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THCa Products: The Next Big Thing in the Cannabis Vape Industry?

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THCa is in high demand in the US, making it a popular product in the cannabis market. Google Search Trend data shows that interest in THCa products increased by nearly 80% in 2023, surpassing other popular cannabis products such as HHC and D8.




THCa Google Search Trend in USA

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The rapid rise in popularity of THCa has created a significant market gap in the cannabis industry. With the growing demand for THCa-related products, are you ready to profit from them?




THCa vs HHS vs D8 in USA

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Why has THCa Become so Popular?


Before we discuss why consumers love THCa, we first need to understand what THCa is and why its popularity has skyrocketed in the past year.



The “Transformable Capability” of THCa

THCa in its original state has effects similar to CBD, including calming, anti-inflammatory, and anti-epileptic properties. However, its sudden popularity comes from the discovery of THCa’s “transformation” when heated: at high temperatures (232℉), it can transform into D9-THC within seconds, providing intense euphoria to users. This “secret of transformable capability” has brought many benefits to both consumers and cannabis businesses in the current cannabis market.




Complete THCa Decarboxylation to THC

Graph of THCa-decarboxylation time and temperature image from eiha

Benefit 1: Reach a broader consumer base

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) clearly defined hemp in a letter dated January 6, 2022. They stated that any genetic material derived from the Cannabis plant with a D9-THC concentration of no more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis is classified as hemp and is not controlled under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Similarly, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the 2018 Farm Bill, emphasizes Delta-9-THC levels rather than THCa levels.


THCa products benefit from this law because they are not required to undergo additional THCa content testing after the crop passes initial testing and is harvested. As a result, THCa products are not considered regulated drugs under federal law. From a legal and regulatory standpoint, THCa is currently similar to CBD and is not subject to the relevant cannabis laws. This means that a medical card or doctor’s prescription is not required to purchase THCa, making it available to a broader consumer base. The Farm Bill is set to be updated in September 2024, providing a window of opportunity for THCa products to capitalize on this relaxed regulatory environment. The ability to sell THCa products online without additional verification expands their availability across state lines, reaching more consumers.



Benefit 2: Higher Profit Margins for THCa Products

Compared to traditional D9-THC products, selling THCa products can yield higher profits because they are not subject to cannabis tax policies. Businesses selling D8/HHC or nicotine vaping products can see a significant increase in profits. THCa products can be sold through existing channels without the need to obtain new distribution licenses. Like D8/HHC and nicotine vaping products, THCa can be sold in most U.S. states at smoke shops, gas stations, and other common locations.




Why THCa Products More Popular Than HHC/D8?

THCa products, often extracted from hemp or legally grown natural cannabis plants, are considered safer than synthetically derived cannabis products like HHC and D8. THCa is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in these plants. In contrast, products such as D8 and HHC are derived primarily from synthetic cannabinoids, raising safety concerns among users.

Moreover, the potency of THCa is comparable to D8 and HHC products. Many users find the effects of THCa and Delta-8 are quite similar, with Delta-8 often perceived as slightly less potent. Those familiar with Delta-8 should approach THCa with caution due to its potentially higher intensity. Cannabis consumers often seek a strong vaping experience without compromising their physical health, which makes natural and safe products like THCa more appealing. For this reason, THCa products are preferred over HHC and D8 products.



Restrictions on Flavored E-Cigarette: THCa Could be a Promising Alternative

High Terpene Extract flavored cannabis oils, like Micro Bar, have gained popularity in regions such as New York, catering to the younger generation’s demand for diverse vape flavors. A market report by Headset indicates that Micro Bar is making significant strides in the cannabis market. For the week of 12/04/2023 – 12/10/2023 in the WA Market, the brand witnessed a total sales figure of $470,567, a remarkable 5.2% increase from the previous week. This growth is noteworthy, particularly when the overall market experienced a slight dip of 0.11%.




Headset brand sales market share over timeImage and Data by Headset



However, recent bans on flavored E-cigarettes in several US regions, coupled with legal actions against illegally sold interstate D9-THC products, have prompted a growing number of vape users to turn to flavored THCa vaping products. With added flavorings, THCa products can achieve more pleasant vaping experiences. Many vape users have reported that THCa products not only mimic the taste of flavored E-cigarettes but also provide a euphoric sensation just like D9-THC products. This adds to the appeal of THCa products, offering a wider range of choices for younger vaper groups that are fond of diverse cultures.




Launching the THCa Vaping Product Line


Like most cannabis products on the market, THCa products come in many forms. These include THCa powders suitable for direct vaping and adding flavors, potent THCa diamonds, or budder for dabbing. Specifically, for those that fancy E-cigarettes, there is there is THCa powder mixing with ejuice base oils that feel just like E-cigarettes.We will demonstrate how to select suitable vaping devices for differently formatted THCa products and identify the potential consumers for each device.



Dabbing: A Preferred Choice for Experienced Cannabis Users

When heated, THCa diamonds convert to D9-THC. Like other cannabis diamond products, this concentrated THCa product can provide a powerful high for experienced users. However, the traditional dabbing method is cumbersome, and popular dab pens are difficult to clean. This lack of a convenient vaping device remains a pain point for users.

To address this issue, Artrix launched the world’s first portable dabbing vape device, DabGo, in 2023. With this product, simply load the THCa tiny diamond or budder into DabGo, and attach the lid, users then can enjoy vaping THCa diamond products freely outdoors or elsewhere. DabGo’s sealed design eliminates the concern of THCa tiny diamond or budder leakage, and its lightweight and portable nature adds no extra burden to consumers. The disposable product design also avoids the inconvenience of repeated cleaning like traditional dab rigs. DabGo is a consumer-friendly THCa concentrate vaping device, making it an ideal choice when launching a THCa dabbing product line.




Artrix Dabgo disposable dab pen



Vaping: Mainstream THCa Category But Requires Personalization

Despite the boom in THCa products in the cannabis market, challenges remain. The majority of mainstream THCa products rely on traditional D9-THC devices for consumption, resulting in a severe homogenization of vaping devices in the cannabis market. This similarity also leads many consumers to feel that the products lack individuality and do not reflect the novelty and uniqueness of THCa products. Known for their openness to new experiences, THCa consumers may appreciate popular product designs in addition to the general simplicity and discreetness of THCa vaping devices. These may include tech-savvy, skeletal, and transparent designs that are currently popular in electronic products. An innovative vaping device tailored to THCa consumers can help a cannabis business stand out and gain favor in the marketplace.


Therefore, if you want to stand out in the competitive THCa powder vaping market, a convenient, reliable, novel, and distinctive device will appeal to consumers the most. Artrix has developed a unique tech-sense CMF specifically for THCa vaping devices. The transparent design immediately catches the consumer’s eye. For the young generation of THCa vaping users who seek novelty and futurism, this design will undoubtedly grab their attention.




THCa vaping cubox



E-cigarettes: Demand for Specialized Vaping Products


Currently, ejuice base THCa powder products are emerging as the new trend that attracts E-cigarette users. However, there are no vaping devices specifically designed for these products. The vaping experience of this THCa product is very similar to an E-cigarette but with an added euphoric experience. Therefore, a THCa vaping device similar to a nicotine E-cigarette in usage and vaping experience would greatly enhance the brand appeal for E-cigarette users.


Artrix has developed a specialized vaping device, Infin, specifically for new THCa product users who are familiar with E-cigarettes. As an experienced professional vaping device manufacturer, Artrix has created a series of unique devices specifically for THCa. With a tech-savvy core concept, Artrix launched the Artrix THCa Family series of products, creating the newest and most compatible THCa vaping devices in the cannabis industry and a one-stop device solution for THCa products.




THCA vaping



Artrix: Your Gateway to the THCa Products


If you are new to THCa products, it is crucial to find a supplier with comprehensive devices and a strong brand reputation to enter the THCa vaping product market.

Artrix provides a complete range of devices designed for THCa products. Whether it’s Dabbing needed for THCa diamonds or budder, a vaping device needed for THCa powder ejuice base,
Artrix’s extensive devices designed for THCa have got you covered.

If you are already launching and selling THCa products, besides reliable quality, differentiation, and category expansion are the market selling points you need to consider.

To enhance the distinction from other products on the market, Artrix has innovated diverse vaping devices added customized a tech-savvy or futuristic transparent CMF look for THCa products. Like the DabGo, the world’s first-ever disposable dab pen, it leaves cumbersome concerns behind and provides users with the experience of dabbing at its finest. This not only attracts consumer attention and enhances product appeal, but also allows consumers to enjoy more with the innovative and convenient vaping experience, increasing their desire to purchase.




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