preferences: Insights from the Beauty Industry



The concept of sample products has been keenly embraced in beauty sector. Companies like Birchbox send out boxes full of small-sized beauty, lifestyle, and wellness products every month. This is really popular because statistics show that a striking 50-60% of people who try these mini-samples end up buying the full-sized version. Additionally, for new customers and new distributors, samples can increase new customers by 85% and new distributors by 23%.




Cheryl Wischhover, a beauty and retail industry reporter, notes the undeniable charm of samples. “They are tiny and tiny things are cute! Everyone knows cute things are irresistible, whether they are puppies or teeny tubes of Good Genes.”



Jennifer Truesdale, a professional organizer, thinks there’s a more practical reason. “Many people don’t like to buy higher-end products without knowledge of them or their worth, so they feel excited to be able to try something new and different from what they typically mightbuy.”




So, people’s intentions are good. Samples represent the potential for finding “The One” – the perfect product that meets all expectations.



Like in the beauty industry, consumers approaching cannabis vapes show a similar psychological pattern – they aspire to try a wider range of cannabis vaporizer products to achieve a more extraordinary cannabis consumption experience. Recent data proves this user trend: a 2020 MRI-Simmons survey reveals that people who use cannabis are 22% more interested in adding variety to their lives, 32% more eager to try new products and services, and 25% more likely to buy things on a whim. Such data paints a picture of modern cannabis users as adventurous and open-minded, eager to broaden their range of experiences.




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But it’s not just about trying a bunch of different things. These people also want to find products that really suit them. This is similar to how someone might choose their skincare or makeup products – they want to find what works best for them. In the world of cannabis vapes, users are doing the same. They’re keen to test out different strains and types to see which ones they like most, in terms of taste and how they feel after inhaling. This interest is a smart and budget-friendly way for people to discover what they really like.



Actually, in cannabis industry, we notice a gradual but evident shift towards smaller packaging and sample-size products. An excellent example of this trend is the introduction of two-capsule sample packs in the cannabis edibles sector. Additionally, travel-sized CBD oil products have emerged as a convenient and discreet way to maintain routines while traveling. Many dispensaries and cannabis retailers are starting to offer small packets or vials of different strains of cannabis flowers.




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People on websites like Reddit, where cannabis vape users talk about their habits. One user mentioned, “Most days I probably use around 0.1g spread over 3-4 sessions.” Other one adds, “Sometimes 0.5g when I’m feeling greedy but that seems like a waste.” Most of whom moderate their intake to 0.1 to 0.5 grams per day. Thus, a sample dose of 0.1 grams can emerge as the sweet spot for new products, catering to both the experimental consumer and the daily user.



An effective solution for cannabis vape products could involve creating sample-sized cannabis vape packs that allow consumers to try a variety of strains or strengths at a low cost and low commitment. These could be similar in concept to Birchbox, offering a curated selection tailored to individual preferences or popular trends. The key would be to provide enough variety and quantity to enable a genuine trial experience while ensuring compliance with regulations.





Cannabis Vape Samples: A Safe Introduction for Novice Cannabis Consumers



Cannabis vaping has always been recognized as a remarkably safe method of cannabis consumption, known for its convenience, ease of use, and rapid onset of effects. The standard 1g capacity of most cannabis vaporizers might be the monthly consumption rate for a regular user. However, this amount is not an ideal starting point for someone entirely new to cannabis. For most newcomers, their first cannabis experience often begins with a few puffs from a friend’s vape, a cannabis-infused gummy, or a low-THC beverage.



What if sample-sized cannabis vape were also available, just enough for a few puffs? Picture this: a miniature, portable, shareable, easily accessible, and discreet option. Cannabis brands could promote their new products to customers in the same way beauty stores market their latest items – through promotions or giveaways. It becomes the perfect choice for a safe and enjoyable initiation into the world of cannabis.





Introducing the Artrix DEMO: A Game-Changer


Through keen market research and data analysis, Artrix has discovered this process in meeting consumer needs for mini-sample products in the cannabis vape sector. By taking inspiration from the success of mini-samples in the beauty industry and adapting them to the unique aspects of cannabis consumption, Artrix believes that cannbrands can better meet the evolving needs and preferences of their consumers.



This is also the reason behind Artrix’s latest offering, the Artrix DEMO. This product is a breakthrough in the cannabis vaping sector – a miniature disposable vape with a capacity of just 0.1g. Despite its small size, it represents a significant leap in cannabis vaping technology and consumer experience. It’s similar to the convenience and ease of wearing AirPods – compact, efficient and unobtrusive.




Sample-Sized Cannabis Vape by ArtrixDemo




The Artrix DEMO’s ultra-compact design is not only offers consumers the flexibility and freedom to experiment with cannabis vaping without the commitment of a larger, more expensive product. It is also a strategic tool for business to gain critical market insights, refine product offerings, and build consumer loyalty. In an industry where understanding nuanced consumer behaviors is key to success, the Artrix DEMO offers a unique opportunity to engage with customers, gather feedback, and tailor future offerings accordingly.